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Is Tamworth a good Place to Live?

    At a glance, Tamworth, UK depicts a picture of mid-England respectability with its enchanting castle, church and the statue of Sir Robert Peel. The town is clean, well-maintained and looks awesome during summer months with all the beautiful flowers. For those moving to Tamworth, this is a lovely place to live and raise a family.

    Is Tamworth a good place to live? Tamworth, UK is an affluent town in a great location. It has a rural appeal with plenty of big city benefits. There are several schools, plenty of employment opportunities and the home prices are relatively affordable.

    Whether you are moving to Tamworth because of a job opening or are just thinking of moving to UK, you have come to this blog page because you are looking for more information about Tamworth.

    • Does the town have neighbourhoods?
    • Are the schools great?
    • Is the transport system reliable?

    Read on to know more.

    Is Tamworth a good place to Live?

    Though it does not have many nice areas like Lichfield, Tamworth is well worth considering for those moving to UK soon. The crime rate in Tamworth is lower than mean crime rate for the Staffordshire force area.

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    Some of the best neighbourhoods in this town are: Whateley, Bolehall, Kettlebrook, Two Gates, Dordon, Stonydelph and Fazeley. Similar to any other UK towns, Tamworth also has some unsafe areas. These areas are in South Tamworth near Robert Street, and west of the railway line.

    The schools in Tamworth are generally good. Top primary schools with respect to Ofsted ratings are Glascote Academy, Greysbrooke Primary School, Mary Howard CofE (VC) Primary School, St. Andrew’s CofE (C) Primary School, Thomas Barnes Primary School and Two Rivers Primary School. Top secondary schools are Two Rivers High School, Kingsbury School, The Polesworth School and The Rawlett School.

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    For those who are searching for a comfortable commuter city to live in, Tamworth, UK ticks all the boxes. The main road in this town is the A5 bypass. The M42 runs to the east of this town and the residents are served by junction ten. There’s also the Egg Roundabout, which is a magic roundabout that forms the junction of A51, A453 and A513 roads and terminates B5000.

    Other than road, residents also travel via rail. The Tamworth railway station is based on Victoria Road and it functions as an interchange between West Coast Mainline and Cross Country Route. A smaller railway station known as Wilnecote railway station is on the Cross Country Route and it serves Wilnecote and Two Gates suburbs. There are also some nearby airports namely Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport.

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    Social life in Tamworth is relatively lively. There are numerous green places, cinemas and bowling alleys in different parts of the town. The town centre itself has independent shops, family restaurants and small cafes.

    Is Tamworth a good place to Work?

    Tamworth enjoys high employment levels and there are several excellent employers in the town. Most people working in this town are engaged by the engineering, logistics, paper manufacture, IT, clothing and construction industries.

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    The biggest employers in this town are Crest Nicholson, PHS Group and Tutor Hunt. Highest paying job titles in Tamworth are: Partner, Operations Manager, Relationship Manager, Analyst, Software Developer, Mechanic, Teacher, Electrical Engineer, Waiter and Engineer.

    Average gross salaries in the Staffordshire area are generally lower than the national average. £28,600 is the average gross salary for someone working in Tamworth, which is below the national average of £36,600.

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    There are plenty of entry-level positions for those who are starting out in their careers. The unemployment rate for Tamworth is 3.8% which is slightly below the national rate of 4%. Underemployment is very low, with most people being able to find full-time employment. Employment levels normally reflect the social-economic status of a town, since Tamworth offers plenty of job opportunities; it is a great town to work in.

    Is Tamworth a good place to buy a House?

    Tamworth’s house prices are relatively affordable, and this is the norm for most areas in Staffordshire. Finding a nice property here is not too difficult and the prices are cheaper than for Lichfield town. For those who can afford to buy pricier homes, the highest value areas in Tamworth are Hints, Middleton, Drayton Basset and Campville.

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    In April, the average of cost of buying a property in Tamworth, UK was £219,627. Flats sold for an average price of £134,483 while terraced house went for an average price of £157,944.

