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Is Houston a Good Place to Live?

    Moving to a new place is always a challenge. If you are thinking of moving to Houston, you may have questions about what to expect from the city. It is a normal part of the process for most people. The article may help you determine if Houston is a good place to live.

    Is Houston a good place to live? Yes, it is… There are plenty of tourist attractions and job opportunities. The city has a lot to offer for both retirees and millennials. The cost of living is more reasonable than other big metropolitans, and there are lots of business opportunities.

    Are you moving to Houston for school, work, or retirement? The city has a lot to offer. You should, therefore, take time to learn about it and what to expect.

    In this article, you can learn about some of the best employers, average salaries, and the best neighborhoods to live.

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    With Texas being one of the most moved to states in the United States, hundreds of new people move to Houston every day.

    Many movers are moving to the city without really knowing what to expect.

    There are lots of safe neighbourhoods in the city. The Heights is one of the best neighbourhoods in the city. It is in the Inner Loop and is a great place for young people.

    There are lots of eclectic bars and entertainment options.

    River Oaks is another great neighborhood. It is a popular choice for both ex-pats and locals.

    The high-end neighborhood has lots of big mansions and is close to shopping centers.

    Katy is a small suburb that is home to about 16,000 people. It has become popular because of the fair cost of housing, security, and proximity to many employers.

    Some of the worst places to live in Houston are; Galena Park, Baytown, Humble, and Arcola.

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    If you plan on moving to Houston to pursue education, you have plenty of options depending on the neighborhood you choose.

    The Houston Independent School District is the biggest in Texas.

    Primary education is limited to schools in the Houston area but you can enjoy secondary education from universities all through the state.

    Living in Houston, you can go to top-rated universities including; The University of Houston, University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech University.

    Houston is automobile-dependent. Over 77% of commuters drive alone while 11.4% carpool to work.

    About 3.6% of the population uses public transportation.

    Public transportation is provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO). The most common forms of public transportation are bus, HOV lanes, and light rail.

    The Houston Airport System is in charge of the operation of major public airports in Houston.

    William P. Hobby Airport, Ellington Airport, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport are the city’s major public airports.

    Most Houston neighbourhoods are relatively safe. However, the city’s crime rate is 95% higher than the United States average.

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    You have a one in 20 chance of being a victim of a crime.

    Every day, there are 13.8 crimes for every 100,000 people. The crime rate IN Houston is 81% higher than in Texas.

    Another great thing about Houston is its cuisine. It has a lot more to offer than the famous Texas barbeque. If you are a foodie, Houston is a paradise.

    Its diverse population means that the cuisine is equally diverse.

    There are lots of restaurants and you can find something for all appetites. There are lots of breweries and coffee shops as well.

    According to the 2010 census, Houston has 2,100,263 people. There are people of all ages, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds.

    In 2018, there were 848, 340 households and 976, 745 housing units. 42.9% of the population owns housing units with about 2.67 people per household.


    Houston is a great place to work. There are opportunities for employment and a big market for business people.

    The fast-growing job market has attracted many people to the city over the past few years. Plenty of big businesses have come to the city because of the loose zoning laws.

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    The city is home to the world’s biggest medical center. The Med Center attracts graduates from all over the world.

    The entrepreneurial atmosphere in Houston is fostered by the influx of young talent. There is a big labor force and market for business people.

    Some of the top industries in Houston include; manufacturing, energy. Aviation and aerospace, medical, and distribution.

    The average salary in Houston is $70k. Some of the biggest employers in Houston include; Schlumberger, National Oilwell Varco, Baker Hughes Inc., and ExxonMobil Corporation.

    The average salary in National Oilwell Varco is $50-$11k. In Schlumberger, the average salary is $62-$140k, and in ExxonMobil Corporation, it is $68-$189k.

    Houston is widely recognized for its energy industry especially natural gas and oil. They have a significant contribution to the economy.

    The city is also getting lots of revenue from renewable energy sources.

    The most popular job positions are; financial analyst, project engineer, operations manager, office manager, mechanical engineer, and executive assistant. The average salary of a financial analyst is $66k.

    A project engineer earns an average of $81k, an executive assistant earns $57k, and an office manager earns about $50k.

    In 2013, the United States Bureau of Statistics named Houston the number one city for job creation in the country.

    After the economic downturn and crash, Houston was the first big city to regain all the lost jobs.

    The city created many more jobs. The success of the city was mostly attributed to the energy and real estate industries.

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    The cost of housing in Houston is great even though it fluctuates a lot. The prices differ depending on where you live.

    The cost of living is lower than in other cities with the same offerings. For example, the cost of living in Houston is 8% lower than in Chicago.

    According to the 2018 housing market forecast, lots of people who live in expensive cities will move to Houston.

    This is a result of the low mortgage rates and lower cost of investment properties. The Houston real estate scene attracts lots of offshore real estate investors.

    Housing is the top contributor to Houston’s cost of living. The median cost of a home is $185,500. The average rent of a studio apartment is $888 and the rent of a one-bedroom house is $992.

    The rent for three-bedroom apartments is about $1653. The cost of living is 96.5 which is lower than the national average.


    In 2018, Houston was ranked 26th out of 125 metros in its publication of 2018 Best Places to Live. It was ranked 12 out of 100 in the Best Places to Retire.

    Some of the best places to retire in Houston include; Nassau Bay, Meadows Place, Clear Lake Shores, Katy, and Piney Point Village. The cost of living is low and most neighborhoods are safe.

    The cultural scene is amazing and there are plenty of entertainment options for all ages. The city has lots of museums, parks, professional theaters, and grand opera.

    Houston is large and its population is diverse. You can fit in regardless of where you’re from.

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    Houston is an amazing place to visit. There are hundreds of things to do. There are lots of events for all ages. Some of the most popular attractions are; The Galleria, Museum District, and Theatre District.

    Attractions for kids include; Children’s Museum, Space Center Houston, Houston Zoo, and Downtown Aquarium.

    Outdoor lovers have a lot to enjoy. Hermann Park is one of the city’s major green spaces. It sits on 445 acres and there are lots of activities for family entertainment.

    Buffalo Bayou Park gives you the chance to get away from the Dandelion Fountain. The fountain is one of the most popular destinations in the city.

    Memorial Park is a popular attraction for tennis players and runners. It is a great place for families.

    If you are looking for a city with lots of shopping, cultural, and dining options, Houston is a great option. It is one of the largest cities in the U.S and it attracts visitors from all over the world.

    There is something fun to do regardless of when you visit. It is a good place to live, retire, buy a home, and work. Houston is a perfect place for any expat planning to work, live or even study in the United States. So, if you are looking for a great place, Houston should definitely be among the places to consider living in.