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Is Gateshead a Good Place to Live?

    Gateshead is a large town in Tyne and Wear, England. The place has fascinating architecture, and that is part of the heritage of the area. With my experience travelling to various parts of the United Kingdom, I will give you a conclusive analysis of this town.

    Is Gateshead a good place to live? Yes, the town has a great transport system, decent levels of security, some attractive neighbourhoods, and great schools. It especially offers a high standard of living for pensioners. 

    In this guide, I will analyse the social life in the town, the best and worst neighbourhoods, the state of their economy, and the transport networks. For those who intend to settle here permanently, I will also cover the average prices of property in the town. I will compare most of the statistics to the national averages so that you can make more sense of the figures. 

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    Is Gateshead a Good Place to Live?

    Gateshead has some nice and green neighbourhoods. These places can especially be appealing to people who like taking regular walks. Generally, neighbourhoods on the west side of the town are better than those on the east side. One of the best neighbourhoods in the area is Low Fell. Besides the appealing environment, you will enjoy being close to shops, pubs, and restaurants. Other great places to live in include Saltwell Park area, Lobley Hill, Whickam, Ryton, and Eighton Banks. Some of the worst areas include Teams, Bensham, the Dunson area around the Rocket, Felling, Old Ford, and the Leam Lane. 

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    Overall, Gateshead has very low levels of crime. A high percentage of the crime committed in the town falls in the categories of anti-social behaviour and sexual offences. Criminal damage and arson also happen in the area, but these cases are not very common. Whenever you go to the town centre with your bike, remember to lock it up with a big padlock. Otherwise, you are almost guaranteed that it will be stolen. Also, avoid walking in the grim neighbourhoods at night. 

    Transport is another important factor to consider if you intend to move to this town. The railway service at Gateshead Interchange and Gateshead Stadium can take you directly to Newcastle station, Tynemouth, Sunderland, South Shields, and Newcastle Airport. The East Coast Mainline runs from London King’s Cross, and it passes through this town. The final destination of the train is Edinburg Waverly. Bus services in the area are mainly provided by the Go North East company. You should note that Gateshead has many bicycle trails. These include the Keelman’s Way, the East Gateshead Cycleway, and the West Gateshead Cycleway. 

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    If you choose to live in this town, you will not need to drive for a long distance to take your kids to school. Gateshead has 11 primary state-funded schools. These include St. Aidan’s Church of England, Brighton Avenue Primary School, and Corpus Christi Catholic School. The town does not have any independent junior schools. The closest ones are located in Newcastle, and they include New Castle Prep School and Dame Allan’s. Some of the best secondary state schools in Gateshead include Dryden School, Cardinal Hulme Catholic, and Emmanuel College. For higher standards of secondary education, you may have to take your children to Dame Allan’s in Newcastle. 

    A good percentage of the population is made up of Christians, Judaists, and Muslims. Atheists form a small proportion of the total Gateshead population. People usually relax in public places like the Saltwell Park, the Oliver Henderson Park, and the many bars and pubs in the town.

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    Is Gateshead a Good Place to Work?

    Gateshead offers many employment opportunities. Currently, the MetroCentre and Team Valley offer the highest employment opportunities in the town. With 370 stores, MetroCentre is the second largest shopping centre in the United Kingdom. Team Valley is a trading estate, and it houses more than 700 companies. Some notable employers in Gateshead include Barchester Healthcare, Care UK and Kurt Geiger.

    The average worker in this town earns £26,948. The salaries have gone up by 1.1% on a year-on-year basis. Less than a third of the people with full-time jobs in the area earn more than £34,070 in a year. A quarter of the population in the town earns less than £19,632. 

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    One of the highest-paying jobs in the area is tutoring. In this career, you can expect to earn about £51,457 in a year. Project managers and teachers are also well compensated, and they earn £43,674 and £34,258 respectively. Other well-paying jobs in the town include engineering management, directing, electrician, mechanical engineering, designing, home managing, and coordinating. 

