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How to Be Successful in Life: 8 Life-Changing Tips

    Without a doubt, success is perceived differently by different people. To some, success means wealth, to others it means power and some just perceive it as impacting the world positively. However it is you perceive success, you certainly want to be successful in life.

    Even with the infinite perceptions of success, one thing remains constant… Success does not come easily. Regardless of your age, geographical location or qualifications, you need to put in considerable effort in order to be successful.

    The desire to be successful in life inspires individuals to come up with goals which they set out to accomplish. Such pursuit of success brings about a more purposeful way of living to fulfill unique and personal goals.

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    Striving for success enables you to keep pushing your way through obstacles and eventually overcome them through the right strategies. While your accomplishment may not necessarily become an international success story, you will definitely enjoy achieving success.

    What follows in this article is some great advice that you can apply in your journey of attaining success. Here are the most essential 8 life-changing tips that will enlighten you on how to be successful in life:

    1. Take the First Step

    Navigating the obstacles of life towards achieving success all starts with an initial effort. Success is basically the aspiration to do something valuable or meaningful which impacts your life or other people’s lives.

    Attaining your predetermined goals can only be achieved when you decide to take the first step. That first step develops your path to success. You just can’t sit back and let things happen to you. Rather, you need to make things happen in any of the following areas of your life:

    • Personal or spiritual development
    • Health and fitness
    • Wealth and finances
    • Family and friends
    • Business or career
    • Love life Recreation
    • Fun and entertainment
    • Physical environment

    You need to be purposeful on your actions in order to actualize your goal of being successful in life. You could start by asking yourself, “Is whatever am doing leading me to where I plan to be in life?”

    First Step

    It goes without saying that you are the only person who really knows your desire to attain success in life. If you are continuously bored or keep counting down hours until the day ends, you are probably disconnected from your actions.

    You should take the first step towards living purposefully, which mainly involves cherishing your time. Rather than wasting your time, spend it actively on actions that bring you closer to achieving your goal in life.

    Remember that becoming an overnight success does not just happen. Goals and visions are only achieved through purposeful action. Taking the first step may be hard but critical in order to grow and increase your skill over time.

    2. Keep Making Regular Small Steps

    Little intentional steps that are taken over time have amazing potential to make a huge difference. You do not have to overwhelm yourself by wanting to become successful instantly. It is alright to feel anxious, confused and even fearful at the start of your journey towards success.

    There will certainly be days when you do not feel as energetic and motivated to achieve your goals. You are not alone, it happens to everyone. Do not be discouraged by how long it takes to gain your balance. Because you do not actually have to do it all at once.

    Progress Photo

    Allow yourself to take a step at a time. Regular small steps will go a long way in boosting your zeal towards becoming successful in life. It is a common misconception that you can do everything at once to achieve success.

    The upside of starting small is that you get a chance to realize what really works and what does not. You get to do away with the assumptions that looked practicable in theory but failed to avail much when applied.

    Making regular small steps gives you an opportunity to grow and discover new methods of achieving your goals. Your ideas and plans get to expand into areas that you had never quite imagined of previously.

    You could actually gain deeper insights concerning the goal that you are pursuing and even learn much more about yourself. Your confidence will also increase in the process as you persist in moving forward.

    3. Keep Going in the Face of Obstacles

    Perseverance is key as far as becoming successful in life is concerned. Perseverance is simply that inner urge to keep going even when you have all the reasons to quit. Despite the many setbacks and obstacles that you face, you need to be determined on achieving success.

    For some individuals, the journey towards becoming successful in life is derailed by plenty of obstacles spanning up to decades. You need to keep going even when the wheels seem to be spinning backwards in your success journey.

    There will be tough times where positive results will be minimal no matter how effort invest in achieving success. Do not allow such hardships, failures or challenges to hold you down. Do not entertain feelings of discouragement to prey on you in your pursuit of success.


    It is human nature to doubt ourselves in one way or another, especially in the face of obstacles. It actually gets harder if others doubt you too. However, giving up is never a good idea in such situations despite the option being an easy one.

    An important thing to remember at such a time is that success does not come easily. If that were the case, everyone would have been successful by now. Maintain an unwavering resolution to succeed even in the thickest of things.

    Once you have an unwavering resolution to become successful in life, no obstacle will deter you from achieving your goals. You will have inner motivation to keep on winning. Chances are high that you will strive to overcome the obstacle and learn from the experience.

    4. Avoid Procrastination

    You may have heard this before but found it hard to believe: Procrastination delays your success. Not only is it true that procrastination delays your success but it can actually be a complete barrier towards achieving success.

    Studies show that people tend to have more regrets for the things they haven’t done compared to those they have done. Such feelings of guilt and regret have been known to stay with people for long periods of time.


    Whenever you procrastinate, you waste valuable time that you would have invested in actualizing your goals. Overcoming procrastination, which is a fierce enemy, allows you to make greater value for your time and accomplish so much more.

