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Is Solihull A Good Place To Live, Work, Buy A House Retire or Visit?

    If you are moving to the UK and want somewhere to live that offers the tranquillity of the country and the thrill of a big city, then Solihull maybe just what you need. The town’s motto is “Urbs in Rure”, which means town in the country, and it sure does live to up to that. This gem of a town has virtually everything you may need or want to make your stay successful, including great leisure facilities, outstanding learning institutions, high disposable income, excellent modern conveniences like fast broadband speeds, and so much more. Solihull can accommodate everyone; from families, to singles, to retirees.

    Is Solihull a good place to live? It’s definitely a good place to live. It has long life expectancy and even offers a wide range of amenities, great employment opportunities, affordable housing, and a convenient transport system that easily connects residents to the neighbouring regions and the rest of the world.

    Solihull has created a name for itself as an attractive metropolitan borough with unique characteristics. In fact, it has previously been named the “best place to live in the UK” by the uSwitch Quality of Life Index. So, whether it’s to study, work, or simply have some adventure, you can rest assured that you are living in the right place.

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    There are a lot of factors that determine whether a place is good to live in or not. And, you’re probably wondering why this town is so in demand more than anywhere else in the country. How’s housing? What schools are available? What can you do during leisure time? Are there job opportunities? I will answer this and much more in this text; so, keep reading to find out more.

    Is Solihull A Good Place To Live?

    First, let me put it out there that, Yes, Solihull is a good place to live. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a look at what this borough has to offer in terms of social amenities:


    From local authority run schools, to prestigious grammar and independent schools, to faith schools, to schools that help and cater to students with special needs or disabilities, outstanding schools are for sure abundant in Solihull.

    Top performers include Solihull School, Tudor Grange Academy, St Martin’s School, and Arden schools. The town also borders several great universities, including the University of Birmingham, Warwick University, Aston University, and much more.

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    This is one of the best connected towns in the region. For starters, a number of main roads pass this town, including the M42 and the M40 that provide rapid links to London and Oxford, the A34 Birmingham to Stratford, and the A41 Birmingham to Warwick.

    The local bus services are provided mainly by National Express West Midlands. There are also commuter train services, connecting Solihull to Birmingham and direct to London.

    You can also check into the Birmingham Airport, which is just a short drive away via the M42 road, for both domestic and international flights.

    Social Life

    I could fill an entire book listing all the fun and enjoyable things you can do and see in Solihull. Take a relaxing walk in one of the many parks in the town, take part in outdoor activities like swimming and skateboarding, enjoy sporting activities like football and rugby, or attend annual events like Solihull Carnival and the free firework display in Tudor Grange Park.

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    And, it doesn’t stop there; there’s always something happening in the evenings for those looking to unwind after a long day. It could be fine dining, quiet drinks on the canal-side, a trip to the theatre, or some great acts in a vibrant pub. Let’s just say you won’t lack breathtaking views and exhilarating activities to frolic around in with others or by yourself.

    Crime Levels

    Solihull is considered the safest town in the West Midlands. Most of the offences recorded are antisocial behaviour but, like in any other region, there are a few violent crimes now and then. Generally, the town is safe and filled with friendly and helpful people.

    Where to Live

    The town has several suburbs, and deciding where to live will depend on your preference, budget, and several other needs. For me, the most attractive areas are those with good housing, near social amenities, affordable, and have people from different cultures living together in harmony (this is an important factor to consider, especially if you are from a country with different cultural practices).

    Some of the best neighbourhoods to live in include the suburbs of Dorridge, Knowle, Shirley, Eastcote Olton, and Dickens Heath. For upcoming areas that may be cost effective in terms of housing prices, consider Moseley, Digbeth, Jewellery Quarter, and Kings Heath.

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    Some of the bad neighbourhoods to avoid in Solihull include Acocks Green, B92 7WA Olton, and B28 0PE Hall Green. These are the highest overall crime areas in Solihull.

    Is Solihull A Good Place To Work?

