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Does It Snow In Georgia? Average Monthly Snowfall In Georgia.

    When you consider where to go in the United States in the winter, Georgia isn’t likely the first state to come to mind. You likely know that Georgia sees some hot summers, but does it snow in Georgia when winter comes around?

    Georgia is a state that does experience snowfall throughout the winter months. Some areas will see more than others; as expected, if you go farther north in Georgia, you’re more likely to see more snow. It’s not likely you’ll experience blankets of snow on the streets every winter, but the sunny state isn’t immune to some of it. 

    If you like a little bit of snow and cold yet tolerable temperatures, Georgia can actually make for the perfect place to visit in the winter. Despite this, tourism tends to be fairly minimal in this gorgeous state even though there is still so much to do and see. 

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    Does It Snow In Georgia?

    It does snow in Georgia, typically every year, but the amount of snow Georgia will see during an average winter can fluctuate. The northern regions of the state, especially the mountainous regions, can experience many inches of snow in the winter, though the exact amount is relatively dependent on circumstances. 

    These mountain-filled areas in Georgia tend to have snow starting in November to April, making them great destinations to go for some fun in the snow. When you get farther south in Georgia during the winter, you will likely not see any snow throughout the entire season. Snow tends to get very scattered throughout the state, and the amount of snow that falls can change from year to year. 

    Overall, Georgia has a subtropical climate with higher humidity based on where it’s situated. Bouts of rainfall will help to break up some of that humidity from time to time. Georgia has, but doesn’t usually, experience snowstorms, as they are more likely to see cyclones and tornadoes. 

    Even though there are a plethora of mountains in Georgia, none of them have been equipped to handle popular winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. As such, it’s not the place to travel to if you’re looking for winter sports outside of sledding, but rather if you’d like to continue to sightsee and stay active outdoors without freezing or trudging through snow. 

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    How Much Snow Does Georgia Get?

    The amount of snowfall to be expected in Georgia will depend on where you are. In Atlanta, for example, you’re not likely to see more than three inches of snow. The city of Athens, which isn’t far from Atlanta, tends to get much colder and sees more frequent snowfalls as a result. 

    Overall, Georgia doesn’t get as much snow as some other states, as the winters don’t tend to be very long. They often don’t start experiencing a drop in temperature or snowfall until December, and once March comes around, it tends to stop. Summer is usually the longest season in terms of weather events. 

    If you were to look at the cumulative average amount of snow that falls each year in the state, including cities where it rarely snows and cities where it snows a lot, Georgia only gets an average of one inch of snow per year. When comparing that to the national average of 28 inches, Georgia doesn’t get a lot of snow. 

    Popular Snowy Destinations In Georgia

    Stone Mountain is considered one of the best places you can be in Georgia during the winter, especially during the holiday season. This area tends to get more snow than much of Georgia, so there are opportunities to engage in some sledding or snow tubing. Stone Mountain also puts on some fantastic holiday events around Christmas that tend to last until February. 

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    Blairsville, Georgia is one destination to add to your itinerary to see snow in Georgia. It’s a quaint town, but it gets cold during the winter. On average, Blairsville will get snowfall up to six inches. Strolling around the city and nearby nature-filled areas offer some of the most breathtaking views you’ll find throughout Georgia. 

    Pine Mountain, while not getting blankets and blankets of snow, is a popular winter destination for those who like to spend the chilly season outdoors. There are ample hiking trails to walk along, many of which offer scenic discovery of the Appalachian Mountains. 

    There are some cities in Georgia that tend to get at least some snow, with others barely seeing over a few inches throughout the entire year. The ever-popular Atlanta, for example, is one such city that tends to see snow just a couple of days per year. 

    When Does Snow Start In Georgia?

    Snow can start as early as September in those mountainous regions of Georgia, It’s more likely to wait until October or November for these areas up north, but one thing about Georgia snow is it’s somewhat unpredictable. As you travel farther south in the state, you’re likely going to wait until December to see some snow, if you see it at all. 

    Once January comes along, more snow tends to fall than throughout December and February, as this is typically the month when temperatures drop the lowest. It’s not unheard of for temperatures to drop below freezing in January. 

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    What Is Spring Like In Georgia?

    Georgia gets a beautiful amount of sunshine for most of the year, including in spring. The weather can vary a bit year to year, but overall, Spring in Georgia is very tolerable, with mild temperatures and somewhat clear skies. April and May are two months that tend to be the most enjoyable in Georgia. Once June rolls around, temperatures start to climb. 

    It doesn’t tend to rain very much during a Georgia spring like it does in some other areas. Temperatures remain on the cooler side compared to other seasons in the state. There is a little bit of humidity present in the air, especially as summer rolls around. 

    What Is Summer Like In Georgia?

    Summer days tend to be full of bright sunshine, with July tending to be the hottest month. Temperatures can get quite high in Georgia from July into August, with nights getting a little bit more tolerable. On some of the hottest days in this state, temperatures can go as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    It also doesn’t rain much in summer, just like in spring. Summer is also a popular month in terms of tourism in Georgia, as the temperature rises but not to an uncomfortable level. Compared to many other states, summers in Georgia can be very long, sometimes starting earlier and ending later than they should based on the month. 

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    What Is Fall Like In Georgia?

    Fall in Georgia is absolutely beautiful, but don’t be surprised if you see some rainfall. September tends to be the most comfortable month in terms of temperature and weather conditions. Once October rolls around, rainy days tend to be few and far between. 

    There is still a little bit of humidity in the air, but some mild wind and lower temperatures make any semblance of humidity much more tolerable. You’re not likely to see much snow start towards the end of fall, but it’s not uncommon in some northern parts of Georgia for snow to start a little bit early. 

    What Is Winter Like In Georgia?

    The months of December and January are when you’re more likely to see consistent snow falling in Georgia. Once February and March rolls around, snow is less common. There may be the occasional snowfall, but it’s likely to be minimal and will turn into slush pretty quickly. 

    Winters do not get especially frigid in Georgia, even when it does snow. You’re likely to see temperatures fall to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and they typically don’t get lower than that. It’s also not uncommon to see freezing rain throughout the year, especially in those northern areas of the state. 

    One of the best ways to describe a Georgia winter is mostly comfortable. Temperatures don’t tend to get extremely cold, though some evenings can get pretty crisp. Looking at average temperatures throughout winter, you can expect daytime lows to reach around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. 

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    Lows in the evening have been known to get down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or -6 degrees Celsius, but usually they stick to around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or -1 to 4 degrees Celsius. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Winters are a fabulous season to spend outdoors in Georgia, as you’ll likely only need a light jacket or sweater, depending on how you tolerate the cold. Given the amount of natural scenery, parks, and mountains in Georgia, there are endless opportunities to hike, sightsee, and take in some fresh air. 

    So does it snow in Georgia? It does, but you’ll rarely ever encounter a snowstorm in Georgia like you would in other states. If you’re someone who likes a little bit of snow so you still have the ability to sightsee and enjoy time outdoors, Georgia is the perfect place to travel to in the winter.