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Is Leipzig a Good Place to Live?

    Leipzig is one of the most populated cities in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. With a population of over 1.1 million in the larger urban centre, the Leipzig becomes the tenth most populous city in the country. Leipzig is located approximately 99 miles to the southwest of Berlin at the meeting point of Pleibe, White Elster, and Parthe Rivers.

    Is Leipzig a good place to live? In the many years of its existence, this town has gone from a small suburban area to one of the biggest business and cultural hubs in the country. Leipzig is not only known for its beauty and regional influence, but also as the cradle of the great German music, commerce, and many heroes.

    The residents of this beautiful city are thrilled with their large parks and green spaces while the city also ranks highly in terms of facilities for both children and the senior citizens. With a strong and ever-growing economy, the city is often referred to as the New Berlin. In recent years, Leipzig has shaken off its traditional roots as a trade centre, and it is now better known as one of the leading regional economic centres in Europe. 

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    Are you thinking of moving to Leipzig or you are an expat looking to learn more about this beautiful city? We have compiled all the relevant information that you need to know to help you make an informed decision. Our guide covers everything that you need to know ranging from the cost of living in Leipzig to the cost of housing, availability of job opportunities, high-quality schools, and recreational facilities. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about Leipzig.

    Is Leipzig a Good Place to Live?

    We can’t deny the fact that Leipzig is one of Europe’s rising cities. The tolerant and resilient spirit of the locals has attracted artists, scholars, musicians, composers, and poets alike. Although the economy of this city suffered so much during the Second World War, its residents have found a way of developing it and taking it back to where it belongs on the world map.

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    The residents of this lovely area treasure art and they have done everything that they can through the course of history to sponsor, appreciate, and collect art. They also facilitate exhibiting the famous pieces of art to attract both local and international tourists. Leipzig is culturally relevant in the history of the country with its own zoo and opera house.

    Such aspects help to make it one of the most livable cities in the countries compared to some of the other leading cities such as Hamburg. This city is perhaps most famous as the place where Johann Bach worked. Richard Wagner, one of the greatest composers in music history, was also born here.

    Today, Leipzig continues to attract a lot of people who come here to seek job opportunities and a better life. The strategic location of Leipzig also means that it is vital as a regional transportation hub. The city’s transportation infrastructure is quite remarkable. The traffic layout is designed to be friendly to pedestrians and cyclists.

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    The city residents are served by roads, railways, and air transport. The main railway station in the town centre is the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof that is strategically located at the junction of West-to-east and north-to-south railway lines. This means that it is relatively easy to reach Munich on the ICE train. Since the city is well spread out, the trams, buses, and S-Bahn do an excellent job of transporting the people around.

    The Leipzig Verkehrsbetriebe that has been in operation since 1917 operates a total of 13 tram lines and over 50 bus lines in the city. The total length of the tram is approximately 150 km making it the largest tram line in the larger Saxony region. Several federal motorways pass through the city centre; A14 in the north of the city, A38 in the south and the A9 in the west. Other national roads that pass through the city include roads B2, B6, B181, B87, and B 186.

    The Leipzig Airport is the international commercial airport of the city. Being a centre of quality education, the city has many top-quality high schools and universities. The standout universities include the Leipzig University that was established in 1409 and continues to offer various degree courses, The Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, and The Academy of Visual arts that was established in 1764.

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    The Leipzig Graduate School is the oldest business school in the country and one of the best in the world when it comes to offering top-quality business degree courses.

    Is Leipzig a Good Place to Work?

    The region’s strong economy continues to attract both local and international investors hence creating a lot of job opportunities for locals and non-locals. The city is home to many multinational companies such as DHL, Amazon, Porsche, and BMW. These companies bring the cosmopolitan flair to the city which makes business much more attractive and they also employ thousands of people.

    If you are an expat living in Leipzig, you will be glad to learn that the unemployment rate here is way below the national average. Software companies such as Unister and Spreadshirt have also set base in the area. If you are thinking of moving to Leipzig, you should keep in mind that the University of Leipzig is one of the biggest employers in the city.

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    Leipzig is a unique city that is in the middle of its regeneration which means that there are a lot of opportunities for expats in the building and construction sector. The tourism, finance, and insurance sectors are also on the rise.

    Average salaries offered by leading employers in Leipzig are quite reasonable compared to the national average with £33,000 being the average salary for an employee working anywhere in Leipzig.

    If you are thinking of moving to Germany, then this is the place to be. Although many German Corporations use English as the official language, learning English should be a top priority for foreigners who are looking to secure long-term employment anywhere in Leipzig.

    Is Leipzig a Good Place to Buy a House?

    With an average population growth of over 9.55% between 2013 and 2018, Leipzig records one of the highest population growth rates in the country. This population growth rate combined with a low rate of apartment completion per year has led to significant price growth for both residential and commercial properties.

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    But, this isn’t a case for Leipzig alone. Property prices have been on the rise all over the country, and if you are thinking of moving to Germany, you should be prepared to deal with this challenge. You should also be aware of the fact that Germany isn’t like North America or the UK where people are obsessed with owning homes.

    Although house prices continue to skyrocket, getting a mortgage for property financing remains cheap as long as you have a good credit rating. Currently, a one bedroom apartment in Leipzig cost approximately €320,500 while a two bedroom apartment may cost up to €450,000. You may need to pay upwards of €500,000 to acquire three-bedroom apartment although cheap mortgage is readily available to potential homebuyers.

    If you are looking to rent in Leipzig, you should be prepared to pay €500 for a standard one bedroom apartment and up to €1,200 for a three bedroom apartment. Some of the great places to buy or rent property in the city include Zentrum, Zentrum-Nord, Zentrum-west, Sudvorstadt, Connewitz, SchleuBig, and Plagwitz.

    Is Leipzig a Good Place to Retire?

    Apart from being a good place to live and work, this city is also a great destination for retirees. The city is a vibrant cultural hub that has so much to offer. With a quiet and serene environment, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your sunset days in peace. The English-speaking locals and the wide range of internationally accredited medical care and highly affordable health insurance makes the city an appealing choice for many retirees from all over the world.

    Leipzig is a one-stop shop. Everything that you need to make your life better is readily available. The availability of retirement homes makes it even more enjoyable. A standard one-bedroom retirement home in Leipzig will cost approximately €350,500 while a three-bedroom retirement home will cost on the upwards of €500,000.

    These prices shouldn’t astonish you since property financing is readily available to individuals with an excellent credit rating. Leipzig is famous for classical music and usually hosts one of the world’s largest Gothic festivals every year. The parks and numerous green spaces offer excellent recreational facilities that you can enjoy any time.

    Is Leipzig a Good Place to Visit? 

    Leipzig is a city with lots to do and a splendid multicultural scene. It always falls under the travellers’ radar in comparison to other cities in the country such as Cologne, Dresden, and Munich. The St. Thomas Church is one of the standout attraction sites in the city. Between 1723 and 1750, Johann Sebastian was the cantor at this church and it has also served as his burial place since 1950.

    The St. Thomas church choir is still one of the prestigious choirs in the entire world. Visit the church on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to listen to the choir. The Monument to the battle of the nations was constructed in 1913 to mark 100 years since Napoleon’s defeat and subsequent retreat from the country. The monument stands at 91m tall and tourists can climb the 500 stairs to the top of the tower to experience splendid views of the city.

    Leipzig also has many museums that document its rich history. Find time to visit any of them to learn more about Leipzig and its people. The other top tourist attractions in the city include the Leipzig Zoo, Bach-Museum, the Altes Rathaus, and the lively market square.