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Is Garland Texas A Good Place To Live?

    Garland, Texas USA is a beautiful city with over 200, 000 people working and living here. It has a population density of around 4, 117 per square unit and more than a quarter of them identify themselves as Latino or Hispanic; 36 % of the people speak Spanish as a secondary or primary language.

    Is Garland a good place to live? Well, relocating to a new city without the right tools can be challenging and quite stressful. This means that before moving to Garland, it is important to make use of the data from employment, weather, and crime levels in order to have a well-detailed breakdown of essential information and comparisons to the national averages and Texas.

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    Looking to living in Garland, United States? I have compiled some of the details that you as a future expat may want to know about this populous city from the basics to the crucial facts and average prices. Read on and see if the city turns out to be a great destination for you.

    Is Garland a good place to live? Prons & Cons.

    Garland is a good place to live in. It has many national chains and family-owned restaurants and, the nightlife is endless. In addition, the city has an array of libraries, cultural centers, live performance, and festivals. Here are other factors you should consider before moving to Texas, Garland.

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    Emergency Management Department

    The city has a superior and reliable emergency response team & fire department. When F4 tornado hit Garland back in 2015 in December, it proved it all as many lives were saved. Simply put, the response time of police and fire department averages a little over 7 minutes.

    Crime levels

    Garland is one of the safest places to live in Texas, USA, and I would highly recommend living here. Everyone can comfortably go for a walk at any time of the night or day. The police force is nationally recognized and they try their very best to lower crime levels.

    Garland climate

    I will primarily categorize the climate here as humid subtropical climate. Garland experiences humid summers, cool winters, hot, to mild weather. The truth is that during July and August the temperatures are often too hot like reach triple digits. The weather is milder during winters – the temperatures stay in the 50s & 60s during daytime and at night it drops into the 30s & 40s.


    Local businesses thrive in the city, which is great as they give a community its amazing and unique character. The Chamber of Commerce offers a wealth of resources for all businesses of each industry and size.

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    You can seize the gap and grow your dream with the Chamber’s educational workshops, training resources, leadership programs, and more.


    The transportation costs are a bit expensive than the national average, however, still relatively low. The gas prices are reasonable – a gallon of gasoline is between $1.40 & $2.00.

    Regarding auto insurance, the rates are slightly lower than the national average. Your driving history, model & make of car, and other factors will determine your rates.

    Best and worst neighborhoods

    No doubts that smaller neighborhoods usually have lower living cost, less crime, and a slower pace of life. Some Garland neighborhoods are better than others. The best neighborhoods include Firewheel Estates, Coomer Creek, Meadowood, The Enclave, Greens, Camelot Community, Shores of Eastern Hills, Club Creek, Greens Estates, and Springpark.

    The worst neighborhoods include Towngate, Sutton Place, Monica Park, Meadowcreek village, First Centerville, Almeta-Bonita- Bella Vista, Fern Heights, Rainbow Estates, and Las Mariposas.

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    Home and rent prices are rising everywhere, but this city is still priced a little lower than the national average. Living in Texas, Garland, in a decent neighborhood will cost you about $950 per month.


    Most students in this city attend GISD, Garland Independent School District. Other students attend the Mesquite Independent School District, the Dallas Independent School District, and the Richardson Independent School District.

    Garland is also home to many universities and colleges including Richland College, and Dallas County College.

    What I love most about the city is that there is no formal school zoning. Residents can choose to join any school they wish. Personally, I pursued my Bachelor’s degree at Amberton University.

    Is Garland a good place to work?

    Jobs are always one of the hot topics for anyone looking to move to a new area and Garland is a great choice for lots of people. Why? the City is about 100 years old – it has developed as an industrial area. Some of Garland’s main industries are steel fabrication, dairy products, food processors, aluminum die casting, oilfield equipment, and electronics.

    Unemployment is typically low; it is in the 3 to 4% range. In fact, finding work is much easier for anyone here than the average city. Major employers in Garland include US Foodservice & L-3 Communications, Kraft Foods, General Dynamics, International Truck, Atlas Copco, Raytheon Intelligence & Information Systems, and Sears.

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    Is Garland a good place to buy a house?

