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Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Live?

    So, you are moving to the UK and have concluded that Buckinghamshire offers great prospects. Aylesbury is one of the towns that you are considering relocating to, but you are unsure about how well it serves your needs.

    I can understand the desire to want to be well prepared before relocating, and this guide aims to do exactly that. Aylesbury, which rests at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, is a vibrant market town with a lot of potential. Whether you are relocating a business or want to start your family here, the town caters to a wide range of requirements. 

    Is Aylesbury a good place to live? Aylesbury is slowly growing into a commuter town, serving London, Milton Keynes and Oxford. For this reason, it is ideal for a person who wants to live and work here or commute to nearby towns. With new developments coming up, the housing options are more than decent, and the prices are not too high given the location of the town. 

    Aylesbury was one of the places that no one paid much attention to beyond its proximity to Chiltern Hills. Housing developments changed a lot for the town as the population increased dramatically.

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    The region also experienced a spillover of London estates as the capital sought places to accommodate it bludgeoning populous. Although some of the original buildings were demolished to give rise to the new constructions, Aylesbury has managed to retain most of its heart. Find out about a few basics of Aylesbury so you can decide how it stacks up as relocation prospect. 

    Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Live? 

    Pretty villages are what should come to mind when thinking about what Aylesbury is like. Even though the town has many developments going on, some parts still have the quaint villages in the rural areas that are perfect for people who prefer quiet neighbourhoods. With Chiltern Hills close by, the scenery is beautiful, and the air is fresh. At its core, Aylesbury is still an old English market town, and it carries its self as such. 

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    People moving to Aylesbury usually do so for the affordable housing options that the town offers. Compared to London, Milton Keynes and Oxford, Aylesbury is the most reasonable place to rent or buy.

    A five-bed detached or historic house in one of the posh suburbs goes for around £350,000 to £580,000 while a one-bedroom flat starts at £125,000. You can get a three-bedroom period cottage for £380,000 in the leafy suburbs. 

    If you prefer period property pieces, the neighbourhoods outside of town are more suitable. Check out the suburbs if you want to rent or buy a modern house. If you are renting, a one-bedroom in the town centre will cost you £700 a month and £600 if it’s outside the town centre. For a three bedroom, the rate is slightly over £1,000 while a flat outside the town centre can go for £900 per month. 

    Grammar schools are some of the renowned characteristics of Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury doesn’t disappoint. Residents have access to some of the best primary and secondary schools in the region.

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    The town has three grammar schools, three special schools and two community upper schools. Aylesbury College serves the general further education needs of the area, but the Buckingham University Technical College is also available. The Aylesbury, which standard next to Aylesbury High School, is one of the premier institutions for music in the country, rivalling the Royal College of Music

    The health services are another reason Aylesbury is an attractive place to live. It is home to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, an NHS hospital that has the world’s largest spinal injuries specialist units. It is thanks to the rehabilitation work at this institution that Aylesbury became the Paralympics centre of the nation.

    The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital is another world-class medical facility from which residents of Aylesbury benefit. 

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    The construction of the Aylesbury Vale Parkway railway station improved the transportation options available to commuters in the town and beyond. It provides regular rail service to London, which had stopped when the Great Western Railway was dismantled in 1966. The Aylesbury Railway has been serving the town since the 1800s. Plans are in place to get a new railway that will connect to Oxford, Milton Keynes, Winslow and Bedford. For road transportation, Aylesbury has the A41 that runs from London to Birkenhead. Via Junction 9, the town can access the M40 motorway. The M25 is located 34 Km from the town while the A413 and A418 road run through it. 

    For hang out spots, Aylesbury has a more than a fair share. Whether you are looking for a coffee place, a fancy restaurant to dine or a quiet bar for a pint, the town offers it all. 

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    Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Work? 

    The county town of Buckinghamshire operated as a commercial hub thanks to its strategic location between London and the Southwest. Today, the town serves the same purpose in some capacity as a commuter town.

