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Is Lucerne a Good Place to Live, Visit, Retire, Work or Buy a House?

    Lucerne is a city located in Central Switzerland, and it is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer. Filled with interesting historical sites and attractions, you can expect to find not only mainstream traditions but also many different subcultures, making it the ideal spot for you to kick back and relax regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. With mild summers and winters, year-round and a magnificent landscape, it is definitely a place worth exploring.

    Is Lucerne a good place to live, visit, retire, work or buy a house? Yes, Lucerne holds a low crime rate of 21.67%. In fact, 85.94% of people visiting and living in Lucerne has reported feeling safe while walking during the day, with only a 9% drop regarding walking alone at night. There are many job and education opportunities, efficient transportation, and plenty of leisure activities to keep you busy year round.

    Apart from its captivating natural scenery, Lucerne offers a lot in terms of exceptional services, commodities and resources for those who wish to live or simply explore the city as a tourist. I love visiting Lucerne, but I wanted to research and learn more about what it would be like to live, work, retire, buy a home in Lucerne. After extensive research, I would like to share the information that I found to give you a closer look at the city and all that it has to offer.

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    Is Lucerne a Good Place to Live?

    Guten tag! German is the official language spoken in Lucerne, despite the fact that my Dutch was a little rusty, I was able still to communicate with most of the local people in English. In fact, I found most of the locals to be very polite and friendly willing to help you at every turn.

    Navigating my way around the city was quite easy thanks to their transportation network. I was amazed how well connected everything was, buses, trams, trains, and boats cover all routes throughout Switzerland so there were no inconvenient restrictions or limitations placed on me for not owning a vehicle. Which was great; nonetheless if you are someone that love having the luxury of your car then there are many services available within the city to keep you mobile by leasing, renting or even importing your car from overseas.

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    Extensive bike routes are also accessible for cyclists. Living in Lucerne means you’ll need accommodations, and while I can only comment on the hotels that I have stayed in on my annual summer visits, I have learned through my research that acquiring accommodations may require some effort; nonetheless, there are plenty of long-term and short-term rental opportunities in sturdy beautifully designed buildings.

    Rental agencies within the city are there to walk you through the process. You can expect to pay approximately 1,291 EUR a month for an average one-bedroom apartment and £2,291 EUR for a typical two-bedroom unit not including utilities, and even less if you decide to live outside of the city centre.

    The average monthly salary is 5000 EUR and will cover your cost of living and allow you to live a good lifestyle. Still, there are many lucrative job opportunities that pay a higher wage if you desire a luxury lifestyle.

    Education is important in Lucerne, as a result, there are a lot of bilingual international private schools and national public schools that offer an opportunity for higher education abroad for kids at the primary, junior and high school levels.

    International private schools are somewhat costly, parents typically pay anywhere from 2,025-20,509 EUR depending on their child’s education level. Still, if this is too expensive for your budget then you can always enrol your child in the local public schools which offer free education for children of all ages.

    The medical system is splendid and anyone can enjoy exceptional health care in Lucerne. Given its resources and infrastructure, it is somewhere worth considering if you plan to relocate abroad. Read Also Is Winterthur a Good Place to Live, Visit, Retire, Work, or Buy a House?

    Working in Lucerne, and what you can expect?

    Now, although I have never worked in Lucerne, I have spent a significant amount of time speaking with friends who have relocated to the city, along with locals to provide you with pertinent information regarding working conditions in Lucerne and what you can expect as an expat working in Lucerne.

    For citizens of the U.K or any other EU-25 country such as Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, then you are free to work up to three months within Lucerne without having to obtain a residency permit, or registering with the authorities. This can be extended to an additional six months if you wish; however, you will have to obtain a residence permit and go through the registration process if you decide to extend your work contract.

    Citizens who are not from the EU-25 countries will have to obtain a work visa along with a valid work contract from an employer in order to work in Lucerne. In this case, the employer will provide the necessary housing requirements to accommodate you and your family. There is a flood of job opportunities in operation management, sales, administration, and customer care. These types of jobs pay around 4,424 – 5,800 EUR a month. Both full time and part time jobs are available, and some employers offer incentives along with a base pay salary making it worth your while.

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    Is Lucerne a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Acquiring a home in Lucerne is an investment that is definitely worth making if you are looking for something that you and your family can use as a vacation home, or if you are looking to retire and settle down in the city.

    Most of the property for sale in Lucerne is within close proximity to the lake and offers a magnificent view, perfect for watching the sunrise in the morning or hosting family barbeques and get-togethers.

    The homes are rather large in size but worth the price. A six-bedroom, two-washroom 2,949.31 square foot home with a backyard can be found on the market for 1,272,102 euros and with financing available averaging 60%-80%, interest rates are as low as 4% or less. There are restrictions placed on citizens of countries that are not a part of the EFTA states, but despite some restrictions and having to register your property with the authorities in Lucerne, you can still purchase a holiday home or a single-family house and appreciate the warm temperatures in Lucerne every day of the week, or rent it out periodically to visitors as a vacation home for tourists.

    Lucerne property homes are exquisite, and if you fall in love with the city the way I have, then it is an investment you won’t regret making.

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    Why Lucerne is the Ultimate Retirement Spot

    Retirement in your golden years is something that everyone looks forward to as they approach their senior years. Choosing the perfect spot for your retirement is important, and why not, after a long life of toil you deserve to settle down somewhere that offers you stability, security, and an all-around comfortable lifestyle.

    Lucerne provides all the major services, resources, and commodities of a larger city such as an impressive health care system, low tax rates, efficient transportation, and ravishing landscapes to relax.

    There are lots of retirement homes situated in Lucerne to provide care and support for seniors who wish to retire in the city. Many establishments are equipped with spas and fitness centres, massage physiotherapy, and beauty care for seniors who reside in the facilities. The retirement facilities in Lucerne are affordable and offer a high-quality standard of life suitable for any senior desiring peace of mind.

    Special programs are designed to keep seniors feeling physically and mentally fit. Whether you decide to buy a house and retire near the lakeside with your family, or you decide to live at a retirement facility, you can look forward to quiet afternoons and evenings, making Lucerne the ideal spot for you to rest, relax and take up new hobbies.

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    When is the Best Time to Visit Lucerne?

    Lucerne is a popular tourist spot, and that has a lot to do with the low crime rate and security that the city provides for locals and visitors. But when is the best time for you to visit this radiant city?

    Since Lucerne has an Oceanic climate, the best time to visit the city would be in the summer where you can enjoy a lot of fun outdoor activities such as swimming in Lake Lucerne. There are designated areas for swimmers and cafes in the area that serve delicious meals. I love hiking the mountainous landscape and valleys with my friends and family.

    Numerous bike rails lead up hills and mountains, so if you don’t feel like hiking through, you can always ride your bike and appreciate the wonderful natural scenery.

    Fishing and water sporting on the lake is another fun activity that you can do during the summer, after working up an appetite you take a stroll to the local restaurants and enjoy international or national cuisines on their patio and rooftops. under dazzling lights.

    On a warm day, the markets are a must see, you are guaranteed to find the freshest fruits and vegetables to create a gourmet meal at home, and there are numerous shopping centers and specialty boutiques in the district to browse through. Summer provides the most favorable conditions to explore Lucerne.