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Is Lubbock, Texas a Good Place to Live

    Lubbock is a city in Lubbock County, TX with a population of about 256,042 people. It is considered one of the best places to live in the state of Texas, so moving to Lubbock may be worthwhile. Most residents living in Lubbock have easy access to cafes, parks, shopping centers and good schools.

    Is Lubbock, Texas a good place to live? Lubbock offers a low cost of living and most residents in the area own their homes. The city has been nicknamed “Hub City” because of an economic, healthcare and educational hub in the South Plains. As the 10th-windiest city in the United States, Lubbock is at high risk of experiencing severe windstorms and tornadoes.

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    Whether you’re considering moving to Lubbock to look for a job or simply moving to Texas for the purpose of starting life anew, this blog post is here to answer any questions you might be having.

    • Does Lubbock have good schools?
    • What is the cost of living there?
    • How do commute from one place to another?

    Is Lubbock a good place to Live? Prons & Cons.

    In spite of some high crime levels, Lubbock city is still a nice place to live and possibly raise a family. The safest neighborhoods in this are Slide Road, Hurlwood, Quaker Ave., Louisville Ave., Ave P, Chicago Ave., Milwaukee Ave., Burris, Quaker Ave., and Memphis Ave.

    Similar to other cities, Lubbock also has some neighborhoods that are not-so-good due to high unemployment, low median income, fewer things to do, low home values and high crime such as Skyview, Chatman Park, Dunbar, Parkway, Maxey and Jackson.

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    Top public schools in Lubbock, TX are Rise Academy, Lubbock-Cooper West Elementary School, Talkington School for Young Women Leaders, Oak Ridge Elementary School and Lubbock High School. Degree programs are offered at Texas Tech University, Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist University, Kaplan College, South Plains College, Sunset International Bible Institute and Virginia College.

    In terms of transportation, Lubbock is served by several major highways including Interstate 27, US 62, US 82, US 84 and US Highway 87. There’s currently no intercity rail service in this city. Air services in Lubbock are offered by Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Public transportation services are provided by Citibus, which is a bus transit system operating on Monday through Saturday.

    Social life in Lubbock is lively. Lubbock is a big city with a small-town feel. Cultural and music events are held every year and the terrain makes the area a good place for hiking and biking activities. There are also many shopping centers in the area.

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    Come Visit Lubbock, Texas

    Is Lubbock a good place to Work?

    Most employment opportunities in Lubbock are offered by Tyco, Warren Equipment XFab, UniFirst, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Independent School District, United Supermarkets, Covenant Health System, University Medical Center, AT&T, Lubbock County and City of Lubbock. .

    Lubbock area is the biggest contiguous cotton-growing region worldwide and is greatly dependent on the national government’s agricultural subsidies. The city’s economy is mainly driven by manufacturing, customer service, oil drilling, clean wind energy and technology industries.

    The city of Lubbock is a hub for job seekers. As of April 2019 the unemployment rate stood at 3%, which is slightly below the country’s rate of 3.6% and Texas rate of 3.7%.

    The average wage in Lubbock, Texas is $41,819, which is not that bad considering the low cost of living. Operations Managers earn $57,661 and Human Resource Directors earn $70,595 on average.

    Is Lubbock a good place to buy a House?

    While the rest of the nation suffered during the economic downturn, the real estate market in Lubbock remained strong and continued to experience great growth. Median home price in Lubbock is $298,600 (as of June 2019). The average price of three-bedroom homes for sale is $197,239 and the average cost of five-bedroom homes is $626,315.

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    The median rent in Lubbock is $893.51 (June 2019). A rental property with one bedroom can cost $643 per month, a three-bed home for rent can go for $1,000 per month, and a five-bedroomed home can rent for $1,950 a month.

    Lubbock home insurance is about $871-$1,179 per year or $72-$98 per month. Residents living in Texas pay $1,945 in home insurance costs. When buying a house on credit, the interest rate for a fixed mortgage plan lasting 20 years is 4.39% in Lubbock, TX.

    Is Lubbock a good place to Retire?

    Lubbock is among the best places in the USA to retire in. The city offers a low cost of living, friendly taxes, lifelong learning classes, low traffic, good healthcare and showcases strong economic growth. The only potential drawbacks are the high crime rates, hot summers and no access to a beach.

