Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Live?

Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Live?

Do you plan on moving to Weston Super Mare? This article will help you decide whether it is the right place for you. I have moved a lot so I understand the importance of finding a place that meets your requirements.

Is Weston Super Mare a good place to live? It all depends on what you need. The seaside town has a lot to offer. It has a beautiful beach and there are dozens of entertainment venues where you can enjoy music, comedy, and more. Buying a home is simple and affordable. There are plenty of entertainment options and attractions.

  • Are you moving to UK for business, school or just to have some fun
  • What are the most favourable neighbourhoods?
  • Is it a secure town, and is it a good place to retire?

Read on to find out more. This article will help you know what to expect when living in Weston Super Mare.

Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Live?

Weston Super Mare is a great place to live. One of the most amazing things about Weston Super Mare is the cuisine. There is a wide variety of cafes and restaurants so you can always find something to satisfy your appetite. The most popular foods are fish and chips.

There are plenty of pubs and family-friendly restaurants. The beautiful tea rooms serve delicious drinks, cakes, ice cream, and snacks. Weston Super Mare has something even for even the pickiest eater.

Weston Super Mare neighbourhoods are impressive and the population is generally diverse. The area on the Hillside at the Birnbeck Pier at the end of the shore is one of the best neighbourhoods. The cost of buying a home is fair, the view is stunning, and it is appropriate for families. Achilles Paths is one of the bad neighbourhoods in Weston Super Mare.

The holiday town is a favourite for tourists. There are plenty of places to hang out at the seafront. There is no shortage of amusement arcades and the pier is a favourite for many. The people are pleasant and you will always have something fun to do regardless of your age.

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It is a great town for families because there are plenty of schools for all levels of education. Some of them include; St. Georges Church School, Christchurch Primary School, Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, and North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College.

Weston Super Mare is a pretty secure town with anti-social behaviour being the most common crime.

You can move around the town on a bus. The local bus services are provided by First West of England. Town services are to Wells, Sand Bay, and Burnham-on Sea. Even though there is no bus station, there are plenty of bus services.

Weston Super Mare is close to the Bristol Airport which is only 15 miles away. Bristol Airport operates the UK, Ireland, and international routes. Destinations in the UK and Ireland include; Jersey, Glasgow, Dublin, and the Isle of Man.

The town centre is only a few minutes away from the main railway station. You can find a taxi at the station. The Great Western Railways trains have regular services connecting Weston Super Mare to other areas such as Plymouth, Reading, and London Paddington.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in Weston Super Mare. The festivals, events, parks, and attractions all give you an opportunity to meet new people.

Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Work?

This seaside resort attracts tourists from all over the country. The biggest employers in the town are Weston College and the local council. Other leading employers include; Britannia Hotels and the North Somerset Council. The tourist destination has beautiful scenery and long sandy beaches which make it a great option for tourist-related businesses.

The average salary in the town is £28,323. Finding a job in Weston is easy. There are about 743 live job ads in the town out of the 1,019,702 jobs advertised nationally.

The most popular job titles are service manager, engineer, business manager, and mechanic. The average salary for a service manager is £34, 326 while that of an engineer is £33, 893. The job market is great and the rate of unemployment continues to decline.

The cost of living in Weston Super Mare is moderate. The average cost of a meal in an inexpensive hotel is £20.00 and the monthly pass for a regular ticket is about £50.00. The average salary is consistent with the cost of living.

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Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Buy a House?

The town may be little but it has some amazing houses. It has unique Edwardian and Victorian houses, villas, terraces, and everything you may be looking for in a house. The views of the sea are picturesque and the house prices are fair.

If you enjoy living in a place with lots of activity, you should consider moving to Weston Super Mare. There are plenty of food festivals where you can enjoy the local produce. The local producer’s market on High Street is on the second Saturday of every month.

The cost of buying large or detached town houses is £350,000 to £1m. Smaller townhouses may cost £225,000 to £350,000 and semi-detached properties may cost £150,000 to £500,000.

The average cost of buying one bedroom flat is £ 150, 000 and that of a three-bedroom property is £250, 000. A five bedroom property costs an average of £550, 000.

The average cost of renting one bedroom property is £500 PCM and that of renting a three-bedroom property is £900 PCM. Renting a five bedroom property costs an average of £1500 PCM.

Uphill is one of the best neighbourhoods in Weston. It is at the Southern end of the beach. It is the perfect place for those who are trying to escape the stress of the town’s life. The sands look a lot like those at Brean beach which is on the other side.

The area around Uphill is attractive for those who enjoy the sea. The housing costs are fair and there are plenty of detached and semi-detached properties. The neighbourhood has a diverse population so it is easy to fit in. Elborough is one of the less pleasant neighbourhoods.

Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Retire?

The communities in Weston Super Mare are small and the people are pleasant. It is a great place for retirement because of its relaxing atmosphere and variety of activities all year round. The climate is warm and temperate with plenty of rainfall at all times of the year. There are plenty of quiet neighbourhoods and green spaces. Weston Super Mare gives you a balance of city life and country life.

The cost of buying or renting a home is fair so you can always find a home that is within your budget limits. Renting a one bedroom property costs an average of £500 CM and renting a three bedroom property costs an average of £900 PCM. The cost of renting a five bedroom property may be £1500 PCM.

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Buying a one bedroom property costs an average of £ 150, 000 and a three bedroom property costs an average of £250, 000. The average cost of buying a five bedroom property is £550, 000.

Beach Road is one of the best neighbourhoods in Weston Super Mare. There are plenty of retirement homes and it is in close proximity to health facilities, shopping centres, and dining areas. Beach Lawns Residential and Nursing Home is one of the nearby health facilities. It is an urban area so the population is diverse. Consider staying away from Achilles Path and Elborough which are less pleasant for retirees.

Is Weston Super Mare a Good Place to Visit?

Weston Super Mare is a great place to visit since there are plenty of fun activities. They make it a great place to visit when moving to UK. Weston Sand Sculpture Festival is one of the town’s top attractions. See the gorgeous sand sculptures with your family. The sculptures take a lot of time, patience and precision to make and the artists do a great job. Each one of the sculptures tells a different story.

Weston Museum is a museum that celebrates the history of Weston Super Mare and its surroundings. It is a great place to have fun while learning and is appropriate for all members of the family. The town council maintains the museum to preserve its cultural facility and arts.

Weston Super Mare Beach is another top attraction. Spend a beach holiday there and get close to beautiful tourist spots like Wookey and Glastonbury. The beach is always clean and it is convenient for all members of the family. The lovely beach is especially beautiful during a high spring tide.

You will always have something fun to do in Weston Super Mare regardless of whether you are going out alone or with family. And Port, Sand Bay, Puxton Park, and Brean Down are some of the top landmarks. When deciding which place you should move to, Weston Super Mare should be on your list – it’s just the perfect place!

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