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Is Fontana California A Good Place To Live?

    The city of Fontana in San Bernardino County, CA was founded in 1913 by Azariel Blanchard Miller. With a population of more than 211,815, Fontana is an excellent place to live with plenty of things to do. It’s highly suited to those traveling to Los Angeles County, and the cost of living is significantly cheaper than for Orange County.

    Is Fontana California a good place to live? Being a suburban area, Fontana is a quiet city with little nightlife, many excellent schools, and is reasonably well-maintained and clean. All in all, moving to Fontana is a worthwhile option for people looking to start a family or anyone looking for peace and culture.

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    Do you plan on moving to California and wondering if living in Fontana would be a good option for you?

    • Are the schools great?
    • How is the transportation network?
    • What is the cost of living?

    This article explains everything you need to know about this city.

    Is Fontana a good place to Live? Prons & Cons.

    As the 20th largest community in the state of California, Fontana has 32 constituent neighborhoods. The most popular neighborhoods in the area are Lytle Creek Road, Cherry Avenue, N Locust Avenue, E Liberty Parkway, South Fontana, Baseline Avenue, Foothill Boulevard, Windcrest Driveway, and Highland Avenue.

    There are not many bad neighborhoods in the area. When compared to other cities of similar population size, Fontana has a crime rate that’s considerably lower than the USA average.

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    The schools in Fontana are also good. Good examples include David W. Long Elementary, Heritage Intermediate, East Heritage Elementary, Cecilia Lucero Solorio Elementary, Fontana A. B. Miller High, and Dorothy Grand Elementary.

    Degree programs are available at Chaffey College, California State University, Westech College, University of California, University of Redlands, Loma Linda University and many other higher education institutions.

    In addition to that, the transportation system in Fontana is very reliable. The Metrolink rail service to the broader LA area has a station in Fontana and runs through the city center. Ten minutes away from Fontana is the Ontario International Airport. Major highways in the area are San Bernardino Freeway, Ontario Freeway, Foothill Boulevard, Valley Boulevard, and Foothill Freeway.

    Fontana is a center for sports, culture, and recreation. It is an eco-friendly city that has won multiple awards for its environmental consciousness. There are many festivals, parades and other public events held throughout the year, and residents also have a chance to participate in golfing, hiking, dancing, and gym activities.

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    Is Fontana an excellent place to work?

    In many cities, white-collar or blue-collar dominate the local economy, but this is not the case for Fontana. This city has a mixed workforce of both the white-collar and blue-collar occupations. In general, Fontana is a town of professionals, sales and office workers, and service providers. There are particularly many residents in Fontana working in office and administrative support, sales and management jobs.

    The biggest employers are Kaiser Permanente, Target Corporation, and Fontana Unified School District. The unemployment rate in Fontana, CA is 3.30% (as of April 2019), which is below the national rate of 3.6%.

    The average income in this city is $42,640. Operations managers earn $74,258 on average; project managers earn $67,326 while electrical engineers make an average of $61,042.

    Is Fontana an excellent place to buy a house?

    In Fontana, there are all sorts of property types, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, Co-ops apartments, and mobile homes. Kaiser, La Cuesta Fontana, Sierra Heights, South Fontana, Corner, Walnut Ridge, Nealeys, North Fontana, Declez, Southridge Village, and Declezville are popular neighborhoods for buying homes.

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    The median price of homes for sale in Fontana is $425,000. One-bedroom homes cost $247,500 on average, three-bedroom homes cost $390,000, and larger homes with five bedrooms sell for more than $460,000.

    The average rent in Fontana is roughly $1,276. Single-bedroom apartments have an average rent of $1,052, three-bedroom homes can rent for $2,195, and five-bed homes can go for $2,395 per month.

    Furthermore, the cost of home insurance in Fontana is approximately $517-$700 per annum or $43-$58 per month. For those who want to purchase a home on credit, the interest rate for a 20-year mortgage plan is 4.32% in this city.

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    Is Fontana an excellent place to retire?

