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What Is The Average Salary in Atlanta?

    If you plan on building a career in Georgia, Atlanta may be a good place to start. Starting work in a new town can be difficult and it is normal to have questions such as ‘ what is a good salary in Atlanta?’ and ‘What should you expect?’ Atlanta has a good reputation. It is known for its diverse work opportunities and wide market.

    The average salary in Atlanta is $88,400. In the first quarter of 2020, wage trends have increased by 0.9%. Some of the most popular job titles are software engineer, project manager, and operations manager. The average salary of an operations manager is $40k to $124k annually. The average salary of an executive assistant is $55k and a software developer earns an average of $75k.

    Atlanta is booming with job opportunities. Forbes ranked it as one of the Best Big Cities for Jobs. It has a 2.97% job growth. As the city continues to grow, more and more investors continue to target it. There are many opportunities for agriculture, tech, and tourism. Whatever industry you prefer, you are likely to find a few options. Whether you plan on working in Atlanta or you are simply curious, keep reading to find a few answers.

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    In this article you will find out:

    Average Salary in Atlanta

    Atlanta’s average salary is $88,400. Some of the most popular employers include Georgia-Pacific Corporation, SunTrust Banks Inc., Emory University, and The Home Depot Inc. The average salary at Emory University is $42k-$101k. The average for Georgia-Pacific Corporation is $55k-124k, and SunTrust Banks Inc. pays $53k-$129k. Some of the most popular job options and their salaries include

    Job Salary

    • Director $104K
    • Program manager $118k
    • Superintendent $125k
    • Director of IT $197k
    • Implementation specialist $92k
    • Technical support engineer $89k
    • Software engineer $81k
    • Executive manager $55k
    • Project manager $75k
    • Controller $130k
    • Executive assistant $55k
    • Operations manager $66k
    • Software developer $75k
    • Financial analyst $93k
    • Physician $181k
    • Director of operations $99k
    • Accountant $60k
    • Staff accountant $54k
    • Senior Accountant $71k
    • Nurse $65k
    • Writer $73k
    • Recruiter $62,771
    • Attorney $75,005
    • Customer service manager $50,362
    • Airside operations supervisor $57,829

    The most popular industries in Atlanta are logistics, manufacturing, finance, film and television, healthcare, and logistics. Atlanta has the 10th biggest economy in the country. It is the 18th biggest economy in the world. A Loughborough University research classified it as an ‘Alpha-world city.’ It has lots of national and international companies including Home Depot, The Coca Cola Company, and AT&T Mobility.

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    The average salaries in Atlanta range from $12k to $391,000. The average annual salary includes the cost of housing, transport, and other benefits. The actual maximum salary could be a lot higher.

    What is a good salary in Atlanta? A good amount is $250K-$899K. However, $100k-$249k is decent. The right salary for you depends on your lifestyle and the neighbourhood where you live. The average rent for an apartment is $1467. 57% of the houses are occupied by renters and 42% are occupied by the owners. Some of the best neighbourhoods to rent include Pomona Park, West Manor, Southwest Atlanta, and Peyton Forest. The average rent in the neighbourhoods is $864.

    Atlanta’s median salary is $91,900 annually. 25% of the population earns under $46,700 and 75% earns more than $46,700. 25% of the population earns more than $251,000 and 75% earns less than $251,000.

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    What Determines the Average Salary in Atlanta?

    As with other parts of the country, your experience can determine your salary range in Atlanta. It is the most important factor that employers consider when determining your salary. Naturally, less experience means a lower age. With two-five years’ experience, you can up to 32% more than those who are just starting out. The same applies to all industries. With over five years’ experience, you can earn up to 36% more than those with less experience.

    Changes in salary based on experience depend on your career and location. With ten years’ experience, you can up to 21% more than those with five years’ experience. You get 14% more after hitting the 15 years’ mark.

