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Does It Snow In Florida? And What To Do When It Does.

    Florida has long been the state for people to escape harsh winters in, with many even purchasing homes in the state for the perfect winter getaway. As such, it’s unlikely anyone would ever ask does it snow in Florida, but is it possible for this sunny state to see any snow at all?

    It’s not common to see snow in Florida, even in the northern regions of the state. That’s not to say it never snows; it’s just a rare thing to see. It’s more likely that northern Florida sees some frost and freezing temperatures with the occasional light dusting of snow. 

    Suffice it to say, Florida is not the state to visit during the winter if you are hoping to play in big piles of snow or enjoy some outdoor winter sports.

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    Does It Snow In Florida?

    It does snow in Florida, but it’s not guaranteed that snow will fall in the state every year. When the state does experience a rare snowfall, it’s often concentrated throughout the northern cities of the state as opposed to the south. Temperatures tend to stay pretty mild comparatively, even in winter, though some parts of Florida will see freezing temperatures during the winter months. 

    When it does snow, there usually isn’t enough of an accumulation to stick to the ground for very long. Snow can end up melting as soon as it starts to fall onto a surface. Since it can get cold in some pockets of Florida, layers of frost tend to form around the state during winter. Flurries tend to be fairly light, and they don’t usually fall for long. 

    Central and southern Florida almost never see snow, though it has happened very sporadically in Florida’s history. When it has happened, snowfall has been very minimal, not even coming close to an inch. 

    Where Does It Snow In Florida?

    There are some well-known areas of Florida that may see a day or two of snow every year. The capital of Florida, Tallahassee, may get a day or two of snow either in January or February when temperatures drop low. 

    Jacksonville, another popular city in the state, might see a day or two of snow in December. The city of Jacksonville has also seen one of the biggest reported snowfalls to ever occur in Florida, and even that only amounted to just under two inches. 

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    Crestview is a city in northern Florida that is more likely to see snow than others due to its high elevation levels. That said, snow will usually only fall a few days a year if temperatures get low enough. The small city of Niceville might get one or two days of snow per year as well. 

    Some areas of Florida have never seen snow at all. There was one famous case in the 1970s when snow fell in the areas of Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, but some suspect the substance falling from the sky was actually rime, which is a type of ice that forms as water falls and freezes. 

    Winter Sports In Florida

    Believe it or not, you can participate in winter fun such as skiing and snowboarding in Florida; just not outside. There is not nearly enough natural snow in any part of Florida for these activities, so indoor winter ski resorts have been built throughout the state. 

    One such area in Florida to enjoy an indoor ski resort is in Orlando, where you can find the Winter Club Ski Resort. The slopes are not elaborate, and are suitable for those without a lot of experience either skiing or snowboarding. The famous Magic Kingdom will also drop fake snow from the sky during the holiday season. 

    Snowcat Ridge in Dade City, Florida also offers a way to enjoy “snow” in Florida. This is a theme park of sorts, with artificial snow of high quality; it even gets cold. There are fun things for kids to do, such as have snowball fights and explore an igloo, or they can enjoy various snow sports with their adult companions. 

    What Is Winter Like In Florida?

    The winter season starts in December throughout Florida, and the change can be felt in the air. Temperatures tend to drop, but not to the point where it becomes uncomfortably cold. When you head up to northern Florida, you might see occasional snowfall, frost, and temperatures below freezing. You’re not likely to need anything more than a sweater or thin jacket on most Floridian winter days. 

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    Floridians living higher up in the state are more likely to see snow in January, though only a small amount of snow may fall once or twice a month. It also gets colder throughout the state during this month. It’s not likely that any part of the state will see snow in February, though frost, fog, and cold winds are still common before spring arrives. 

    Throughout most of Florida, you’re likely to see temperatures fall somewhere between the seventies and the forties. In Northern Florida, temperatures can even drop into the tens and twenties, but typically don’t get much lower than that. Cold spells don’t often last multiple days either. 

    What Is Spring Like In Florida?

    Spring is a short season in Florida, just like winter and fall. A typical spring will start in March, lasting throughout the month of April and some of May. In spring, temperatures are pretty mild, and the air is typically quite dry. Rain does occur, but not on a frequent basis. 

    It tends not to get too hot in the spring, making it an easier season for those who aren’t used to the heat yet. Temperatures do become a little chillier at nighttime, but it’s nothing a light sweater or blanket can’t fix. 

    What Is Summer Like In Florida?

    For those that don’t live in Florida, summer seems to last forever. However, the actual summer season in Florida typically starts in May or June and ends in October. One can expect temperatures to get the hottest in July. 

    The heat is also often accompanied by humidity, which can get uncomfortable when the heat is very strong. Rain and thunderstorms are a common sight throughout this season, which helps to break up the humidity temporarily. It’s also not unlikely that you’ll see some wind in the summer, especially on a stormy day. 

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    August and September tend to see a lot of rain, and during these months until the end of summer, Florida is often at risk for either hurricanes or tropical storms. Once October rolls around, conditions tend to get much dryer until the end of next year’s spring. 

    While in the winter, weather can vary throughout the state, summer temperatures are generally the same across the state during the summer. Once the sun drops, the temperature will usually drop slightly as well, but it by no means gets cold at night. 

    What Is Fall Like In Florida?

    Fall is very, very short in Florida, and doesn’t look much different than the rest of the year depending on where you are in the state. Some even suggest that Florida doesn’t experience fall whatsoever. 

    November tends to be the only month to experience a semblance of fall-like conditions, as summer tends to last quite long and winters usually begin in December. The temperatures are still warm and comfortable, and it’s not likely that rain or fog disturbs the day as much as it does in the summer. 

    The Florida Climate 

    Florida experiences subtropical to tropical conditions throughout the year, so it doesn’t get very cold throughout the majority of the state when winter comes. The state is also located on a peninsula that has water around each border. As such, areas along the Florida coasts tend to stay fairly warm throughout the entire year. 

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    Florida enjoys moderately warm to hot temperatures throughout some very long summers, with warm and mild temperatures sticking around once summer is over. Many areas of Florida are at low elevations, and the state itself is located close to the equator. 

    There are technically four seasons that occur in Florida, though each season is not as long compared to what many other states experience. As to be expected, summer is the longest season, typically lasting for at least six months of the year officially. 

    Final Thoughts 

    The answer to – does it snow in Florida – is not one that often surprises many. This is why so many will travel to Florida and stay there all winter to avoid the snow and the cold. Not all the fun of winter is lost in Florida, as there are ways to enjoy a little bit of snow, even if it is artificial. 

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    The climate of Florida is also highly desirable because even when it gets hot, the heat isn’t often unbearable. Since there is so much water in and around the state, all that’s needed on a hot day is a quick dip in the sea or a pool; just be sure there are no signs of alligators before getting into any water.