    The good transportation network and the town’s position make various places like Oxford, Milton Keynes and London easily accessible. It is for this reason that some companies have their offices in Aylesbury. Although some big enterprises left, new ones such as Arla Foods opened nearby. In fact, this international dairy manufacturer is one of the biggest employers in the town. 

    Although Aylesbury may not have as many employment opportunities as its neighbours, the town boasts some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the UK.

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    Aylesbury posted unemployment rates of 1.3% in 2017, which is significantly lower than the national average of 3.3%.

    A huge contributor to this is the ongoing development effort that is creating jobs for residents. The Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, which seats 1,200, is one of the new constructions that have improved the quality of the town.

    The average salary in Aylesbury is only slightly below the national average at £24,200.

    Both entrepreneurs and professionals seeking work have prospects that they can capitalise on in Aylesbury. The excellent transport links make it less complicated to work in the town or the nearby areas. 

    Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Buy a House? 

    When moving to UK, house prices are some of the fundamentals to factor in before you can settle in. Aylesbury has neighbourhoods that range from busy urban to quiet rural. With central London and Birmingham 40 and 65 miles away respectively, you would expect property in Aylesbury to be expensive, but they are surprisingly affordable.

    Aylesbury is one of the towns that Londoners run to when they want to own family homes without going bankrupt. 

    Bedgrove, Wendover and Fairford Leys are some of the nice parts. You can find some few of the old estate with their Victorian aesthetic. If you prefer trying out one of the new developments, Berryfields is a good choice. Check out Elm Farms for some of the last estates. Watermead is another area that you can try out if you are moving with family to Aylesbury. 

    A one-bedroom rental in the Aylesbury town centre averages £700 and £600 in the outskirts. Renting a three-bedroom would cost you £1,060 in the town centre while outside the town, the mean price is £930 per month.

    A five-bedroom flat in Berryfields can average £355,000, £250,000 for a three-bedroom and £125,000 for a one-bedroom. Near the town centre, a three bedroom semi-detached can go for £225,000. With over 4,000 new homes expected, Aylesbury will continue to provide reasonably-priced housing for residents. 

    Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Retire? 

    Aylesbury is a fine place to retire whether you are planning to live in an affluent neighbourhood or a modest place. The Vale of Aylesbury is known for beautiful, extravagant mansions that can accommodate a large family. If you want to purchase a family home that can be passed down, this is one location to consider.

    The areas around King Edward Avenue and St Mary’s Square are other neighbourhoods that have old large houses lining the streets. Flats are also available for rent outside the town centre. 

    What to budget for a retirement home? A one-bed flat in a pretty and serene neighbourhood can average £150,000 and £90,000 in some of the less luxurious locations. A three bedroom can cost between £210,000 and £355,000, depending on the neighbourhood.

    Aylesbury offers good public services and facilities that retirees may want to use. Social halls, community and leisure centres are some of the places where seniors can interact with their peers. Even as Aylesbury plans various developments, it still has several regions with conducive environments for retirement. 

    Is Aylesbury a Good Place to Visit? 

    Roald Dahl is one of the notable names associated with Aylesbury and visiting the town is an opportunity to learn more. The town has a gallery that dedicated to the famous children’s book author and Illustrator. It has some of the themes and characters used by Roald Dahl.

    The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery provides an educational visit for young children. Buckingham County Museum is a collection of the history of Buckinghamshire. Guests get to see artefacts from industry, costume and geology. The Buckinghamshire Art Gallery has changing art exhibits. For more family fun, Aylesbury has several parks where groups can have picnics and outdoor activities. Bedgrove Park, Vale Park and Alfred Rose Memorial Park are a few examples. 

    Of course, you can’t leave Buckinghamshire without seeing the Chiltern Hills. You can go to see Coombe Hill, which is only a short distance from Wendover. While there, venture into the Wendover Woods, which is home to various species of trees. Walk the streets of Aylesbury to the sight of some Tudor, Georgian and Jacobean structures that remain.

    Aylesbury Waterside Theatre is another must-see whether you are moving to Aylesbury or just visiting. The world-class theatre sometimes holds shows from the West End. Check the schedule to see if they are showing something you like.