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    Retirement homes in Lubbock are also in plenty. The average cost of accessing assisted living care in this city is $3,128 a month, and this is cheaper than the countrywide median of $3,360. When it comes to skilled nursing care, Lubbock is normally more costly than other cities in Texas. On average, the cost of staying in a private room in a Lubbock nursing home is $163 per day or $4,890 a month whereas in Texas, the cost is $158 per day or $4,740 a month on average.

    Is Lubbock a good place to Visit?

    There’s so much to do in Lubbock, TX and the food there is to die for. The West Table is the city’s pride and joy in terms of upscale dining. It is situated in downtown Lubbock and is a great place for visitors seeking Western Cuisine with a Southern Charm like the Pan Roasted Chicken served with Orzo Pasta Salad and Lemon Caper Vinaigrette. For a hearty, low-key breakfast, the Cast Iron Grill is a must-visit.

    Good old-fashioned barbecue is offered at Evie Mae’s Barbeque Pit. Hispanic food is provided at La Diosa Cellars, which is a bit upscale but an ideal venue for a romantic dinner. Yellow House Coffee and Crafthouse Gastropub and Stonegate Golf Course are also wonderful places to grab some grub.

    Other than the food, there are also other exciting attractions in Lubbock like the West Texas Walk of Fame tour. This tour honors legendary Texan names such as Buddy Holly, Dirk West, Sonny West, Roy Orbinson, Ponty Bones and many more. After this tour, it makes great sense to stop by Buddy Holly’s graveside and the Buddy Holly Center.

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    4ORE! Golf is another must-see attraction in Lubbock, particularly for visitors with young children. This place has top-notch golf simulators for visitors of all ages.

    Of course, it would not be a complete Texas trip without visiting a ranch. Fortunately, there is one in the heart of Lubbock, National Ranching Heritage Center. This center is comprised of almost 49 authentic buildings including a homestead, windmills, railroad depot and schoolhouse. Some of those buildings were built in the 18th century. Touring this center is free of charge.

    Texans value their heritage and history. To know more about the history of Lubbock, travelers should visit The American Windmill Museum, The Museum of Agriculture, and First Friday Art Trail.

    Lubbock is home to two wineries, which are worth visiting. Llano Estacado Winery produces premium Texan wine. The stunning location features a tasting room, an event center, a conference room, bridal suite, vineyard room and banquet room. McPherson Cellars is the other winery in the area and it churns out delicious local wines, which have won it local and international awards.

    The Prairie Dog Town is a whole town for prairie dogs. It is located in Mackenzie Park and is completely free of charge and open to the public. This park has a pavilion, viewing area, sidewalks, a parking area and interpretive signage. Prairie dogs barrow little underground towns and viewing them as they conduct their daily activities is very intriguing.

    When it comes to shopping, Lubbock’s city streets are lined with wonderful boutiques such as Chrome, Hollyhocks and Jux-Ta-Posh offering one-of-a-kind treasures. Visitors looking to stay in Lubbock for a couple of days can book a spot at any of the numerous accommodation places.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the cost of living in Lubbock, Texas?

    Cost of living in the city of Lubbock is 8% cheaper compared to the national average. Housing expenses are also 18% cheaper while utility costs are 1% more expensive. Energy bills are roughly $168.67 per month, phone bills are $179.70 a month, gas prices are $2.41 per gallon, a loaf of bread goes for $3.17, a gallon of milk is priced at $1,84, a carton of eggs costs $1.72, a bunch of bananas go for $3.20 and a hamburger costs $4.03.

    Is Lubbock a good place to invest in property?

    The demand for properties is strong in this robust college city, and ripe with opportunities for investment. With more building permits and relatively low property prices, Lubbock real estate investing is very promising. Most of the economy is dependent on higher education institutions, which have a need for off-campus investment properties.

    Is Lubbock a good place to raise a family?

    Lubbock constantly ranks well as the best place to raise a family in the USA. The best attribute about this city is the commute time and the worst attribute is crime. Despite the issue of crime, Lubbock is still a good city because of the affordable cost of living, low property prices, and plenty of things to do