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Is Akron a Good Place to Live?

    If you plan on moving to Arkon, you may have a lot of questions. Being always on the move, I understand that it can be difficult to find a town that meets all your needs. Living in Arkon may be a good option regardless of whether you are an expat or a local.

    Is Akron a good place to live? The city has a lot to offer and you can easily find a good neighborhood regardless of your expectations or needs. It has made an amazing comeback following the decline of the 70s. It has amazing food markets, shopping areas, and family-friendly entertainment options. If you wish to pursue a degree, you can do it at the University of Akron.

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    Are you moving to Arkon for work, retirement, or school? Living in Arkon can be a fruitful experience if you know what to expect from the city. The article will help you determine if it is the right city for you. It includes details about the best and worst neighborhoods, biggest employers, and more.

    Is Akron a Good Place to Live? Prons & Cons.

    Akron is the fifth biggest in the State of Ohio. It is the 119th biggest city in the United States. Highland Square is one of the best neighborhoods in Akron. The population of the neighborhood is 10, 828. The median income is $43, 705, and the rate of unemployment is 4.2%. There are lots of amenities and opportunities to have fun with your family.

    Fairlawn Heights is another great neighborhood to live in. The population of the neighborhood is 2, 875 and the rate of unemployment is 4.2%. The median income of Fairlawn Heights is $79, 537. It is close to lots of amenities including schools, shopping areas, and entertainment centers.

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    Merriman Valley is another great neighborhood in Akron. The average population of the neighborhood is 7,748. The median income is $52, 394 and the rate of employment is about 3.5%. The population is diverse and the cost of living is lower than Ohio. It is easy to buy a home in this neighborhood without much credit as the costs of the mortgage and home insurance are low.

    There are a few unpleasant neighborhoods in Akron. They include; South Akron, East Akron, and Rolling Acres.

    There are plenty of public and private schools in Akron. There are 58 colleges within 50 miles of the city. The nearest college is the University of Akron Main Campus. It is only 0.6 miles away from Akron center. Other colleges include; Herzing University Akron Campus, Brown Mackie College Campus, and Ohio College of Massotherapy Inc. It is possible to pursue your degree at affordable costs.

    The Akron-Canton Regional Airport serves about two million passengers every year. The commercial Class C airport is 16km southeast of the city. Akron Northside Station is at 7 Ridge Street. The city does not have passenger rail service at the moment.

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    Public transportation is through the METRO Regional Transit Authority system. The system has a fleet of over 200 buses and trolleys.

    Freeways in Akron include; Interstate 77, Interstate 277, Interstate 76, and Ohio State Rule 8.

    The crime rates in Akron are fairly high. The most common crimes include violent crime and property crime.

    There are lots of opportunities to meet people in Akron. If you are a fan of sports, there are lots of opportunities to meet other sports lovers. There are plenty of sports teams and tournaments. The city has lots of parks and recreational parks. You can use them as opportunities to meet new people. The city has plenty of walking and biking trails too.

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    Is Akron a Good Place to Work?

    Akron is a great place to seek employment or start your own business. Some of the most popular job titles are; mechanical engineer, operations manager, office manager, project manager, and electrical engineer. The average salary of a mechanical engineer is $69, 472. The average for an operations manager is $61, 775. An electrical engineer earns an average of $66, 657. The average salary in the city is $45, 931. The wage trends are expected to increase steadily over the years.

    The most popular industries include Health Care, Manufacturing, and Tire Manufacturing. The biggest employers in the city are Akron Children’s Hospital, The Goodyear Tire $Rubber Co., and Summa Health System.

    The rate of unemployment reduced by 0.2 percentage points in the first quarter of 2019. The low living cost and a reliable transport network make it ideal for entrepreneurship.

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    Is Akron a Good Place to Buy a House?

    There are plenty of good neighborhoods to buy a house in Akron. It is easy to find a good neighborhood regardless of your needs, budget limits, or preference.

    Cuyahoga is one of the best neighborhoods to buy a home. The neighborhood is located a few miles north of the city. Its population is about 50, 000. If you wish to live in a fun and vibrant community, it is one of your best options. It is close to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cuyahoga River. There are plenty of housing options and green open spaces. The people are friendly and there are plenty of entertainment venues for both kids and adults.

    Stow is a little suburban neighborhood with a tight-knit community. It has lots of beautiful homes at affordable prices. The costs of mortgage and insurance are fair so it is easy to get the home of your dreams without much credit. Most of the properties are residential but there are lots of amenities as well. It is close to most of the city’s shopping and entertainment facilities. The general atmosphere is cool and laid back.

    One of the worst neighborhoods to buy a home is Rolling Acres.

    The cost of buying one-bedroom properties in Akron is $14,000. Three-bedroom properties cost an average of $38, 000 and five-bedroom properties cost an average of $54, 000.

    Renting one-bedroom properties costs an average of $500 while three-bedroom properties cost an average of $ 970. Renting five-bedroom properties costs $1100.

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    Is Akron a Good Place to Retire?

    If you are an expat looking for a place to retire, Akron is a good choice. It has a humid continental climate. There are four distinct seasons and there is something good to do regardless of the time you choose to visit. The winters are cold and dry and the summers are warm and humid.

    One of the best neighborhoods for retirement is Portage Lakes. It is a majestic neighborhood with lots of green space and outdoor recreational activities. The suburban neighborhood surrounds a 411-acre haven where residents enjoy activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. It is a little community with a population of less than 10, 000.

    Wallhaven is a wonderful neighborhood for retirement. It is a vibrant neighborhood with amazing nightlife and an upbeat feel. It surrounds the Exchange Street, Hawkins venue, and Market Street. Most of the houses are built in a historic castle style and the streets look like something out of a storybook. From the neighborhood, you can walk to most of the local businesses.

    One of the worst neighborhoods for retirement is Rolling Acres.

    The average cost of buying a retirement home in Akron is $20, 000 while that of three-bedroom properties is $46, 000. Buying five-bedroom properties cost an average of $70, 000.

    The cost of renting one-bedroom properties is $650. The cost of renting three-bedroom properties is $1000 and that of five-bedroom properties is $1600.

    Is Akron a Good Place to Visit?

    There are lots of things to do when you visit Akron. It has lots of sports, art, and music events. You will always find something that matches your preferences. Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is one of the city’s attractions. A guided tour house is a great opportunity to have fun while you learn. There are tour guides who can provide you with all the information you need. This estate was built in the period between 1912 and 1915. The Manor House encompasses over 64, 000 square feet. It includes four floors and a basement. It is a beautiful home with lots of decorations so children can have fun too.

    Akron Zoo is another great attraction for families. The zoo’s main attraction area is the lion area. The walk-friendly zoo is appropriate for children. There are more than 700 species of animals. The zoo is always clean and the architecture is friendly. Some of the city’ landmarks include the Indian Signal Tree and Glendale Cemetery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is The Cost of living in Akron, Ohio?

    The cost of living in Akron is fair. It is lower than the United States average. The costs of housing, health, groceries, and transport are all lower than the national average.

    Is Akron a Good Place to Invest in Property?

    If you wish to invest in Ohio, Akron may be a good option. There is a wide range of high-quality homes and lots of amenities. Akron attracts all types of residents including retirees and young professionals.

    Is Akron a Good Place to Raise a Family?

    Akron is a wonderful neighborhood to raise a family. There are lots of schools, health facilities, and entertainment options. It is easy to find a good neighborhood and the crime levels are low.