    The 73.6% employment rate in Gateshead is slightly lower than the national average. The average employment rate in the United Kingdom is 75.6%. The unemployment rate in the town is currently at 4.9%. The employment rate in the town has been going up while the unemployment rate has been going down. 

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    Is Gateshead a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Gateshead has one of the most promising house markets. Presently, the average price of a home in Gateshead is lower than the average house price in the United Kingdom. You can expect to pay an average of £170,942 for a home in this town. In contrast, the average house price in the UK is £226,906.

    Here is a breakdown of the cost of the property by size:

    • One bedroom- The average price of a one bedroom house is £98, 086. 
    • Two bedroom- Two bedroom houses cost an average of £122,007.
    • Three bedroom- These ones cost an average of £157,882. 
    • Four bedroom- These will cost you an average of £274,001.
    • Five bedroom- Five bedroom houses go for an average of £356,904.

    The type of property you purchase will also determine the total price you will pay.

    Here is a summary of the average cost of the property by type:

    • Flat- The average price of a flat in this town is £127,618.
    • Terraced- Terraced houses go for an average of £163,110.
    • Semi-detached- These houses cost an average of £170,920.
    • Detached- Detached houses cost an average of £364,917.

    You can also choose to rent a house in the town.

    The prices of rentals are as follows:

    • One bedroom- These will cost you an average of £568 per calendar month.
    • Two bedroom- These cost an average of £702 per calendar month.
    • Three bedroom- These cost an average of £869 per calendar month.
    • Four bedroom- These cost an average of £1138 per calendar month. 
    • Five bedroom- These cost an average of £1486 per calendar month. 

    Room rentals in Gateshead have an average price of £495 per calendar month. Flats and houses cost an average of £890 and £1158. 

    You should consider buying or renting a house in good neighbourhoods like Low Fell, Lobley Hill, and Ryton. Places you should avoid include Rocket, Felling, and Leam Lane. 

    Is Gateshead a Good Place to Retire?

    Gateshead definitely ranks highly in the list of the best places to retire in the United Kingdom. The town is quite large, but it has not developed some of the cons associated with larger cities. The houses are still affordable. If you intend to buy a house, you will appreciate the fact that the average house price in the town is £226,906. One bedroom houses are quite cheap in this town. On average, they cost £98, 086. At an average price of £356,904, five bedroom houses can be quite expensive. Renting can also be a good option. If you have a large family, you can rent a three bedroom house for about £869 per calendar month. An average four bedroom house in the town will cost you £1138 per calendar month. 

    Gateshead has some great neighbourhoods. The best ones are close to shops, bars, and restaurants. They are also secure. Some good places where you should consider living in are Low Fell, Festival Park, Birtley, Eighton Banks, Whickham, Ouston, and Lobley Hill. You should note that Whickham has very expensive houses. Also, it is a challenge to navigate the area during rush hour. One of the not-so-good places is Gateshead High Street. This place does not have any decent shops and their pubs are mainly visited by rough-looking youth. Areas which you should avoid at all costs include Bensham, Felling, Teams, Old Ford, Leam Lane, and Springwell Estate. 

    Is Gateshead a Good Place to Visit?

    Gateshead is not a tourist hotspot, but it certainly has some great places to visit. One of the most important attractions in the area is Hollinside Manor. This is a 13th century fortified manor that is located in Derwent Walk Country Park. The place served as the home of the Harding family for two centuries. It was also known as the Giant’s Castle as members of this family were very tall. From this manor, you will get a great view of the surrounding countryside. The Hollinside Manor is especially popular with history buffs and photographers. 

    Thornley Woodland Centre is also a decent tourist attraction in the town. It is located between Winlaton Mill and Rowlands Gill. This place used to be a park for local rangers, but it has since been converted to a cosy cafe. It serves locally produced and seasonal foods. You can also consider going to the Ryton Willows reserve. This reserve features a beautiful grassland, woodland, ponds, and a variety of flora and fauna. The place has been identified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest since it contains many rare plant and animals species. 

    Other places of interest include Clara Vale Natural Reserve and Birkheads Street Gardens.