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Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Live?

    One of the things I have noticed in my many times of moving is that finding the perfect place can be difficult. Moving to Chesterfield is a wise decision for anyone that plans on moving to UK. The article talks about Chesterfield and why it may be a good place for you to move.

    Is Chesterfield a good place to live? It is a beautiful city in the rugged county of Derbyshire. The average house price is £165,000 which is below the county average. There are plenty of beautiful homes and plenty of green space. Chesterfield is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fun clubs, and wildlife reserves. It is a great place for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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    What does this mean? It does not matter whether you are looking for affordable housing, a rich culture, pleasant people, job opportunities, or a diverse choice of homes. There is something for everyone in Chesterfield. Its proximity to the Peak District means you can get a little bit of everything.

    Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Live?

    Chesterfield is a great place to live for both individuals and families. It has plenty of job opportunities and it offers a bit of country life along with town life. It is strategically located for business and there are plenty of schools.

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    Best / Worst Neighbourhoods

    There are plenty of nice neighbourhoods in Chesterfield. If you are looking for a place with detached homes and picturesque views, Chander Hill and Harewood Road are the right neighbourhoods.

    For big family homes, Wingerworth is the right place. There are plenty of semi-detached homes in Deerpark Crescent. Stone cottages are on Devonshire Street and Cutthorpe. The neighbourhood is very peaceful with plenty of walking trails. Tibshelf is easily accessible through the M1. It is a great village neighbourhood. There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods depending on your needs. Some unpleasant neighborhoods include;

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    There are plenty o ways to move around in Chesterfield. It is well connected by rail so railway is a popular mode of transportation. Chesterfield train station offers services to Glasgow, Aberdeen, and London St Pancras. Their international services are in Leeds, Nottingham, and more.

    Transportation by air is through Sheffield Robin Hood and Manchester airports. They are both easily accessible by car.

    The road networks in Chesterfield make transportation by car simple. It is located on the A61 and is close to the M1. Other roads include the A619 and the A632.

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    Chesterfield is close to plenty of major shopping chains. Vicar Lane is known for its amazing shopping centres. It has high-end stores such as H&M and Argos. For indoor shopping, Pavements Shopping Centre is a great choice.

    Chesterfield’s famous market has plenty of food, arts, and drink options. The stalls are open on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

    Schools and Universities

    There are plenty of well-performing schools in Chesterfield. Some of them include; Outwood Academy Newbold, Parkside Community School, Brimington Junior School, Parkside Community School.

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    Chesterfield College School is a top provider of higher education, and professional training. It has a good reputation nationally for excellent customer service and high standards of education. The college attracts students from Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Spring well Community College is another popular college. In 2016, the University of Derby opened a new campus in the town.

    Crime Levels

    The average rate of crime in Chesterfield is lower than the average of similar areas. Common crimes include; burglary, robbery, and violent crimes such as assault and sexual offenses. In January 2019, 201 crimes were reported.

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    Social Life

    You can meet people a lot of people at the Grade II Winding Wheel. The venue hosts plenty of lectures, dances conferences, and concerts. The Pomegranate Theatre is another amazing place to meet new people.

    The Queen’s Park is only a few minutes away from the town center. It is a great place for families to have fun and interact with others. You can watch professional cricketers of Derbyshire.

    Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Work?

    The economy of Chesterfield has experienced a major shift from the primary and secondary sectors to tertiary sectors in the past few decades. The town is centrally located in the UK so it is well connected. Even though it has plenty of business premises, there is plenty of room of growth.

    The impressive transport connection makes it a great place for setting up manufacturing businesses. It is only an hour’s drive of four major airports. You can reach London by rail in about two hours.

    Biggest Employers and Industry Type

    The biggest employer in the town is the Royal Mail/Post Office administration department. It is located on the edge of the town center. Other top employers include; Cathelco group, Derbyshire County Council, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Aecom Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

    The most popular jobs include working as a; teaching assistant, social worker, office administrator, Accounts assistant, and software developer.

    Unemployment Levels

    The rate of unemployment in Chesterfield is 5.2%.

    Average Salaries

    The average salary in Chesterfield is £21,971. Teaching assistant, social worker, and administrative jobs pay an average of £11,699 to £23,726 per year. Most Chesterfield residents work in manufacturing, IT, and Engineering services. The average salary in the Cathelco group is £28,000. In Derbyshire County Council it is £18,000 and in Aecom Corporation it is £32,500.

    Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Chesterfield is a great place to buy a home because the housing costs are fair. The communities are friendly and all neighbourhoods are relatively safe. It does not matter whether you are looking for a town or village experience. Chesterfield has it all. You can find contemporary or traditional housing depending on what you want.

    Chesterfield is a great town to bring up a family. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and it offers you the delights of town life without the challenges of congestion and excessive pollution. There are plenty of fun activities regardless of whether you like indoor or outdoor fun.

    The population is diverse so everyone has a place in the town. Its close proximity to shopping centres makes it a great option for those who love shopping. There are plenty of independent retailers who specialise in various niches.

    The average price of renting a one bedroom property is £452 PCM. A three-bedroom property costs £671 PCM, and renting a five-bedroom property costs about £1,633 PCM.

    The average cost of buying a one-bedroom property is £90, 000. A three-bedroom property costs an average of £170, 000, and a five-bedroom property costs an average of £ 350, 000.

    Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Retire?

    Chesterfield is a great place to retire. The climate is warm and temperate so you can always have fun outdoors. There is plenty of rainfall even in the driest months.

    The low costs of living and housing make it suitable for buying a home. Chesterfield is close to many health amenities and shopping centers. Some of the most popular medical centres include; Whittington Medical Centre, Ashgate Medical Practice, and Chatsworth Road Medical Centre. There is plenty of green space and the population is moderate.

    There are plenty of family fun events and festivals to keep you excited all-year round and the crime rate is low. The people in Chesterfield are pleasant and there is a place for everyone.

    Is Chesterfield a Good Place to Visit?

    Chesterfield is a great place to visit. There is a wide range of activities for everyone. Take time to discover how the Crooked Spire got its twist and go shopping at the Chesterfield Market on Monday, Friday, or Saturday. Whether you are looking for a relaxed stay or a fun night out, there is always something exciting.

    Short Break Attractions

    Chesterfield CanalTake a gentle stroll with your dog or family on the Chesterfield Canal. You may run or cycle on the towpath. There is a lovely café with homemade cakes, soft drinks, and coffee. This Canal is about 46 miles. It runs from the River Trent to the center of Chesterfield. It links Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

    It passes through a serene countryside. This is where you can find some of the best canal fishing in the county.

    Queen’s Park is a beautiful park only five minutes away from the city centre. Its sports centre gives you a wonderful health and fitness membership where you can enjoy the following facilities; 96-station gym, changing facilities that are suitable for people with disabilities. A learner pool with features for children, and more.

    The park is known for its beauty and cricketing history and amazing play areas for children.

    Famous Landmarks

    Chesterfield War Memorial is very easy to miss. It is a modest landmark that holds a lot of importance in Chesterfield history. The corporate gardens are attractive and the town hall is spectacular. It is a great opportunity to remember the fallen.