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Is Coventry a Good Place to Live?

    Moving to a new city is common in the present world. You may need to move because of work, family obligations, or the spirit of adventure. When moving to the UK, you must think of a place that meets all your needs. If you plan on moving to Coventry, you may have a lot of questions regarding the area. This article will provide you with answers regarding whether Coventry is a good place to live, work, and go to school.

    Coventry is a perfect place to live in if you are thinking of moving to UK. If you are seeking employment opportunities, fair costs of living, and easy access to schools, then Coventry may be the right place for you to live. It was named as one of the top cities to live and work in Britain. The Good Growth for Cities index ranked it as the best city to live and work in the Midlands.

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    What does this mean for you? The young city is right for just about anyone. It is close to London, the infrastructure is impressive, and the cultures are diverse. Whether you are a young person looking for a fun and vibrant city or a boomer looking for a place to relax, Coventry is the right place. It is a perfect blend of vibrancy and tranquillity. It is a great place to work and establish new businesses.

    Is Coventry a Good Place to Live?

    Coventry has just about everything that you need in a city. The best thing about it is that you get city amenities without putting up with pollution and large crowds.


    You can always get a good school in Coventry regardless of your level of education. There are plenty of childminders, primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges. The city is culturally diverse so you can learn any language.

    Coventry is home to two world-famous universities. Some of the best schools include; President Kennedy School, Finham Park School, Whitley Academy, Cardinal Newman School, and Stoke Park School and Community Technology College. Coventry University is known to give excellent student experience and the expertise to work worldwide.

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    From Coventry, you can access the rest of the UK by bus or train. It is close to the M6, M45, M69, and M40 motorways. The M45 is close to the south-east of the city. The M69 connects Coventry and Leicester. It was opened shortly after the M45. The M40 is over 16 kilometres south of the city centre. It is a motorway route to London. The A45 and A46also serve the city. There are plenty of bus operators including Pool Meadow Bus Station, National Express Coventry, and Stagecoach in Warwickshire.

    The railway also provides the city dwellers with an affordable and reliable mode of transportation. It is served by the West Coast Main Line. The city is expected to have a light rail system by 2024.

    Travel by air is easy as the city is close to Coventry Airport and Birmingham Airport.


    If you are a fan of sports, you have plenty of sporting activities to enjoy in Coventry. They include; tennis, badminton, ice hockey, ice skating, rugby, and athletics. There are a few shooting ranges where you can fire rifles, plenty of football pitches, and a professional rugby team. The city has more than seven big golf courses. There is no shortage of sporting activities regardless of the time you choose to visit.

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    Coventry Cuisine

    One of the most interesting things you will notice when planning to move to Coventry is the amazing cuisine. Coventry Godcake is one of the most interesting foods in the UK. When it comes to eating out, Coventry does not disappoint. You will always find something to interest your taste buds even if you are a fussy eater. The cocktails are delicious and plenty of restaurants serve international dishes. Popular dishes in the city include pasta, British steak, and cold meat platters.

    Social Life

    There are plenty of ways to meet people in Coventry. From sporting events to walks in the country, there is always an opportunity to meet people. The city is known as the home of culture so there are plenty of festivals and cultural events Take advantage of them to meet new people.

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    Crime Levels

    The annual crime rate in Coventry is 27.2. This means that 27 crimes are omitted every year in 1000 workday people. Vehicle crime and burglary are some of the most common crimes.

    Best/Worst Neighbourhoods

    Most neighbourhoods in Coventry are pleasant. The less pleasant ones are unpopular because of their cost of living and the composition of their population. The crime rates are low in all neighbourhoods. Longford, Earlsdon, and Babla are great while Bell green, Willenhall, and Stoke Aldemoor are less pleasant.

    Is Coventry a Good Place to Work?

    Coventry is a great place to find employment, start a business, and grow your career. It has always been ranked as one of the best cities to work in. Some of the things that make it a great place to work include; the work-life balance, cost of living, salary, and the cost of transportation.

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    If you want to start a business, Coventry is a great place. It is conveniently located in the heart of the West Midlands. It is close to plenty of manufacturers.

