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Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Live

    Relocating can be an arduous process, particularly when going to a new town where you don’t have or know anyone. I have moved to a few places for work and other reasons, so I understand how daunting that first step can be. So, you are thinking about moving to Nuneaton and wondering what to expect.

    You should know a bit of this and that like which neighborhoods to watch out for, the average salary, retirement options and so on. Such details will make it easier to make critical decisions, and this guide provides information that you can leverage during a move to Nuneaton.

    Is Nuneaton a good place to live? This Northern Warwickshire town offers a decent living without costing too much. Traditionally a manufacturing town, Nuneaton now relies on distribution and economics. Major towns like Birmingham and Coventry are nearby for people who may choose to work or do business there. 

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    With a population of almost 87,000, Nuneaton is Warwickshire’s largest town and, therefore, has a lot more going on than the surrounding regions. Even so, it remains a quiet place where you can raise a family. It is also suitable for the young professional looking for new opportunities or the senior citizen who wants a tranquil environment to enjoy retirement.

    When relocating to a new place, I always consider the neighborhoods to see if they suit my preference. Nuneaton is wildly diverse with varying communities around. Whether you prefer rural life or want to be in the middle of the town center, there is a place for you here. 

    Transforming Nuneaton 2019

    Nuneaton has 11 boroughs that are home to a diverse group of individuals. If you want an environment that exposes you or other people to different cultures in Warwickshire, then Nuneaton is a good bet.

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    Expatriates will appreciate the cultural heritage of the town, which the locals work to keep alive. Nuneaton is a classic West Midlands English town so you can expect a relaxed, charming atmosphere where anyone has the chance to thrive. Below are a few elements that determine the suitability of this town as a place to live.

    Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Live?


    In terms of education, Nuneaton offers a healthy alternative for parents. The town has over 20 primary schools, including public and private. For secondary school education, 7 schools are available, including The Nuneaton Academy, The George Eliot School, and Etone College. Nuneaton has five higher education institutions. 

    St Thomas More Sixth Form | Nuneaton


    When it comes to places to live in Nuneaton, the spectrum is pretty broad. The city center is one of the best neighborhoods in Nuneaton because it has access to great schools and a higher average salary than most places.

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    Also, it is close to train stations. Another place you can check out that is close to railway stations in Attleborough. If you intend to live near motorway junctions, Whitestone and Astley are the top choices. For people with local jobs, Camp Hill and Birchley Heath are worth considering.

    The crime rate in Nuneaton ranges between 14-22%, depending on the borough. Even though crime fell significantly in the town, some regions have higher crime rates than others. For example, in the city center, neighborhoods that are near nightclubs may be less desirable than those outside the town. 


    The transportation is more than decent because Nuneaton is close to the M69, M42, and M6. Residents also enjoy the use of the main A5 trunk road also called Waiting Street, which doubles as a border for Hinckley and Leicestershire. The A47 is the link between Nuneaton, Hinckley, and Leicester.

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    A dual carriageway in the form of the A444 provides access from the south while servicing the town center as a ring road. There is an Eastern Relief Road that connects east and south Nuneaton directly, without having to pass through the town center. Two railway stations are available for commuters.

    Nuneaton Railway Station, located near the city center, is the main one, and the other one is a 2016 installation at Bermuda Park. People can travel to London, Birmingham, and Coventry without too much trouble. If you live in Nuneaton and work or study in another town, then public transportation offers a stress-free commute. 


    For social engagements, Nuneaton offers a varied choice that caters to different tastes from bowling to art. The area has three leisure centers; Pingles Leisure Centre, Jubilee and Etone Sports Centres.

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    These centers have facilities such as swimming pools, football pitches and dance studios where residents can take part in various activities. If you love art, there is an art gallery. The town’s museum includes exhibits on George Eliot, the Victorian writer who hailed from Nuneaton. The Abbey Theatre is available for those who prefer performance arts, including ballet, drama, and musicals. 

    Nuneaton Food festive

    Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Work?