    Most companies use salary market surveys to determine the right salary for you. Demographic and market factors may also determine the salary you receive. They include competition from other employees and the availability of jobs in your area. Gaining experience may improve your chances of getting job promotions which pay more.

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    Your level of education determines your salary. Usually, higher education standards mean a higher salary. The quality of your education may also be a major consideration. Earning a degree from top Atlanta programs increases your salary.

    Some employers may determine your average salary in Atlanta by age. The average income for householders under 25 is $28,153. Household members aged 25-44 an average of $67461. Those aged 45-64 earn about $101,449, and householders over 65 earn an average of $71,953. Generally, older employees earn more than younger ones. However, it is not always possible to determine your average salary in Atlanta by age. Usually, education and experience are the most important factors.

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    Reasons to Start a Career Despite the Average Salary in Atlanta

    Forbes ranked Atlanta as one of the Best Big Cities For Jobs. Apart from the attractive average salary, the city has a lot more to offer. Atlanta has been going through a lot of development over the past few years. There are lots of opportunities in the tech and tourism industries. Some of them include:

    Competitive Salaries

    The salaries in Atlanta match the cost of living. The employees make an average of $24.38 per hour. It is higher than the national average of $23.86 per hour. The competitive wages make for a great compensation package across all industries. Even though it is a large city, it offers the affordable convenience of a small town.

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    Finding a Great Job

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the rate of employment in Atlanta is above the national average. There are lots of major employers and you are likely to get a good job.

    High Employee Happiness

    Atlanta has a Glassdoor City Score of 4.1. Employees enjoy high job satisfaction. It is rated at 3.4. Atlanta has the reputation of being an amazing place to work.

    It is a Large Metro Area
    The Atlanta metro area is large. It is the ninth biggest metro area in the country. It has all the benefits of a large city. The residents have lots of careers and cultural activities to enjoy. There are employment options to suit various skill sets and levels of education.

    A Healthy Economy
    Atlanta has a healthy economy. In 2017, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked it as the second fastest-growing economy. The possibilities for Atlanta jobs are endless. Even though the tech industry is the most common one, there are many contributors to the economy.

    The Presence of Many Large Companies
    Atlanta is the home to lots of big-league companies. Almost all of the Fortune 500 companies in Georgia are headquartered in Atlanta. They include UPS, Aflac, and Delta Airlines. As a result, there is a lot of room for career growth. There are many entrepreneurship opportunities and the economy is thriving.

    New Jobs
    In Atlanta, new jobs are created all the time. Being a large metro area, the market is booming with local talent and opportunities. As the population continues to grow, the availability of jobs continues to scale.

    Does the Cost of Living Match The Average Salary in Atlanta?

    The cost of living in Atlanta is 1% lower than the United States average. It varies depending on where you live. Living in some neighbourhoods can be more expensive than others. The cost of housing in Atlanta is 6% below the national average.

    Some of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Atlanta include Atlantic Station, Lenox Park, Midtown, and Buckhead Forest. Even though they are great, they may be more expensive than other neighborhoods.

    Utilities cost 15% less than the national average. The cost of public transportation is low. However, the costs of bus fare and gas prices are higher than the national average.

    The average median home price in Atlanta is $327,568. The median rent is $1026 per month, and the average cost of energy bills is $143.01 per month. The average cost of gas is $2.64 per gallon.

    The cost of groceries and healthcare are fair as well. However, the cost of groceries is about 5% higher than the national average. A gallon of milk costs $2.04 and a loaf of bread costs about $3.50. The cost of healthcare is 8% higher than the national average. The average household income Atlanta is $65,381. The median household income in Atlanta is higher than Georgia’s household income. It is higher than the United States median household income. Because of the average household income Atlanta, most families can afford to live a decent lifestyle.

    The poverty levels in Atlanta, GA are low. Even though Atlanta has had a bad rep for its high rate of income inequality, it has experienced significant improvement over the years.