    Buying a house in Garland is achievable, as the prices are not very high, therefore getting the mortgage is within reach if you have a good credit score. There are no truly bad neighborhoods in this city, there are just those that are not as great especially in South Garland. In my opinion, North Garland is pretty nice.

    Average prices to buy a:

    · 1-bedroom property – $160, 000

    · 2-bedroom property – $200, 000

    · 3-bedroom property – $220, 000

    Average prices to rent a:

    · 1-bedroom property – $1, 000

    · 2-bedroom property – $ 1,200

    · 3-bedroom property – $1,400

    Purchase of home insurance is always advisable – better safe than sorry…

    Is Garland a good place to retire?

    Retirees have a concern with the living costs since they require to stretch their limited funds to take care of their wants for the rest of their lives and relocating can be one of the best solutions. Garland has always been a great choice for retires as it allows them to maintain an incredible standard of living.

    Additionally, the newest and best neighborhoods are in the north end of Garland. South of Garland is not terrible – it easier to find open land to develop in north Garland.

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    Living in Texas, Garland is not the least costly region but has a lot to recommend as a retirement destination. If you are planning to buy or sell a home in this city, the average mortgage is not more than $900 per month and home costs are on average $116, 000.

    Average prices to buy a:

    · 1-bedroom property – $160, 000

    · 2-bedroom property – $200, 000

    · 3-bedroom property – $220, 000

    Average prices to rent a:

    · 1-bedroom property – $1.000

    · 2-bedroom property – $1,200

    · 3-bedroom property – $1, 400

    Is Garland a good place to visit?

    I had so much fun in Garland and I would proudly say that it is a good place to visit as it is diverse and vibrant. The city has several features to enjoy, some gorgeous indoor attractions, and fun outdoor scenery.

    Garland has malls, parks, and lakes and the city government is well run. Below are the places where you can visit:

    · Bass Pro Shops- an amazing location that offers impressive foot store with an aquarium full of saltwater aquatic life, and a great view as well.

    · Surf and Swim- well-known for the wave pool.

    · Landmark Museum at Heritage Crossing- Head here and learn about the history of the city.

    · Resistol Hat Plant– I learned the secret of making cowboy hats.

    · Firewheel Town Center– It is one of the open-air shopping centers in the city.

    · Rowlett Creek Preserve– This park has picnic areas and gazebos.

    · Lakewood Brewery & Taproom– Here you will find out how beer is made.

    · Spring Creek Park– This is the most idyllic green area in Garland.

    · Lake Ray Hubbard– It is a place for anyone looking for Asian products, restaurants, and food.

    · Cali Saigon Mall, Hawaiian Falls Waterpark – There is a range of attractions it all depends on what you fancy doing. Personally, I explored the Keiki Kove Fortress.

    · Urban Air Trampoline Park– I visited here on a rainy day with my family and we found some great activities to do.

    · Downtown Garland– There are many shops and boutiques that focus on specialty and homemade items.


    Frequently asked questions

    What is the cost of living in Garland?

    Garland is situated within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, its proximity to the cities of Fort Worth and Dallas contributes to the living costs in Garland, as do other critical factors. Living costs in Garland are relatively low when it comes to utilities, food, and transportation compared to other cities in the United States.

    The median family income in the city is about $59, 129 – that is somewhere above the national average for any median family earnings. The median home cost for an average home in the city is about $103, 354, which is below the national average.

    Is Garland a good place to invest in property?

    According to Forbes, Garland has many critical and important factors covered, which make an excellent rental property market. Taking of population growth, robust job, and amazing affordability for any prospective investment owner. Below is a breakdown:

    · Median list cost – $219, 999

    · A one-year increase in home values – 11%

    · Median rent – $1,500

    · One-year employment growth rate – 1.6%

    The high percentage of the income brackets could make renting to become more of an option than homeownership.

    You can also opt for the short-term investment where you purchase the property, renovate or remodel and sell it at a profit.

    Is Garland a good place to raise a family

    Garland is a welcoming and diverse community. ranks Garland as the 8th best city for raising a family due to its affordability and low crime rate.

    The city offers more than 2, 000 acres for its people to enjoy recreation, sports, plus other outdoor activities. There are also numerous activity centers and aquatics.

    I do honor cities that put family needs first so that children can grow, learn, and develop vital life skills. GISD offers an amazing School Choice Program like dual credit and the power to customize every kid’s education.