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Does It Snow In Texas? Surprising Snow In Texas.

    Texas is the second-largest state in the US and many people love visiting this state to enjoy the beautiful weather. When winter arrives, does it snow in Texas?

    Snow isn’t a sight that’s common in Texas, but there are certain regions of the state that usually get a snowfall every year. That being said, now in Texas is a very rare sighting so if you want to see it for yourself, you will have to travel to the right region.

    Do you want to know how often it snows in Texas? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss where it snows in Texas and when you can see it. Keep reading to learn more.

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    Does It Really Snow In Texas?

    When you think of the state of Texas, many things come to mind but snow likely isn’t one of them. Texas is known for ranches, barbecues, big hats, and beautiful weather. That is why most people are shocked to learn that it can snow in this state.

    In February 2021, a snowstorm hit Houston, TX that was called Winter Storm Urie. This storm impacted several areas in the US, Canada, and Mexico. While the city of Houston typically doesn’t get snow, that year it was covered. Not only was there a blanket of snow, but the winter storm conditions cause power outages and frozen pipes across the city.

    Houston, TX isn’t completely off-limits for snow. In 1960, the city received 4.4 inches of snow, which is quite a lot compared to the amount of snow Texas usually gets. However, Houston isn’t where it usually snows in Texas. If you want to find snow in this state, you will need to travel to one of the higher-altitude locations.

    Where Does It Snow in Texas?

    If you want to see snow during the winter months in Texas, you should travel west. Since the state of Texas is along the Gulf of Mexico, there are parts of the state that are sea level. Any land that is sea level won’t experience snow. However, if you were to travel west, the altitude will be higher. That is why it will snow in the west.

    When you’re on a mission to see Texas snow, these are some of the top locations to visit:

    • El Paso
    • Lubbock 
    • Amarillo
    • Wichita Falls
    • Guadalupe Mountains National Park
    • Big Bend National Park

    Does It Snow Anywhere Else in Texas?

    When it comes down to it, any location in Texas that is above sea level could get snow. There are many locations in Texas that don’t get snow on a yearly basis, but when a  bad storm occurs, they could get hit with snow. 

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    Dallas and Fort Worth don’t get snow every year, but when it comes to places in Texas where you can see snow, they do make the list. If you are planning to visit this area of Texas in January, February, or March, you could come across snow. For example, in 2010 there was a blizzard that covered Dallas with a foot of snow.

    That being said, you can’t predict snow in Dalla or Fort Worth. If you’re planning to travel to either of these areas in winter just to see snow, you may be disappointed. It’s very unpredictable, and there isn’t a set time of year that it snows in Dallas and Fort Worth. Some years, it won’t snow at all, while other years the city may get blanketed.

    How Cold Is Texas In The Winter?

    There is a cold season in Texas that usually starts toward the end of November and lasts through to the end of February. During these months, the average high temperature is usually 65 F (18 C), which isn’t cold enough for snow. January is the coldest month in Texas, with the average temperature during the day being between 36 F and 59 F (2 to 15 C).

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    However, during the night the temperature will drop to freezing. The average night time temperature in the State of Texas is 32 F (0 C). During a winter storm, the temperatures may get colder than that in certain parts of Texas. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state of Texas was in 1933 when it dropped to -23 F (-30.5 C).

    Average Temperature In Texas Each Month

    Let’s take a look at the average mean temperature throughout Texas in each month.

    January46 F
    February51 F
    March59 F
    April67 F
    May75 F
    June83 F
    July87 F
    August86 F
    September79 F
    October69 F
    November57 F
    December48 F

    Are There Ski Resorts In Texas?

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any ski resorts in Texas. If you want to have a weekend getaway skiing, you will need to travel to a different state. There are mountains in Texas that get snow, but not enough to make good skiing conditions. Typically, a mountain only receives enough snow for skiing if it is over 9,000 feet high. 

    The highest mountain top in Texas is Guadalupe Peak, which is 8,751 feet high. While it’s close to 9,000 feet, it’s not high enough to guarantee snow every winter season. 

    What Area Of Texas Gets The Most Snow?

    Amarillo, TX is in the western region of the state and is where the most snow falls each year. On an average year, this town will experience over 17 inches of snow. Amarillo also feels colder than other locations in Texas. Part of the reason why it’s so cold is that the strong wind combined with cold air increases the chill factor.

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    What’s unique about Amarillo getting the most snow in the state is that the location is only 3,671 feet above the ground. Even though Amarillo does seem the get the most winter-like weather in Texas, the weather isn’t unbearable. Residents can still enjoy many nice days throughout the winter season.

    All four seasons come through Amarillo, TX. Residents love the clean air in the city because the altitude allows a very good breeze to flow through. The humidity level in Amarillo is low too, which makes it feel a lot more comfortable during winter and summer.

    Where Does It Never Snow in Texas?

    While there are areas of Texas that rarely see a flake of snow, that can’t be guaranteed every year. Even some of the state’s warmest locations have seen the odd snowfall or ice buildup during certain winter seasons. However, if you do want to avoid snow, there are some locations in Texas worth considering.

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    Corpus Christi is listed as one of the top places to move to if you don’t want to deal with a winter storm every year. This town is known for having mild weather all year round. During the winter season, the temperature can range from 47 to 71 F. Even though the winters are mild in Corpus Christi, the area did receive a snowfall in 2004 and 2017.

    Other areas to consider in Texas that don’t receive a lot of snow are Austin and San Antonio. In both cities, snow on the ground is a very rare sight. Even though some winters will bring the occasional snow flurries, they don’t stay on the ground.

    Will Texas Have a White Christmas? 

    If you’re planning on visiting Texas for the holiday season, you’ll have to be prepared for a green Christmas. It’s very rare for there to be snow on the ground anywhere in the state on Christmas day. However, throughout history, there have been a few occasions where western parts of Texas have snow on Christmas day.

    Typically, the coldest month in Texas in January. It’s not common for snowstorms to pass through in December, even though the cold season has started. Most snowstorms that hit Texas will come in January or February.

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    Final Thoughts

    Does it snow in Texas? A lot of people are surprised to learn that it actually snows in certain regions throughout Texas. This comes as a shock because the state is known for warm weather year round. To be clear, snow is very rare in Texas. There are only certain locations where you’ll be able to see snow in this warm state.

    If you are from Texas and want to see snow, you will need to head west during winter. The western area of Texas has a higher altitude, which makes it colder than the rest of the state. That is why these areas are more likely to see a snowfall in the winter time. The most snow falls in Amarillo, TX each year. 

    While snow is very rare in other parts of Texas, it’s not unheard of. Anywhere in Texas can receive a snowfall in the winter, it just doesn’t happen every winter. A lot of locations in Texas will receive snow flurries, but the ground is too warm so the snow won’t stay once it lands. Even places like Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth are known to experience snowfalls in winter.