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Is Cologne (Köln) A Good Place to Live?

    Is moving to Cologne Köln on your bucket list? You may be unsure of whether it is a suitable place for you. I have moved a lot and I know that the process of finding a town that has all the amenities you need can be daunting.

    Is Cologne (Köln) a good place to live? If you want to live in a town that allows you to experience the true culture of this country, it is the right option. It is a beautiful and historic city so you will always have something to do. Cologne has plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods and it is a great city for both young professionals and retirees.

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    Are you moving to Germany for work, to pursue your degree, or for retirement? The article will help you determine whether Cologne is the right city or you. It features some of the best places to work, schools, and neighborhoods. It explains why Cologne is a good place to live in.

    Is Cologne (Köln) a Good Place to Live?

    Living in Cologne Köln makes it easy for you to meet new people. One of the simplest ways to meet people is by taking a short course. The city is very welcoming to newcomers. It is known for serving amazing beer. The population is tolerant to all people, cultural backgrounds, and religions. It is a center for arts and culture so there are lots of festivals and art events.

    Innenstadt is one of the best neighborhoods in Cologne. It is popularly known as the Ring. It is a busy neighborhood with lots of clubs, shops, and dining areas. It is a great neighborhood for those who love shopping. The nightlife is exciting and there are lots of families.

    Ehrenfeld is another pleasant neighborhood. It is one of the most popular areas because of the large number of bars, shopping streets, and restaurants. The neighborhood is known to have an amazing nightlife. There are lots of live music venues, dance clubs, and bars. The cultural scene is lively and the population mainly consists of liberal youth.

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    Some of the less pleasant neighborhoods include the areas far away from central Cologne.

    There are lots of schools in Cologne. It is easy to find a school regardless of you or your child’s level of education. A school such as International Peace School Cologne has gained popularity across the country because of the high-quality education.

    There are lots of colleges and universities in the city. It hosts more than 70, 000 students. They include; the University of Cologne, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, and Cologne University of Music and Dance.

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    Public transport in Cologne is mainly by bus and trains. The town has a very reliable public transport. You can always catch a bus or train until very late in the evening. Trains go about every five minutes and buses go about every ten minutes during rush hour.

    The town’s international airport is Cologne/Bonn Airport. The neighboring town of Bonn uses the airport too. Cologne is the European Aviation Safety Agency’s headquarter.

    Cologne is a very safe town. It poses virtually no threat to anyone. The most common crimes include; anti-social behavior and auto theft. The safety index is 57.36.

    The cost of living is low. The town’s cost of living index is 65.63. On average, a single person would spend €748.06 without rent. It is ranked #144 out of #386 cities in the world. The cost of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is €10.00. A regular cappuccino costs about €2.51 and a liter of gasoline costs about €1.39.

    Living in Germany grants you access to lots of shopping options and Cologne has a lot of them. There are plenty of shopping malls and streets in Cologne. Neumarkt Passage is one of them –  the perfect place for shoppers. You will find both little retail and high-end shops. There are lots of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Other shopping options include; Opern Passagen, Neumarkt Passage, and DuMont Caree.

    Is Cologne (Köln) a Good Place to Work?

    Moving to Cologne (Köln) makes it easy for you to find employment. Living in the city is affordable and it is possible to rent or own a home without going into much credit. Just like with other cities, the cost of renting or buying a home depends on the neighborhood.

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    Getting to and from work is easy even when you do not have a car. Whether you choose to work in the city center or outside the city, you will not be disadvantaged. The public transport is very reliable. Most people use the bus, tram, or train. The city is well connected and it is easy to get from one point to another.

    The average salary in the city is €49,234. The most popular jobs in the city include; software developer, software engineer, IT consultant, and mechanical engineer. The average salary for a software developer is €43,855. Software engineers earn an average of €45,781, and IT consultants earn an average of €46,140.

