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The average salary in India

    If you are a resident of India, you may be interested in knowing the average salary in India. Obtaining knowledge of various salaries in different jobs in your country is a wise decision to make. It is essential while choosing your career. First, it is necessary to know that the average salary in India is on the rise for the past few yea$. India is a third world country, and when you compare it to other third world and second world countries, it is doing well. Let’s take a look at how far it has gone and where it has reached.

    So, what is the average salary in India? How much does a person working in India make? A person who works in India makes approximately $343 per month. Salaries in India range between $310 per month, which is the minimum to a maximum of $1038 per month.

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    Here is the deal, if you work in India and earn more than $234 you are on the right side of the graph and doing well. This is because $258 is the median amount. So this means that half of the population in India earn more than such amount while the remaining half makes less than the median amount. Closely related to the median salary are the 25th percentile and 75th percentiles which are $114 and $514 respectively. This concludes that 75% of the population makes less than $578 and only 25% of the people earn more than the said amount.

    The average salary in India

    Here is a list of different jobs and how they pay in India.

    Administration/ Reception/ secretarial

    A person working in reception/administration/secretarial in India earns approximately $98 per month. The minimum amount they can make from such fields is $85 while the maximum is around $260 per month. This amount differs drastically from one administration/secretarial/reception job to another. An administrative assistant makes around $119 per month while a commercial administrator earns $165. An executive assistant will make approximately $104 while a keyboard and data entry operator will only make $85.

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    Accounting and finance

    If you plan to work in accounting and finance in India, you are likely to earn around $198 per month. This amount is inclusive of transport, housing and other benefits. Salaries also differ drastically from one accounting and finance job to another. Examples of accounting and finance jobs include; an accountant who gets paid $108, the accounting manager who makes $341, finance analyst making $146 and a tax accountant who makes $154.

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    The salaries in India range between $103 being the minimum amount payable per month to $406, which is the maximum per month. Accounting and finance salaries in India are on the rise, as shown by recent salaries and reports.


    How much does a person working in architecture in India make? An individual who works in the field of architecture earns around $197 per month. The minimum amount such a person can make in India is $154 and the maximum being$254.

    The salaries differ drastically between different architecture jobs, each having separate payment from the other. For instance, an architect gets an amount of $223 per month, while a drafting supervisor makes $231 per month.

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    If your career focuses on banking services and jobs, then the average amount you can make per month is $256. Banking salaries in India range from $211 being, the lowest amount to $482 being the maximum amount.

    Different specific banking jobs pay differently according to an individual area of speciality. An ATM manager earns $347 while a bank branch manager makes $250. Others include; a bank relationship manager who makes around $345, a mortgage analyst earning $343 and a credit card fraud investigator who makes $18720 per month. A mortgage advisor makes an average of $205.

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    Fashion and apparel

    If you plan to work in the fashion and apparel industry in India, prepare to earn an average salary of $216 per month. This amount solely depends on the type of fashion and apparel job you plan to do.

    Some of the jobs and their pay include; clothing and textile technologist who makes $260, fashion model earning $269. A tailor/ fitter makes around $13567, and a freelance fashion stylist makes $272 per month.


    A person working in this sector in India makes an average salary of $243 per month. The salary ranges anywhere between $154 per month (minimum) to a maximum of $342 per month. The average wage pay per hour is $1.34. Most people would supplement their income by using credit.

    The salaries are different with each insurance job. An insurance underwriter earns $190 while a risk analyst makes $200 per month.

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    Average household income

    A survey conducted in India shows that households had an average salary of up to $1391 per month. This amount varies among the rural and urban areas. Over 75% of the households in the rural area and over 45% of households in urban areas earn up to $ 1391 per month.

    India has a high rate of rural to urban migration since Indian cities provide better living standards and more employment opportunities. Most of the Indians generate their income in the form of wages or salary, from commercial or residential property and interest form financial investments.

    The minimum wage in India

    In India, the minimum wage across states has vast variations. For example, in Goa it is $0.56per day, in Delhi it is $62.17 per month and in Gujarat its $0.65 per day.

    Under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, both Central and state government of India have dominion over fixing the wages in India. The state government will set their scheduled employments and later release the rates of a minimum wage along with variable dearness allowance. Wage boards are then called upon to review and fix the minimum payments at specific intervals. The wage rates in different scheduled jobs differ across states. This means that there is no uniformity in the minimum wage rates, and the revision cycle is different for each state.

    The minimum wages are put in place to ensure employers do not exploit employees with insufficient wages. The Wages Act applies to all establishments, factories, industries and homes of business. There are consequences of non- compliance with the salaries. Underpayment and non- payment of the wages is an offence as defined by the Central Act. The penalty from up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $139.

    The average salary in New Delhi

    How much does a person working in Delhi make? A person who makes their living in Delhi earns around $246 per month. This is the average monthly salary, and it includes transport, housing and other benefits. Salaries in Delhi range between $326 being the minimum and $1050 per month (maximum).

    Salaries also differ between different jobs in Delhi. For example, an accountant receives a payment of $162 separate from a dentist who makes $580 per month. Your profession and skills are significant determiners of the salary you receive.

    The average wage per hour in Delhi is $1.38, which indicates that an average worker makes approximately such an amount for every hour they work. Salaried jobs pay a fixed amount of money regardless of the hours worked while hourly jobs pay as per the hours you work in a day.

    Salaries of different jobs are on the rise in Delhi. The salaries of 2019 are 1% higher than in 2018. This shows steady yet continuous progress in pay in 2020 and the coming years.

    The median salary in Delhi is at $237 per month. This indicates that half of the population earns more than $237, while the remaining half makes less than that amount. The median is representative of the middle salary value. I think that it is best to stay on the side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary.

    Cost of living in India

    Well, India is quite cheap to live in when you compare it to other countries. But, since it is a vast country, prices will vary from place to place. Most expats agree that you are looking to live in an exotic place with a low cost of living, then India is a great destination.


    In the neighbourhood of Mumbai, which is the most expensive in India, a furnished 900 square foot apartment costs $987 per month. Other utilities like electricity, gas, heat cost an additional $71. In a less expensive neighbourhood, the cost is as little as $578 per month. Generally, compared to the US, the cost of rent is less.

    Food and entertainment

    The prices of food and entertainment are incredibly affordable. For an essential meal during lunch, you can pay as little as $7. Dinner for two in an expat neighbourhood costs about $38. If you prefer to do your cooking at home, groceries at the local market can cost you $6. If you love going to the movies, two movie tickets cost $10 in Mumbai. The prices in Bangalore and Mumbai are almost the same, but a dinner for two in Bangalore in an expat area can cost you $25.


    Public transport in India is a bit crowded and uncomfortable, but it is the most effective and cheapest way to get around. In Mumbai, for instance, a monthly transit ticket will cost you $19. If you take a taxi for a five-mile trip, you can pay $3.11. If you use personal transport, for a litter of gas, you will pay $1.15. In Bangalore, the transport cost is higher at $23 per month if you use public transport.


    A short 15 minute to a doctor can cost you $20. For medicine, you can pay $1.74, but if you receive antibiotics, you pay $3.40. Personal care items are affordable too. Four rolls of tissue cost $1.86. Generally, with such low cost of rent, food and transport you can make a living in India.