    For those who are looking for a 1-bedroomed home in Tamworth, they can expect to pay an average price of £101,400. A 3-bed property sells for an average price of £221,714 while a bigger 5-bedroom family house goes for an average cost of £408,039. There are also flats for sale in the area, and their prices are not much different from the cost of buying single-family homes.

    Rents are also significantly affordable when compared to other areas in the UK. The average rent in Tamworth for a 1-bedroomed house is £487pcm, a 3-bedroom home goes for an average rent of £787pcm and a 5-bed home charges an average rent of £1,350pcm.

    Is Tamworth a good place to Retire?

    Tamworth offers a very attractive retirement destination because it has several desirable neighbourhoods and many transport links. Amenities are top-notch and there are plenty of green spaces for healthy activities. Being a well-off European town, Tamworth also has a good healthcare system.

    Moving to Tamworth is worth considering for retirees because the area has plenty of retirement properties. For those who are ready to buy or rent, Tamworth offers some very desirable residential homes for people aged over 55 years. Many homes are also offered at a good discount to senior buyers.

    Generally speaking, the prices for retirement properties in Tamworth are relatively affordable when compared to other towns. £135,000 is a realistic price for a 1-bedroom flat in Rosy Cross, Tamworth. It is possible to find a 3-bed detached retirement house for £270,000 in Cherwell, Tamworth. Larger retirement homes in the area are scarce.

    Is Tamworth a good place to Visit?

    Tamworth is a big market town located in Staffordshire, England. It borders Lichfield and Warwickshire. It is a nice place to stop as it offers many attractive sites for both visitors and local residents. This town is home to the famous Tamworth Castle that depicts the ancient capital of Mercia’s Kingdom. It is a really interesting place that’s informative for children and offers big grounds with a play park.

    Drayton Manor Theme Park is not an ordinary park. It has a resort area and a zoo that houses more than 100 animal species from around the globe. Covering more than 110 hectares, Drayton Park offers its visitors plenty of family-friendly activities. Stop by and enjoy a ride on the Shockwave, which the only stand-alone roller coaster in UK, or get an adrenaline rush on the Apocalypse drop tower. Another notable feature in Drayton Manor Park is Thomas Land, which offers children rides, live shows, exhibits and play areas.

    Ash End House Children’s Farm is a small family-run children’s farm that has a lot of friendly farm animals like bunnies, chicks and birds. It is wonderful for younger kids and there is a large indoor play area, an outdoor play area, air cushions and picnic areas.

    SnowDome in Tamworth is a premier real snow centre. The real snow provides a great alpine surface for visitors to learn and enjoy exciting snow and ice sports in an exciting environment all year round.

    Another place that is worth visiting is Statfold Barn Railway. This fantastic railway centre is located in Statfold Barn Farm near Tamworth. There are plenty of engines and memorabilia to view and visitors can also ride on the trains.

    Middleton Hall & Gardens has some really scenic gardens and grounds. The oldest building at this place dates all the way back to 1285 and is considered the oldest residential building in Warwickshire. The site also has a coffee shop, a second-hand book shop, antiquities shop, a museum, and other little shops.

    RSPB Middleton Lakes is yet another worthwhile place to visit in Tamworth. The quiet and peaceful streams allow for a relaxing afternoon under the sun. Daytona Tamworth is a fairly new 100m outdoor tarmac circuit just a few minutes from the M42 Junction 10.This place hosts junior and senior karts and circuits for both public and private events.

    Big Play Barn is a fun place for young children. There are slides, rope bridges, ball pits and other climbing activities. Other exciting sites in Tamworth are: Jon Watts Golf, Planters Sky Trail Adventure, Jump Xtreme, Namco Funscape and Tameside Nature Reserve. The town is also home to the historic St. Editha’s Church and War Memorial Kettlebrook.

    For those who plan to stay for a night or two in Tamworth, it is not a bad idea because this town is an enjoyable stopping place. The town offers plenty of accommodation for visitors. A guesthouse in the city centre gives visitors access to the main attractions like Tamworth Castle. Less costly accommodation is available near the pedestrian walkways in the city centre. The walkways themselves offer several guest homes and boutique hotels. To save money, a short-term apartment rental is the way to go.