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    The most popular industries are Information Technology (IT) services, software development, and automotive manufacturing. The city’s top employers include; Detecon Inc., Ford Motor Company, and Bayer Corporation. The average salary for Ford Motor Company is €52,072. The average for Bayer Corporation is €73,671, and the average salary for Detecon Inc. is €60,000.

    Is Cologne a Good Place to Buy a House?

    If you plan on buying a house, consider buying it in Cologne. It is one of the warmest cities in Germany so it is great for outdoor activities. There is average precipitation all year round and both the summers and winters are mild.

    The population is diverse so you are likely to be accepted regardless of your cultural or religious backgrounds. Cologne is a suitable town regardless of whether you are an expat or young professional.

    There are plenty of pleasant neighborhoods in Cologne. Nippes is one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home. Its biggest benefit is that you will be living close to the inner city.

    The neighborhood is well connected so it easy to go to the center of the city and other neighborhoods in the city. The neighborhood has a moderate nightlife. There are lots of bars and cafes nearby.

    If you like shopping, the neighborhood gives you lots of options. It has plenty of Turkish grocery stores where you can buy fresh produce.

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    The population of Nippes is very diverse. If you enjoy living close to people from different backgrounds, it is one of your best choices. There are plenty of parks and family-friendly entertainment. Houses in the northerly parts of Nippes are affordable.

    Rodernkirchen is a neighborhood right outside Cologne’s commercial center. Consider buying a home here if you work close to the city center. Most of the homes are large apartments or single-family houses.

    The population is fairly conservative and tight-knit. The Rhine rivers surround it and the residents enjoy lots of open space and beautiful beaches. The scenery is beautiful and the ambiance is cool. If you are looking for a neighborhood that gives you a suburban feel while you remain close to all the amenities of the city, this is the right choice.

    Buying a home in Cologne will allow you to enjoy the city’s amazing cuisine. The local cuisine is hearty and simple. Most foods are served with a cold glass of Kolsch. Most restaurants use flowery descriptions to describe even the simplest foods. Cologne gives you the chance to enjoy some of the country’s most delicious foods.

    The cost of buying one-bedroom properties in some of the best neighborhoods is €260,000. The cost of three-bedroom properties is €400,000 and the average cost of five-bedroom properties is €600,000.

    Renting one-bedroom apartments costs an average of €700. The cost of three-bedroom apartments is €1200 and that of five-bedroom apartments is €2000.

    Is Cologne a Good Place to Invest in Property

    Cologne is a great town for property investment. High-end homes in the area attract a lot of foreigners. Cologne is an attractive town for foreigners because of the various benefits that it offers. In Germany, buying a home is much cheaper than renting in the long-term. A lot of professional expats like to live in Cologne because of the fair mortgage rates, low cost of insurance, and ease of finding good neighborhoods.

    Most of the residents in Cologne prefer to buy property for life. Most of them do not believe in buying property now and upgrading later. It is, therefore, advisable to invest in high-end property. The demand for choice locations is high so you must understand the most popular neighborhoods for your target audience.

    The Cologne real estate market does not experience a lot of fluctuations. It is backed up by the city’s great transport infrastructure, friendliness to small and medium-sized businesses, and availability of good schools.

    The city is great for property investment regardless of whether you want to invest in commercial or residential property.

    Is Cologne a Good Place to Raise a Family?

    Raising a family in Cologne is great as there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods. One of them is Lindenthal. The neighborhood at the west of the Ring is quiet and the population is diverse. There are lots of green spaces and playgrounds for your children and pets. It is close to plenty of small shops and eateries. It is close to downtown Cologne so you can access most of the city’s amenities.

    The student population in the neighborhood makes it vibrant. The neighborhood is home to the University of Cologne.

    The cost of buying a home in this neighborhood is affordable. It is the perfect neighborhood for families that prioritize the presence of shopping centers, schools, and a vibrant nightlife.

    Mulheim is an interesting and family-friendly neighborhood in the city. It joined the city in 1914. It is close to the lively Turkish community in Keupstrasse. The neighborhood is known for having the best doner in the city. There is always something exciting in Mulheim. Its beauty makes it a common destination for weddings.

