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Is Denver a Good Place to Live?

    Denver is the largest city in Colorado and it has a lot to offer. You may wish to move to the city because of its pleasant population, beautiful mountain views, or the fact that cannabis is legal. Denver may be a good place to live depending on your needs.

    Is Denver a good place to live? it is. The weather is pleasant, the population is friendly, and it has all the offerings of a big city without its inconveniences. The housing market has improved significantly and the cost of living is fair.

    Do you plan on moving to Denver for work, school, or retirement? You may be wondering if Denver is the right choice for you. Keep reading to find out more. The article explains some of the best neighbourhoods, the biggest employers, and the best places to live.

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    The natural beauty of Denver makes it a popular city for many. However, it has so much more to offer. The city has 300 days of sun, lots of green spaces, and friendly people. The city is relatively fast-paced but it has a relaxed vibe. There are lots of pleasant neighbourhoods and they all have something unique to offer.

    The Highlands is one of the most desirable places to live. It has plenty of boutique shops, restaurants, and bars. The diverse community has something for everyone. It has gone through lots of redevelopment over the past few years. The neighbourhood is located between Speer and I-25.

    Its population is mostly made up of young people. The cost of housing is fair and there are lots of options for family entertainment. The average cost of an apartment rental is $2,023.

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    Capitol Hill is another amazing neighbourhood. Even though it is slightly rough around the edges, there are lots of affordable houses.

    The average cost of an apartment is $1,519. The neighbourhood is south of the 16th St. Mall. The central part of the neighbourhood is the best. It is secure, family-friendly, and there are lots of good apartments.

    Aurora is on the east side of Denver. It is just 20 minutes east of Downtown. It offers you all the conveniences of living in a suburb and is great for families. Aurora is one of the most affordable suburbs in Denver.

    Harvey Park is a neighborhood in Southwest Denver. The average home price is $400, 000.

    The neighbourhood is bordered by Lowell, South Sheridan, and Hampden. It is known for its interesting architecture and quiet streets.

    Like all cities, Denver has a few bad neighbourhoods. Some of the worst neighbourhoods in Denver are; Cole, Five Points, and East and West Colfax.

    They may have fewer job opportunities than other neighborhoods, low home values, high estimated crime rates, and a low median income.

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    Denver is generally safe and most neighbourhoods are safe. The sex assault rate is 0.2 per 1000 residents.

    The property crime rate is 5.9 per 1,000 crimes and the rate of domestic violence is 0.5 per 1000 residents.

    The city’s public school system is Denver Public Schools. The system serves about 92,000 students.

    There are 19 charter schools, 92 elementary schools, 44 high schools, and 34 middle schools.

    There are many opportunities for higher learning in Denver.

    The major institutions of higher learning are; The University of Colorado Denver, Community College of Denver, and the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

    Getting around Denver is easy. According to a 2017 ranking by Walk Score, Denver ranks 26th among 108 cities in terms of walkability. There are lots of sidewalks for pedestrians.

    The interstate freeways I-25 and I-70 serve the city. It is also served by; Interstate 70, Interstate 225, Interstate 76, Interstate 270, US 285, US 6, US 36, US 85, AND State Highway 470.

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    Denver is a great place to work. Employees in the city enjoy an amazing work/life balance. Most companies encourage their employees to strike a balance between their work and personal life.

    Many of them have unique benefits such as flexible work schedules and being able to work from home.

    Denver’s economy is diverse. It no longer relies only on the gas and oil market.

    It is, therefore, easy to find employment in industries such as; food and beverage, education, aviation, transportation, and telecommunication.

    The average salary in Denver is $69k. The average salary of a software engineer is $79k.

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    An operations manager earns an average of $67k and a project manager earns an average of $75k. Other popular job titles are; account manager, mechanical engineer, and marketing manager.

    The cost of living in Denver is 12% higher than the United States average.

    The most popular employers in the city are; DaVita Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp, Comcast Cable, and Dish Network Corporation.

    The average salary in Lockheed Martin Corp ranges between $55k and $133k. Employees of Comcast Cable Inc. earn an average of $52k-132k, and DaVita Inc. employees earn $52k-$130k.

    Denver is not only the state capital but also Colorado’s biggest city. The metropolitan area has over 2.8 million people.

    It is ideal for businesses.

    The gross metropolitan of Denver Metropolitan statistical area was $157.6 billion in 2010. It was the 18th biggest metro economy in the United States. The geographical position of Denver plays a big role in its economy. It is strategically placed close to many large cities.

    Its position has made it the ideal location for storage. Its rich transportation network makes it great for distribution.

    Denver has enjoyed lots of success as one of the pioneers of the fast-casual restaurant industry. It is home to many national chain restaurants.

    In 2015, Forbes ranked Denver number one in its list of Best Places for Business and Career.

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    Denver is a good place to buy a house. It is a great city for investing in real estate.

    Denver’s housing market has been consistent throughout the years. Even though it has its highs and lows, Denver is a great city for real estate investors.

    Some of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in Denver include; Chaffee Park, Holly Hills, Gateway-Green Valley Ranch, and Rosedale.


    Denver is a great place to retire. Colorado is one of the best places to retire in the United States.

    Many retirees are choosing the relaxed lifestyle of Denver. The people are friendly and there are lots of friendly neighborhoods.

    The cost of living in Denver is relatively low. Even though it is similar to the big towns, Denver’s cost of living is adaptable.

    Even though the cost of health care is over 17% higher than the national average, it is accessible.

    Some of the best neighborhoods to retire in Denver include; Cherry Creek, Lodo, Golden Triangle, and Washington Park.

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    Denver is a good place to visit because there will always be something fun to do. It is a great place, especially for outdoor lovers.

    If you enjoy the mountains, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a great option. The city has a variety of restaurants, museums, galleries, and zoos.

    Denver Zoo is one of the city’s main attractions. The zoo is modeled after a reserve in Kenya and is home to over 4,000 animals.

    Some animals in Denver Zoo include; black rhinos, tigers, and orangutans. The zoo sits on 60 acres and their nursery is home to lots of baby animals.

    The members of staff will give you educational lectures throughout your tour. It is a fun family entertainment option.

    If you are a football fan, you will enjoy visiting the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Spend time on the stadium that holds over 76,000 NFL fans.

    It is a lot more than just a stadium. The 1948-built stadium has plenty of public art displays.

    Visiting Denver does not need to be expensive. There are lots of budget-friendly accommodation options.

    The costs of entertainment, food, and transportation, are fair. On average, a vacation to the city may cost about $1,179 per week.

    The city has an interesting cuisine. Visitors will enjoy visiting the Larimer Square. It is the city’s oldest commercial block.

    Larimer Square is an attractive dining and shopping center. There are plenty of restaurants and refurbished Victorian buildings.

    Denver is an amazing city. It is a good place to live regardless of your age, occupation, or entertainment preferences.

    It has lots of attractions, employment opportunities, and schools. So, for any expat planning to live, work or go to study, then Denver will be a great place to start. With all these, then deciding on the right place to live, then consider Denver.