    The video game industry is well established in the region so Coventry is a great choice if you are trying to get into that business.

    Coventry has a good transport network. The Birmingham International Airport is only 15 minutes away so you can easily access international markets.

    An economic review of Coventry suggests that the biggest industry is education. It makes up about 13.2% of the economy. The health sector closely follows at 13. Other key contributors to the economy of Coventry include the manufacturing industry, accommodation and food service, and business administration and support.

    The biggest employers in the city include; the Coventry City Council, the University of Warwick, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, and Coventry University.

    The Best Places in the UK to Make a Living Survey by Totally Money ranked Coventry as 14th out of 57. The average salary is impressive. The average take-home salary every month is £1,831. The job growth is high and is ranked 22nd out of 27 in the cost of living.

    The rate of unemployment in Coventry in September 2018 was 4.5%.

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    Is Coventry a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Coventry is ranked 16th easiest place to buy a home outside of London. In 2018, most properties that were sold were terraced. The average price was £165,051. The average price for semi-detached properties was £210,280 while that of detached properties was £333,884. The average price of buying property in Coventry was £210,182 in May 2018

    The average cost of buying properties in Coventry is as follows: One-bedroom (apartment) £150, 000, three-bedroom properties (detached home) £ 475, 000, and five-bedroom properties (detached home); £500, 000

    The best neighbourhoods in Coventry also have the highest prices. They include; Fairlands Park, Athol Road, and Lower Holyhead Road. Most homebuyers like Earlsdon because of its beautiful Victorian housing and close proximity to the city centre. The less pleasant neighbourhoods include; Foleshill and Bell Green.

    The average price to rent a home in Coventry is as follows: 1 bedroom properties: £425, 3 bedroom properties: £1050, and 5 bedroom properties: £1930.

    The cost of renting or buying property in Coventry depends on the neighbourhood and the amenities of the home. Fortunately, the rates of insecurity in Coventry are fairly low. You can get a good home in any neighbourhood.

    Is Coventry a Good Place to Retire?

    Coventry is a great place for retirement. The low costs of living and housing are just some of the things that make it amazing. It is close to many shopping and health amenities so you always have everything you need. The population is moderate and there are plenty of fun activities at all times of the year. The crime rate is low and the balance of city and country living is amazing. The public transit system is reliable and the rental market is booming.

    The weather in Coventry is generally pleasant. The city experiences a maritime climate. The summers are cool and the winters are mild. Coventry experiences a lot of rainfall. The average rainfall is 638mm. July is the hottest month and January is the coldest. The average temperature in July is 16.2 °C. In January, it is 3.1 °C. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you will enjoy Coventry.

    If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life during your retirement, Coventry gives you plenty of options. There are plenty of tranquil neighbourhoods to live during retirement. Some of the best ones include the following;


    This neighbourhood has a rich cultural history. Allesley Hall stands on the ground where there used to be a Motte and Bailey castle. The neighbourhood started as a lodging and watering place for coach travellers but it has grown into one of the most popular Coventry neighbourhoods.


    This beautiful neighbourhood has hills and plenty of green space. I was established as the first suburb of Coventry in 1828. It is a family-friendly area and there are plenty of fun activities. The crime rate in this area is low.

    Is Coventry a good place to Visit?

    Moving to Coventry presents you with plenty of fun activities. There is always something to do regardless of your age or preferences. Some of the attractions include the following.

    Herbert Art Gallery& Museum

    This Museum gives you the chance to explore the natural world and modern art. It has plenty of attractive displays and the antique architecture of the building is amazing. The displays in the art gallery are always changing so you will always have something to see. Visit this museum and get insight into the legend of Lady Godiva.

    Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

    This nature reserve is the headquarters of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Set. It includes a Tea Room and a gift shop. Interesting activities at the Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve include bird watching, picnics and watching the wildlife. It has grassland and woodland, beautiful birds, marked paths, and reedbeds. It is a great place for both kids and adults.


    There are plenty of landmarks and historic buildings in Coventry including Lychgate Cottages, Lunt Roman Fort and Charterhouse Priory.