    If you have children of school-going age, you will always find a good school for them in Cologne. International Peace School Cologne, St. Georges-The British International School Cologne, and Dopfer Schools Cologne, H.E.K Dopfer are some of the best schools in Cologne. There are lots of schools for children who do not speak German. Bi-lingual schools make it possible for your children to learn multiple languages.

    If you are an adult looking for an opportunity to study different languages, the city gives you lots of options. Taking short language courses is a great way to meet people.

    You and your family can enjoy relaxed picnics or day outs in the parks. Hiroshima Nagasaki is one of the most popular parks. It is out of the city center but the trip is worth your time. It is a great place to chill with your family, enjoy a drink, or a barbecue. It is great for cycling walks or jogging.

    The park is set on a hill which used to be the dumping ground for the debris of the Second World War. It is linked to the Aachener Weiher and Biergarten. It was built as a memorial for victims of the 1945 atomic bombing.

    Is Cologne a Good Place to Retire?

    Retiring in Cologne is a good idea. Whether you want to live in a suburban area or a neighborhood with a town feel, the city has something for you.

    Belgisches Viertel is a great neighborhood for retirement. It has a laid-back feel and it is the coolest neighborhood in Cologne. It is known for its numerous shops, fashion boutiques, and restaurants.

    Another great neighborhood for retirement is Ehrenfeld. It has been part of the city since 1888. It is the home of numerous art galleries, dive bars, and theatres. The local cafes are known to serve amazing coffee. Other things to enjoy in the neighborhood include the amazing boutiques and entertainment options.

    The climate in the city is temperate-oceanic. It is a very warm city with cool winters and warm summers. Temperatures vary significantly throughout the year and precipitation is evenly distributed. If you would like to enjoy outdoor activities in your retirement years, the city makes it possible.

    There are lots of events and festivals in the city so you will always have something fun to do. The city is said to be the county’s carnival king. The city’s beer (Kolsch) is served in plenty. Both children and adults show up dressed in creative costumes and take the party to the streets. The carnival is celebrated in all parts of the city. The Carnival is a Catholic event that comes before Lent season. The most popular way of dressing up is as a clown. The residents eat doughnuts and drink the local beer. Even though it is not a public holiday, most schools and offices close for the day.

    Another popular event is the Aschermittwoch. The celebration comes at the end of the Carnival celebrations. After a week of celebrating the Carnival, the residents go to their local churches. They get an ash cross to wear and spend the rest of the day resting. Most of them serve fish for dinner.

    Getting around Cologne is easy. You can easily get from one point from another within or out of the city. It is, therefore, easy for you to visit your family and to access the city’s attractions.

    Is Cologne a Good Place to Visit?

    Cologne is a great place to visit. Whether you are visiting from Berlin, Hamburg, or other parts, you will enjoy Cologne’s food. There are plenty of dining options and the diverse population makes it possible to find something from all corners of the world.

    The city has a laid-back and care-free vibe that will instantly make you feel at home. Unlike other parts of the country where people are known to be too serious, Cologne’s population is made up of pleasant people.

    The city’s Christmas markets are the highlight of all summers. The markets are said to be some of the best in the country.

    Cologne Cathedral is one of the city’s biggest landmarks. The international pilgrimage site is one of the city’s biggest landmarks. It is the most visited landmark in the entire country.

    Ludwig Museum is a great place to visit with your family. The museum has been exhibiting art since the 1980s. It displays a wide collection of Russian Avant-Garde pieces.

    The National Socialism Documentation Center is a fascinating museum in a previous Gestapo HQ and prison. Most of the buildings have not changed since the end of the war. On the walls of the cells, you can still see the graffiti that the prisoners left. It is an interesting and effective way to learn about the history of the Nazi. You can get an audio presentation to get a better understanding of the museum.

    Other attractions in the city include; Kolumba, Farina Fragrance Museum, Chocolate Museum, and Koellner zoo. The coffee culture, local beer, and nightlife are other great reasons to visit.