    Knowing what you need to do but failing to do it does not help your case. Try finding out the reason as to why you put off important things on a daily basis. Better still, why it is that you keep making excuses for the critical things you need to do.

    It could be out of fear, lack of motivation, uncertainty, decision paralysis or mere lack of self-discipline. Adopting goal-based motivation can steer you forward and keep you from procrastinating. Do not get accustomed, however, once you achieve a single goal.

    Intrinsic motivation is a proper compliment to goal-based motivation in overcoming procrastination. Vision and purpose are the major components of intrinsic motivation which is an important ingredient to the recipe of success.

    Procrastination should not be mistaken for laziness. Lazy people simply do nothing and are fine with the situation. Procrastinators, on the other hand, do not force themselves to start doing something despite having the desire to actually do it.

    5. Plan Ahead

    Prepare and plan as best as you can for your successful future as you envision it. Which you will, of course, have to do as far as is practicably reasonable. Building castles in the air, once in a while, of how you plan on achieving success might cheer you up.

    You ought to be strategic in the way you think when it comes to planning ahead. Think ahead and plan on where you want your life to be in say 5, 10 or 20 years from now. The possibilities in life are infinite and require considerable planning in order to align your vision.

    Plan Ahead

    Success should be something you can imagine and envision yourself achieving. If you can envision it, you can achieve it. Which can only be possible if you plan ahead in order to assess your risks and opportunities.

    Planning ahead gives you courage and confidence to take up risks that others are unwilling to take towards achieving success. Proper planning sets you apart from your competition and ensures that your vision is long-lasting.

    By planning ahead, you are able to weigh your risks and opportunities and create a suitable response plan. Which enables you to transform risks into opportunities and enjoy the rewards of taking them head on. It gives you assertiveness in the actions you take out to do.

    Without planning ahead, you will be unable to respond to the challenges you face in achieving success. You end up becoming reactive rather than proactive in the pursuit of success. Being proactive enables you to make the right moves in the face of obstacles and adversity.

    6. Be Patient

    Being truly successful in life requires patience. Impatience is a common reaction when things do not go according to your expectations. However, success is a profound cake that takes time to bake. Practising patience enables you to enjoy your journey towards achieving success.

    Being patient keeps you calm and happy on your way to being successful. It gives you control of your actions and deeper understanding no matter how frustrating your situation may be. Whether you are disappointed or between a hard place and a rock, you better be patient.

    Destination Scanner

    Picking up on thoughts and physical signs of impatience helps you to figure out a way to remain calm. Such thoughts include ‘this is taking forever’ and ‘this is so annoying.’ The physical signs of impatience are short breaths, restlessness, clenching of hands and muscular tensions.

    Taking a moment to reflect and ground yourself whenever you are tempted to be impatient in achieving success is important. It enables you to break the cycle of far much worse consequences of impatience from taking place.

    One efficient way of practicing patience in your journey of success is focusing on your physical environment. Feel the sensation of different safe objects in your hand or take a walk and analyze your surroundings.

    Shifting your perspective about an unpleasant situation also helps you in becoming successful. Rather than concentrating on how much the situation cannot be changed, focus on what you will learn from the situation.

    7. Find Solutions to Your Problems

    Problem-solving is a critical element for attaining success in life. Most people resolve to do three things when faced with problems. Firstly, they get uncomfortable and wish the problem would go away. Secondly, they come up with all sorts of answers. Thirdly, they blame others.

    Finding solutions to your problems on your path towards success may seem difficult due to two main reasons. One reason is that the problem has to be solved somehow. While the other reason is that you are uncertain of the best solution to the problem.

    Problem Solving

    However, you need to remember that problems happen all the time and solving them is actually presents you with opportunities. Think of how you can transform the solution of your problem into a business opportunity.

    Learning from others may also help you in finding solutions to your problems. Explore how other people handled the problem you are facing and learn from their mistakes. A common mistake in solving problems is seeking to find a perfect solution right away.

    It is also important that different people experience unique problems in their journeys towards being successful. You should therefore be clear of what your specific problem is in order to solve it effectively. Brainstorming your issues may actually be necessary.

    Listing the possible solutions or options on how to address the problem is equally important. Be creative when coming up with solutions and evaluate the options to pick out the most suitable. Contingency plans of dealing with a similar problem in the future should also be devised.

    8. Embrace Your Failures

    Embracing your failures, just like achieving success, is not an easy task. Your hunger for success should push you to move past your failures. In fact, the fear of failure should never hold you back from aiming for success.

    In an ideal world, embracing the failures you experience in your journey towards achieving success would not be so complicated. However, there is such a huge resistance among most people to be honest with themselves that they actually failed in something.

    Waiting Photo

    Just like writing down your goals is necessary to achieve success in life, so is writing down your failures. When you are intentional in documenting the areas in which you missed the mark, forging your way forward becomes easy.

    Embracing your failures allows you to keep track of your development as you strive for success. Your journey to being successful in life is going to be filled with forward, sideways and even backward steps. What matters is that you will surely tap into your potential and be successful.