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Is Kansas City Missouri A Good Place To Live?

    Are you an expat who intends to move to Missouri? The city is great for newcomers who are looking for a metro area with a feel of homeliness. Whether you plan on moving to Kansas City Missouri for work, to study for your degree, or retirement, the city as a lot to offer.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a good place to live? The answer depends on what is important to you. It has a rich history and the community is tight-knit. The locals have plenty of entertainment options including enjoying shows at the Kansas City Symphony. The cost of living is fair and there are plenty of job opportunities. It is a great place for those who love shopping as the streets are lined with independent boutiques.

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    Whether you are hoping to move to Kansas City for retirement, living with your family, or for work, the article explains why it may be a good place to live in. It explains some of the best neighbourhoods to buy or rent a home and some of the less pleasant ones.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good place to Live?

    Kansas City is a great place for families to live in. It is the largest city in the state of Missouri and it has plenty of amenities to offer you and your family. Over a quarter of the population is below 20 so it is great for millennials too. Consider living in suburban areas if you want to access some of the best schools in the city. Living in Missouri allows you to enjoy the best of everything.

    Downtown Kansas City has some amazing restaurants. It is known for its growing arts and vibrant culinary scene. You can find something for all appetites.

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    U.S News ranked Kansas City as the 49th best place to live and 80th best place to retire. The cost of living is lower than in similar metro areas such as Chicago. The cost of housing and basic necessities such as groceries and transportation is fair.

    The easiest way to get around the city is with a car. It has a metro bus service that a lot of the locals use. There are over 40 bike stations throughout the city. Interstate 70 and Interstate 435 are some of the major roads. Kansas City International Airport is the closest airport. It is in the north of the metro area.

    There are plenty of opportunities to meet people and socialize in Kansas City. You and your family can visit Legoland, the Kansas City Zoo, or meet other art lovers at the American Jazz Museum.

    Cherry Hill Estates is one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Kansas City. It is a family-friendly neighbourhood with lots of families and fun activities for all ages. It is secure and close to a few public schools. Living in this neighbourhood gives you a suburban feel. There are lots of restaurants and parks. The population is conservative and diverse. Other amazing neighbourhoods include; Nall Hills, Oak Park, and Pinehurst.

    The less pleasant neighbourhoods include North Blue Ridge, South Blue Valley, and Blue Valley Industrial. Kansas City MO is a fairly secure city. The crime score index is 5.7/10.

    There are plenty of schools and universities in Kansas. You can always find the right school regardless of your level of education. Some of the common universities and colleges include; Kansas City Kansas Community College, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and National American University-Zona Rosa. High schools include; Belton High, Center High School, and East High. The schools in Kansas City Missouri are ranked highly.

    The city loves its professional sports team so sports lovers will always have something to enjoy. College athletics are highly valued. The city has a rich art and cultural background. There are plenty of art institutions and museums. It is a great city to call home.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good Place to Work?

    Kansas City MO is a great place to work. There are plenty of job opportunities and it is a great place to start a business. Some of the things that make it a great city to work include the fair salaries, low cost of living, and diverse industries. The cost of transportation is low so it easy to transport your products to and from the market.

    The biggest employer in the city is actually the federal government. The Internal Revenue Service has a large service centre in the city. It occupies almost 1, 400, 000 square feet. It employs about 2, 700 full-time employees. The General Service Administration employs over 800 employees and the Social Security Administration has over 1700 employees.

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    The city is home to plenty of agricultural companies including Dairy Farmers of America which is the largest Dairy Co-op in the country. It also hosts one of the largest plants for drug manufacturing in the United States. Kansas City serves as the headquarters for plenty of notable companies including; American Century Investments, BNIM, Hostess Brands, Children International, and H&R Block.

    The average salary in the city is $52,870. The most popular job titles include; software engineer whose average salary is $69,979, project manager with an average salary of $66,335, and operations manager with an average salary of $61,043.

    The most popular industries are Health care and manufacturing. Top employers include DST Systems Inc and Cerner Corporation.

    Is Kansas City a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Kansas City is a great place to buy a home. Sylan Grove is one of the best neighbourhoods to buy. The neighbourhood in Overland Park gives you a more suburban feel than most of the other neighbourhoods. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and highly-rated public schools. The average cost of buying a home in this neighbourhood is $225,450 and the average cost of renting is $1,037. Other great neighbourhoods to buy a home include Cherry Hill Estates, Shoal Creek Valley, and Ranchview Gardens. Bad neighbourhoods include East Blue Valley and Sheffield.

    The average price of buying one bedroom properties is $80,000. The cost of renting three-bedroom properties is $130,000 and five-bedroom properties cost $195,000.

    The average cost of renting one-bedroom properties is $700. Three-bedroom properties cost $1300 and five-bedroom properties cost an average of $2300.

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    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good Place to Retire?

    If you are moving to Missouri for retirement, this city is a great option. Leawood is a great neighbourhood to retire. The suburb has a population over 34, 000. It is the perfect place for those who are looking for a place that blends the vibrant city life with some quiet and serenity. It is close to coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. Prairie Village is another great neighbourhood for retirement. It is home to a diverse population including young families, retirees, and young professionals. Some of the less pleasant neighbourhoods include Knoches Park and South Blue Valley.

    The climate of the city is vibrant. The summer months are hot and humid and the winters are mild. It is on the periphery of the humid subtropical zone.

    There are plenty of fun activities in the city. You will always find something to suit your desires regardless of whether you like indoor or outdoor entertainment. There are lots of festivals and events all year round.

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    The reliable transport network makes it possible for you to visit your family whether they live in or out of the city.

    Living in Kansas gives you the chance to get your own home without much credit. The cost of insurance is low and the mortgage is fair.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good Place to Visit?

    Kansas City is a great place to visit as there are plenty of attractions and things to do. Swope Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. The park has hiking trails, mountain bike trails, golf, and a nature centre. The park is an amazing public amenity. It is beautiful and gives you and your loved ones an amazing picnic experience. The Swope Memorial gives you a spectacular view, especially in fall.

    The city has plenty of museums including the TWA Museum. This speciality museum has plenty of memorabilia and models. It is a neat place with amazing tour guides. You will enjoy a visit to this museum especially if you are interested in commercial airline history. The John Wornall House and Airline

    Kansas City Missouri has lots of amazing landmarks. They include; Arabia Steamboat Museum, Kauffman Stadium, and Boulevard Brewing Company.

    The nightlife is vibrant and there is something for everyone. Whether you are an adrenalin seeker, shopper, hiker, or a couple looking for honeymoon spots, the city does not disappoint.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of living in Kansas City Missouri?

    The cost of living in Kansas City Missouri is average. The housing expenses are about 8% lower than the national average. The cost of transportation is 1% lower than the national average.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good Place to Invest in Property?

    The job growth stood at 3.95% in 2017 and it keeps improving. The increase in job opportunities translates to higher living standards and more people buying homes.

    Is Kansas City Missouri a Good Place to Raise a Family

    The city is great for raising families. There are plenty of schools, health facilities, and friendly neighbourhoods.

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