    Nuneaton is one of the commuter towns of the West Midlands thanks to its good transports links. Coventry and Birmingham rely on the region for their connections. So, if you work in Nuneaton and have to travel to any one of the nearby towns, the rail and roads links simplify the journey.

    It is for these well-established transport connections that Nuneaton has remained a major distribution hub. You can opt to join the sector as an employee or entrepreneur. Another employment generator is electronics. Several electronic companies have offices in or near the town.

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    Horiba MIRA, a consultancy firm for automotive engineering and development is one of the top companies to work for in Nuneaton. The Ropewalk Shopping Centre is a big source of jobs for locals and foreigners in the town. It was constructed as an alternative to the bigger shopping centers in Leicester, Birmingham, and Coventry. The Abbeygate Shopping Centre is another source of employment in Nuneaton for retail professionals and business people.

    Warwickshire posted a fall in the unemployment rate in past years, but Nuneaton has remained with some of the highest figures. The most recent numbers show that Nuneaton was at 1.3% compared to a national average of 1.1% and 0.6% in Warwickshire. The salary average is £20,000-£30,000, depending on the region. Considering that Nuneaton is the county’s largest town, it makes sense that it would have a higher unemployment rate. It also offers more business and employment opportunities than other towns thanks to the different enterprises that set up there, including Holland & Barrett, RS Components and Dairy Crest. 

    Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Buy a House?

    The housing solutions in Nuneaton are more than satisfactory because residents have a good number of rental and for-sale properties. As with any other English town, the neighborhood determines the cost of renting or buying a house in Nuneaton. A one-bedroom rental in the city center can average about £550 a month while outside the city center, you can find a suitable rental for £450/month or less. A three-bedroom in the city can set you back £950 and £750 away from the metropolitan area. If you opt to buy, Nuneaton doesn’t disappoint; from semi-detached to suburban homes. A one-bedroom can go for £55,000 to £70,000, depending on the section while a three-bedroom can cost as much as a million Pounds.

    The city center has its appeal because it is close to schools, public transportation, and shopping centers. Properties in this area are ideal for professionals who have busy schedules to keep. Staying close to the city center also means putting up with noise and higher crime rates than the rest of Nuneaton. Note that city dwellers also post higher salaries than other residents. Attleborough, Whitestone and Birchley Heath are some of the neighborhoods you can consider for a bit of luxury and suburban comfort. 

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    Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Retire

    For a retiree who wants a quiet place that is not too expensive but still offers the basic services and needs, Nuneaton is a decent choice. The town has a few parts of the town that can suit a senior citizen looking forward to a stress-free life. Heath End, Maple Park, Grove Frame, and Hill Top are a few recommendations. The neighborhoods close to the city center may not be very conducive to a life of retirement.

    A retiree can opt to buy, rent or move into a retirement home. Whitestone and Attleborough are costly, whether you are buying or renting. Hinckley is also unfavorable for retired persons because it doesn’t offer the same quality of life as the other places in Nuneaton. Seniors citizens have a wide selection of properties to choose from, including bungalows and flats

    A Walk in Nuneaton Market

    Is Nuneaton a Good Place to Visit?

    Nuneaton has a lot of history that makes it an interesting destination to visit. For one, it is the birthplace of one of the UK’s most revered Victorian novelists, George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans). There is even a statue at Newdegate Square in her memory. The Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery has a George Eliot display where visitors can learn more about the writer. You can see a reconstruction of Elliot’s drawing room. The museum and gallery have collections of works from other artists as well. 

    This town got the name Nuneaton in the 12th century from a Benedictine nunnery that was set up here. The ruins of the nunnery are some of the historical attractions in the region. For family fun, the Drayton Manor Theme Park is a must-see. The town center has a large fountain in the shape of a dandelion called Roanne Fountain. Mount Judd is another identifying feature of Nuneaton, which is visible from the town. The hill was created from spoils of the Judkins Quarry and currently stands at 158 meter high. For tourists visiting in June, spare time for the Nuneaton Carnival, the biggest carnival in Warwickshire.
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