    Another important factor people consider when looking for a good place to live in is employment opportunities. Even if you are not looking to find a job yourself, employment levels reflect on the economic situation of a region. Solihull has the highest job density in the West Midlands. 73.8% of the people are employed. This is quite close to the average rate of employment in the UK, which is currently at 75.8%.

    The average gross weekly income in Solihull is around £520, while the average household enjoys about £18,721 in disposable income per year. These figures are significantly above UK averages.

    On the other hand, the rate of unemployment is at 4.9%, while those who are economically inactive for one reason or the other take up 21.3% of the town’s population.

    The area has a diverse economy consisting of a broad range of industries, which offer plenty of job opportunities. Their biggest employers include The NEC group Birmingham Airport, Resorts World, Jaguar Land Rover, Birmingham Business Park, and Liftshare, just to mention a few.

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    Is Solihull A Good Place To Buy House?

    Given that Solihull is such an in-demand area to live in, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s one of the towns outside London with the biggest house price rises. Over the last one year, the average property has increased its worth by around £95 a day. Therefore, other than it being the best place to live, buying a house in this town is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Property in Solihull is, however, quite expensive. The average cost of buying a home is £397,577, while the average cost of renting is £76.66 per week. The tables below will give you a rough estimate of the home prices with a bit more specifics.

    Property Prices in Solihull – To Buy (By Type)

    • Flats – £217,162
    • Detached House – £602,186
    • Semi Detached House – £320,583
    • Terraced – £274,925

    Property Prices in Solihull – To Buy and Rent (By Size)

    • 1 Bedroom to Buy – £158,733
    • 1 Bedroom to Rent – £664 pcm
    • 3 Bedrooms to Buy – £368,686
    • 3 Bedrooms To Rent – £1051 pcm
    • 5 Bedrooms to Buy – £741,452
    • 5 Bedrooms to Rent – £1,599 pcm

    Note that these prices are simply estimates and the exact prices of property will vary depending on a number of things.

    If you are looking to buy, consider doing so in areas that have seen a significant rise in home prices over the past couple of years like Olton, Headley Heath, Arden, Knowle, and Dorridge.

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    Is Solihull A Good Place To Retire?

    When it comes to deciding a good place to retire, the following things are considered: the health of the retired population, home ownership, life satisfaction, living costs, disposable income, and so on. There are several housing options for those looking to retire in Solihull. For starters, the town has a wide range of care and nursing homes to choose from.

    There are several reasons why one might consider moving to a care home. The truth is such housing options are more affordable, convenient, offers easy access to social amenities, and provide all manner of support.

    If this sounds like a great choice for you, consider checking out Ardenlea Court Care Home, Sunrise of Solihull, The Royal Star & Garter Homes, Knowle Gate Care Home, and more. You can also choose to buy or rent a house in Solihull and live out your golden years on your terms. The best places to buy or rent your retirement home in include Shirley, Knowle, Linden Place, and Olton, just to mention a few.

    Is Solihull A Good Place To Visit?

    Solihull is definitely a great place to explore. It has some of the best food scenes in the region with a wide range of food outlets, including McDonald’s, TGI Friday in Touchwood, Wagamama, high-end restaurants and brasseries, and cafes, all of which are known to offer meals to remember.

    You can also delve into all the exciting attractions and activities that the town has to offer. There are several things you can do while visiting Solihull: have a land rover experience, enjoy indoor activities like swimming and dancing in the borough’s many leisure centres, play golf at Four Ashes Golf Centre, take a walk in one of the many parks, or watch a show at The Core Theatre.. Some of the major attractions include The Resorts World Arena, National Motorcycle Museum, and Baddesley Clinton.

    Between Mell Square and Touchwood shopping centre, you can pick from high street retailers and a wide range of designer brands. There’s so much to do and see in Solihull that I’m having trouble selecting the best. Simply book a ticket and see for yourself.

    Solihull town is a pretty good place to live. Hopefully, this guide will help you achieve a smooth and stress-free move to Solihull.