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Is Watford A Good Place To Live?

    One of the best things about Watford is how strategically placed it is on the map. The transport links are great, London is just a few minutes away by train, and the roads are easily accessible, hence making it very easy for one to get anywhere in the country. The city usually is busy, nice and quiet

    Is Watford a good place to live? When you think of this city as home, the town is strategically developed to suit your lifestyle. It has a lovely market built along the street and shops in the city centre. The design creates an environment that is family friendly and one that feels comfortable to live in.

    If you are looking forward to living in Watford, then there are several factors to consider.

    • How expensive is the life in the city?
    • How safe is it to live there?
    • How convenient are the means of transport?
    • How much will it cost to buy a house?

    If this is what you need to know, then you are on the right page. Please read on to find the answers you are looking for.

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    Is Watford a Good Place to Live?

    Living in this city is almost similar to living in the neighbouring cities, apart from the cost of living and accessibility. Everything is strategically placed so that everything is accessible from one point. The market and shops are along the streets, the city itself is easily accessible by either means of transport or pedestrian routes, and the economy is excellent.

    Just like any other urban area, this town has its own issues with crime. There are 5.23 crime cases reported every day for every 100,000 people. Compared to other cities in the UK, Watford is 40% safer, and the residents have a probability of 1 to 53 chances of becoming a crime victim. This makes it one of the safest cities in the country. The total number of crimes committed in this town is recorded to have decreased by 53% over the past year.

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    The neighbourhoods in this city are quite calm. There is not much violence and crime in the streets, and this makes it an excellent place to have fun. If you are thinking of moving to the city as a tourist or for business purposes, then the least you need to get worried about is you being robbed or mistreated by the residents. The place has a good reputation when it comes to peace and moderation.

    The means of transport here is quite simple. The routes are all connected to enable both the residents and the non-residents access the town quickly. Whether you are preparing to go shopping or meet someone in the city, you will not have to deal with traffic in this city. The roads are built to accommodate both personal vehicles and buses. This has helped reduce the chances of bumping into a traffic jam. The London Railway that was opened in 1837 also serves a great purpose when it comes to transportation through the city.

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    Watford is home to the great football team named after the city: Watford FC. They have a stadium where they hold social activities every season. The city hosts several festival events every year, and one of these is the Watford Festival which started over 70 years ago. This particular festival has grown to become the most spectacular event in the UK. Other social activities like the yoga and vegan festival that are usually held at the campus of Westfield Academy.

    The city is known to have a good education background and holds some of the most reputable colleges in the UK. Examples of these are West Herts College, Middlesex University, University of Westminster and Oaklands College.

    Is Watford a Good Place to Work?

    The place is relatively industrialised, and there is a high demand for employees. If you think that you have the skills and talent to work for a particular company, then nothing should stop you from growing your career by working in this beautiful city. It is known for having a busy and rewarding environment. The working hours here are flexible in a way that one may engage themselves in other activities. In some instances, the employees have opportunities to study and gain new qualifications while in the job.

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    The biggest employers in the city are industrial based- machinery industries employed the most significant number of employees. Hospitality industry takes about 10% of the total employees in the town, and 15% are those that are self-employed. The average salary in the city is £26,254. Some of the popular jobs like teaching assistant and marketing executives have a salary pay rate of about £11,280- £23,898 per year. At 4.2%, the unemployment rate in this city is relatively low. In the United Kingdom, the unemployment rate is 3%, meaning Watford is doing well economically. The success rate in the city is influenced by the high demanding companies that regularly take in employees to cover for the growing economic activities.

    Is Watford a Good Place to Buy a House?

    If you are planning on moving to Watford, then you will probably need to consider several factors before deciding to buy a house. You will need to know whether you and your family will enjoy living in that city, what the expenditure will be once you move in and the cost of houses in the town that is heavily determined by the location. Security is also another thing you will need to consider so that you don’t have to spend more money hiring security and installing cameras all over.

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    Luckily for you, this city is not the kind that you have to worry about an open window during the night. It has minimal criminal activities, making it the best town to buy or rent a house in. Here, you hardly hear of robbery with violence or even petty crimes. The neighbourhood is very friendly, and help is always there when needed. Well, there may be a few cases here and there, but they are not the type that should give you sleepless nights in your new house.

    The average cost of a one bedroom house in Watford is £229,950. If you need a much bigger home for the family, you can get a three-bedroom house for around £450,000 and a five-bedroom house will cost about £850,000. If the cost mentioned above is a bit high for you, I would recommend finding a home that is not close to the town centre. That way, the price will be lower by about 10%, and the saved cash can be used for something else like starting a small business before you secure a job in the new city.

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    Rentals are priced as follows:

    • One bedroom- £400pcm
    • Three bedroom- £495pcm
    • Five bedroom- £980pcm

    Is Watford a Good Place to Retire?

    The fact that this city has very low crime rates, a friendly neighbourhood, and well-designed streets means that this would be the ultimate city to retire. Moving to this city after retirement would ensure that you stay focused and goal oriented since there are no disturbances. The town also offers quite an experience for new residents since there are so many places to familiarise with. The city has a sports playground named after it where the elderly can go to play games and keep fit. It’s also known for its delicious dishes. You could spend a lifetime trying them out without having to worry about enormous responsibilities like driving your child to school.

    Is Watford a Good Place to Visit?

    When you think of this city as a tourist centre, there are so many spots you can visit. Some of these places will introduce you to some aspects of the culture in the city. Others will open you up to the local history of the town as they contain essential material from the town itself, and others will teach you about the city in modern days. Here are some of the places you need to add to your list of spots you will visit once you land in our beautiful city:

    • Watford Museum– In this museum, you will learn about the local culture and art. The place is located in the Lower High Street of the city. It contains artefacts and exhibits that are all very well organised.
    • Warner Bros Studio– This is devoted to the Harry Potter movies. It will have you gazing for more information as you take the three-hour tour.
    • Bushey Museum– This will help you understand the local history with artefacts and preserved documents.
    • The Grand Union Canal– This place is located just across the city. A tour of this beautiful city will leave you craving for more information about different cultures in the world. It also contains a history of the city.
    • Cassiobury Park– If you love natural places, you should make a point of visiting this woodland. It is twice the size of London’s Hyde Park and has a large play area for kids.