Is Oxnard a Good Place to Live?

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Live

If you plan on moving to Oxnard, you may not know if it is the right place for you. I move often so I understand the challenges that come with it. If you are trying to find out if Oxnard is a good place for you to live, the article will help you make a choice.

Is Oxnard a good place to live? That depends on what is important to you. The town’s weather is a lot cooler than the surrounding areas. There are lots of fun activities if you like to sail or para surf. Wind-related activities are popular in the city. There are lots of schools, shopping centers, and opportunities to meet people.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Live? Prons & Cons…

How To Become An Expat

Living in Oxnard can be a pleasant experience. Whether you plan on moving for work, retirement, or education, moving to Oxnard gives you lots of options. It is one of the best places to live in California. The article features some of the best neighborhoods, schools, the best employers and social life. The article may help you decide if living in Oxnard is a good idea.

Ventura is one of the best neighborhoods in Oxnard. It is a beach town along the original Pacific Coast Highway. The neighborhood allows you to enjoy a suburban feel as well as the town life. Apart from the beaches, Ventura also gives you a mix of agriculture and small industries. The cost of living is fair and the population is diverse.

Colonia is a mixed neighborhood in the central part of Oxnard. If you wish to live in a truly diverse neighborhood, this is one of your best options. Most of the residences are high-income but there are lots of midrange homes as well. You can find a home without going into much credit. It is close to freeways, public schools, and shopping centers. The neighborhood is easily accessible because of its close proximity to major interstates and thoroughfares.

Port Hueneme is a great neighborhood for those who like surfing. It is one of the most popular beach neighborhoods. There are lots of houses to rent or buy. The beautiful beaches are great for long walks and family picnics. The housing stock is diverse so you can find a home regardless of your budget. The neighborhood is close to lots of schools and entertainment areas.

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Oxnard is safer than 17% of all cities in the United States. Your chances of being a victim in the city are one in 231. There are lots of good neighborhoods but like other cities, some of them are better than others.

If you wish to pursue a degree in Oxnard, there are plenty of colleges and universities. There are more than 30 colleges within 50 miles of the city. Oxnard College is just 3.8 miles away from Oxnard center. Other colleges and universities where you can pursue your degree include Santa Barbara Business College Ventura and California State University Channel Island.

There are plenty of ways to get around in Oxnard. The Ventura Freeway is the major highway. It connects Santa Barbara to and Ventura. Other major roads include; The Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 34, and Highway 232. Other forms f transport include rail, port, and air. Oxnard Airport serves the city.

There are plenty of ways to socialize and meet people. There are lots of public beaches, parks, and events.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Work?

Oxnard is a great place to work. The cost of living is fair and it is easy for you to get employment regardless of your preferred industry type. The average salary is $47, 941. Some of the most popular job titles include; mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, accounting manager, and office manager. The average salary of a mechanical engineer is $65,562. An electrical engineer earns an average of $63,542 and an office manager earns an average of $49, 708.

The trends in wages are on a constant rise. They have increased by up to 1.5%. The popular industries include health care, agriculture, and manufacturing. The leading employers include the United States Navy, Mission Produce Inc., and Haas Automation.

The average salary in Mission Produce Inc. is $62, 3111. The average salary in Haas Automation $99, 995.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Buy a House?

Oxnard is a good place to buy a house. The costs of mortgage and insurance are fair and it is easy to find a home that meets your expectations and budget limits. It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the State. Whether you are an expat or a local, you can always find the right neighborhood.

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Camarillo is one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in Oxnard. The rates of crime are 40% lower than California’s average. The average household income is 38 higher than the state average. The rate of unemployment in Camarillo is 25% lower than the United States average. Its home value is 21% higher than in California. There are lots of public schools and the average high school graduation rate is 91%. It is 9% higher than the United States average. It is close to lots of shopping and dining areas.

Hollywood Beach is another great neighborhood. It is close to Oxnard State Beach as it is between the Oxnard Harbor and the ocean. It is easy to find a water view regardless of where you live. There are lots of condos and apartments close to the road. There are lots of restaurants and shopping areas.

Silverstand Beach is another amazing beach community. It is close to the entrance of Oxnard Harbor and you can enjoy boat rides. There are lots of oceanfront streets and homes.

Some of the less pleasant neighborhoods are La Colonia and El Rio.

The average price of buying one-bedroom properties is $175, 000. Three-bedroom properties cost an average of $349,900 and five-bedroom properties cost $600, 000.

The cost of renting one-bedroom properties is $2,000. Renting three-bedroom properties costs $2, 800 and five-bedroom properties cost $4,300.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Retire?

Oxnard is a good place to retire. The costs of mortgage and insurance are fair. There are lots of fun things to do and opportunities to meet people. Some of the best neighborhoods for retirement are Oxnard Harbor Penisula and Oxnard State Beach.

Oxnard State Beach is right across from Mandalay Bay. There are lots of beautiful homes on the waterway. The neighborhood has lots of boat docs, gated communities, and shopping areas.

The city has lots of beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean coastline and a diverse population. The residents enjoy a good quality of life, offerings of a big city, and a suburban feel.

The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The summers are warm and dry while winters are wet and mild. It is possible to enjoy outdoor activities regardless of when you visit. The offshore breezes from the Pacific help to keep the city comfortable at all times.

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The average cost of buying a one-bedroom home for retirement is $168, 000. Buying a three-bedroom property costs $361 while five-bedroom properties cost an average of $580, 000.

Renting one-bedroom retirement properties costs an average of $1,800 while three-bedroom properties cost an average of $2, 750. Renting five-bedroom properties costs an average of $4400.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Visit?

There are plenty of fun things to see and do in Oxnard. Channel Island Harbor is one of the city’s top attractions. It neighbors the magnificent Channel Islands. It is a working harbor so there are lots of activities to enjoy with your family. It is close to a few beach-lined parks and walking trails. The Channel Islands Maritime Museum has lost of exhibitions, ship models, and maritime art.

Mullin Automotive Museum is a world-class auto museum in Oxnard. The stunning automobiles are a great way for you and your family to have fun and learn.

The Collection at Riverpark is a chance to enjoy everything including comedy, good food, and shopping. You can go to a comedy club, movie theater, or specialty store. There are lots of special events for both adults and children.

Whether you are an expat or a local, you have lots of things to see and do in Oxnard. Some of the city’s landmarks include; Heritage Square, Gull Wings Children’s Museum, and Carnegie Art Museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of living in Oxnard, California?

The living cost in this city is slightly higher than the national average with housing being the biggest contributor. The costs of grocery, utilities, and housing are lower than the national average. It is easy to live in the city without much credit

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Invest in Property?

Oxnard is a great place to invest in property. The city is quickly moving up the radar of multifamily investors. Housing is affordable in the city and the cost of living is low. It is a great city to invest in residential property.

Is Oxnard a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Oxnard is a great place to raise a family. The population is diverse and there are lots of family-friendly things to do. Oxnard has plenty of schools, medical facilities, and restaurants.

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