Is Tucson Arizona A Good Place To Live?

Is Tucson Arizona A Good Place To Live

Moving to Arizona can be difficult if you haven’t found a place that meets your expectations. The process of moving from one place to another can be complex and I find it necessary to do some prior research. It makes it possible to determine if a location matches your needs and expectations.

Is Tucson Arizona a good place to live? If you are looking for a vibrant city with lots of schools, shopping alternatives, security, and high chances of employment, the answer is yes. The city provides you with a variety of fun things to do at all times of the year. The people are friendly and the crime rates are low.

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Do you have plans of moving to Tucson Arizona for work, school or retirement? The article will help you determine whether the city is right for you. It explains some of the best neighborhoods, the cost of buying or renting homes, some of the best schools, and the city’s top employers. It will help you determine whether Tucson Arizona is the best place for you to live.

Is Tucson Arizona a Good Place to Live?

Tucson is a city in the county seat of Pima County. It has a population of over 520, 000. It is popularly known for its Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine. One of the things that make it special is the amazing cuisine. The city has plenty of ethnic restaurants and dining options. The Sonoran hot dog is one of the city’s treasures. It is a hot dog wrapped in bacon and then grilled. It is served on a hot dog bun with a variety of toppings and condiments. If you are a food lover, you will definitely love this city.

You will find a mountain in every direction of the city. Living in Tucson, you will always feel like you are surrounded by mountains. There are five minor ranges of mountains around the city.

The city has always ranked highly in clean air. In 2013, it was ranked #1 in a list of the 5 Cities with the Best Air Quality in the United States. There are plenty of wide open spaces so you will always have access to outdoor hideaways.

Tucson is a biking haven. It has won plenty of biking accolades over the years. In 2017, Bustle ranked it #7 in the 10 Best Cities in the United States. There is plenty of outdoor space so bikers have access to lots of trails. According to Travel Channel, it is the best road biking city.

Dunbar Spring is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. It is located north of downtown Tucson. It is a small, tight-knit community with a rich history. There are lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops. The cultural identity of this city is one of the things that make it special.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the neighborhood. Trail Dust Town is a historic shopping center close to the neighborhood. Nearby restaurants include El Charro Café and The Tasteful Kitchen.

It is close to schools such as John Spring Junior High School and the Martin Schools.

You can always find a home regardless of the building style you prefer. West University Neighborhood is another great neighborhood. The vibrant neighborhood is close to the University of Arizona. It is a walkable distance from plenty of shops, eateries, and shopping centers.

Schools close to the area include Tucson High and Mansfeld Middle. There are two major shopping districts close to the neighborhood; Main Gate Square and 4th Avenue. The nightlife is exciting and there are plenty of activities for children.

Some of the worst neighborhoods include Fairgrounds, El Presidio, and Myers.

You can pursue your degree at the University of Tucson. It is a world-class university that boasts of inclusivity, diversity, and good performance. Other colleges and universities include; Pima Community College, Southwest University of Visual Arts, and Carrington College.

You will have many chances to meet people and socialize as there is a variety of bars, restaurants, and events.

The city is well-connected so it is easy to move around. The Sun Tran bus system serves the city. The national passenger rail system is available for us in the city three times every week going both directions. It is served by Tucson International Airport which is the second largest commercial airport in Arizona.

The city’s crime rates are relatively low. It is safer than 2% of cities in the United States.

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Is Tucson, Arizona a Good Place to Work?

Tucson is Arizona’s second largest city. There are many corporations so finding employment is not difficult. The city has a high presence of U.S military bases. It is, therefore, a hub for tech industries and government contractor jobs. The town has plenty of attractions that make its tourism industry rich.

The average salary matches the cost of living and the work culture is thriving. The average salary in the city is $46, 343. The cost of living is 6% less than the national average. The most popular jobs include; software engineer, electrical engineer, operations manager, and mechanical engineer.

The average salary of a software engineer is $72, 933. Electrical engineers earn an average of $74, 203, and elementary school teachers earn an average of $36, 318. The trends in wages keep going up. The most popular industries are health care, education, and aerospace.

There are plenty of big organizations in the city but the top employers include the University of Arizona, Raytheon Co., Intuit, and Dun & Bradstreet.

Is Tucson, Arizona a Good Place to Buy a House?

Living in Arizona is an amazing experience and Tucson is one of your best options regardless of whether you are an expat or a local. The costs of mortgage and insurance are fair and there are lots of nice neighborhoods.

If you would like to be an entrepreneur, the city is right for you. Its policies are favorable for small business owners and you will have easy access to some of the biggest cities in the universities including Phoenix.

You will always be able to access fresh produce. The city is close to Mexico, California and Yuma County which are known to produce large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. The local grocery shops stock fresh produce at very affordable prices.

Tucson is free of natural disasters. Compared to other parts of the United States. Disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods are very rare.

Tucson provides you with a unique kind of beauty. It may not have much grass and greenery but the desert beauty is also something to enjoy. If you look into the clear skies at night, the view of stars is perfect.

One of the best neighborhoods is Broadmoor-Broadway. The neighborhood gives you a suburban feel and the cost of houses is fair. It is a popular home for both retirees and young professionals. You will have easy access to lots of coffee shops, cafes, and public schools. The neighborhood is family-friendly and most of the residents own their homes.

Some of the least pleasant neighborhoods include; Balboa Heights and Myers.

The average price of buying one-bedroom properties is $65, 000 and that of three-bedroom properties is about $120, 000. Five-bedroom properties cost an average of $230, 000.

The cost of renting one-bedroom properties is $550. Renting three-bedroom properties costs $1200 and five bedroom properties cost an average of $2200.

Is Tucson, Arizona a Good Place to Retire?

Tucson is a great city to retire. The population is diverse and there are plenty of favorable neighborhoods. Old Fort Lowell is one of the best neighborhoods to retire. You can buy a home here without going in credit. It is close to lots of amenities including cafes, restaurants, and parks. Myers is one of the least pleasant neighborhoods for retirement.

Downtown Tucson is special. If you would like to retire in a city with a unique downtown, it is the right choice. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture, amazing cuisine, and biking options.

The average cost of buying one bedroom properties is $65, 000 while that of three-bedroom properties is $120, 000. Five-bedroom properties cost an average of $230, 000.

The cost of renting one-bedroom properties is about $550. Three-bedroom properties cost $ 1200 and the price of renting five-bedroom properties is $2200.

Is Tucson Arizona a Good Place to Visit?

Tucson is a great place to visit as there are lots of attractions and majestic landmarks. Kartchner Caverns State Park is one of the city’s main attractions. You will enjoy interactive displays, guided cave tours, and an amazing gift shop.

Other interesting places to visit in the city include; Main Gate Square District, Sonoran Glass House, and Cave Creek Canyon Recreational Area. The landmarks include; Jewish History Museum and The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Cost of Living in Tucson Arizona?The cost of living in the city of Tucson is lower than the national average. Housing is the biggest contribution to the cost of living. The costs of groceries, housing, and healthcare are lower than the national average.

Is Tucson a Good Place to Invest in Property?

Tucson is a great place to invest in property as the real estate market is booming. According to experts, the positive trend will continue to go up. The real estate market in Tucson has been slowly growing over the years. The population growth in the area is on a steady growth so the demand for property is on a high. The strong job market attracts young professionals to the city.

Is Tucson a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Tucson is an excellent place to raise a family. The rates of insecurity are low and there are many family-friendly neighborhoods. There are lots of schools for all levels of education and easy access to shopping centers and health facilities.

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