    Many expats are living in California as retirees because this state has incredible weather, excellent healthcare facilities, and plenty of things to do in the outdoors. However, the cost of living in California is generally higher than that of other states. Nevertheless, the price is worth it for any expat deciding to live here.

    Although Fontana isn’t a favorite retirement spot like other major cities in California, it is still worth considering. The city offers a great selection of senior housing options — retirement home living costs in this city range from $557-$4,675 per month.

    Some excellent examples of retirement homes in the area include Sunlit Gardens Assisted Living, Rialto Retirement Home, Citrus Nursing Center, Laurel Convalescent Hospital and Healthcare Center of Bella Vista.

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    Is Fontana an excellent place to visit?

    Anyone who comes to visit Fontana will find there are numerous historical buildings, which include period houses and theatres. There are also many modern exciting touches such as the Auto Club Speedway, which sits on the site of the former Kaiser Steel Mill.

    This part of the USA is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, and without venturing outside Fontana, visitors will still find multiple parks, nature centers, and thrilling trails throughout the city.

    Fiesta Park in Fontana is famous for being one of the most loved parks in the city, and though it has a small size, there are many attractions there to keep tourists busy. At this park, there’s fun for the entire family as there is a variety of playgrounds with gear suitable for kids of different ages. Furthermore, there are many benches in the park, so that visitors can enjoy a lovely afternoon stroll to soak in the beauty of California.

    Fontana Park is yet another well-known park in the area. Not only is it a recreational park, but it is also home to Jesse Turner Health & Fitness Community Center. There’s also a skate park, Dog Park and several playgrounds for children.

    Art enthusiasts should visit the Artist Showcase at City Hall. The Fontana City Hall runs this program intending to introduce residents to art. The program also has an aim to provide budding local talents an opportunity to showcase their works of art, which are put up at the City Council Chamber Foyer.

    Visitors who are in the mood for adventure should consider taking a trip to the Smoke Stack Trail. At this venue, there are dirt trails leading into the mountains and desert areas encircling the city. The trails are a great place to be for anyone seeking a peaceful and serene way to admire the natural beauty.

    Center Stage Theater is among the most famous buildings in this city and it was built in 1937. This building features an Art Deco Style and was refurbished from 2004 to 2008. After the restoration, it started to serve as both a movie theater and a live performance theatre.

    Another great site is Mount Jurupa. This mountain overlooks scenic Fontana offering a delightful day out. At this site, hiking trails are leading to the Mount Jurupa’s peak, and from there, visitors can take in the gorgeous vistas and observe the city from a different perspective.

    The Steelworkers’ Auditorium is the venue to visit for anyone looking to participate in the Fontana art scene. This auditorium holds multiple events and programs annually and is committed to celebrating the city’s arts. There are some fun events held here, such as movie nights, dance classes, musical recitals, and talent shows.

    On top of the exciting attractions, Fontana also offers a variety of accommodation centers for tourists fitting all budget types. Good examples include Hilton Garden Inn Fontana, Comfort Inn, Americas Best Value Inn and Suites, Econo Lodge Fontana, Motel 6 Fontana, Hilton Garden Inn Fontana and Holiday Inn Express Ontario Airport.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of living in Fontana, California?

    The cost of living in this city is 22% higher than the average for the whole of the United States and 12% lower than for the whole California state. A three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant in Fontana costs $55 on average. A loaf of white bread generally costs $3.18, 1kg of rice has a price of $4.52, twelve regular eggs cost $3.23, and a kilogram of apples costs $4.43. The monthly cost of utilities in the area is $143.80.

    Is Fontana an excellent place to invest in property?

    Fontana is an excellent place to buy property to rent, and this is because the area attracts renters many young professionals and college students. Moreover, the transport system is efficient and amenities are in plenty. Home prices and rental prices continue to go up every year, so this might be a good time to buy.

    Is Fontana an excellent place to raise a family?

    Raising a family in Fontana is not a bad idea. There are many wonderful neighborhoods, schools are amazing, and the area is clean. In addition to that, the communities here are very diverse, with the Hispanic and White races being the highest in number.