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Is Burnley A Good Place To Live?

    Burnley is a town located in Lancashire. It is not the cheapest town to live in England, but it’s very affordable for local commuters. Its development started back in the early medieval period as a small settlement surrounded by royal forests, and it has held a market for 700 years since then

    Is Burnley a good place to live? Yes, it is. The city has a breathtaking Pennine countryside and is a thriving market town. It even holds an enterprising Britain award from the UK government. The city offers high employment in the health and manufacturing sector and a good quality of life.

    The only flaw of the town is that it has an above-average crime rate. That being said, many residents I came across found the place quite safe and were ready to operate their businesses till late.

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    Whether you are moving to Burnley for work or just looking for a new place to settle in the UK, Burnley will suit you.

    • Do you want to know the best neighbourhoods to live in?
    • How many hospitals and schools are there?
    • What is the transport system is like?
    • What is the cost of living?

    Please read on to find out why you should consider moving to Burnley.

    Is Burnley A Good Place to Live?

    Everyone knows how expensive accommodation is around the UK, and this fact can be quite discouraging for people who intend to move here from other countries. Such people will be surprised to learn that there are cities like Burnley where mortgage payments are very low. You will also appreciate the rapid job growth in the city. On average, the jobs grow by 4%.

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    This city has a good road network that makes it easily accessible from all directions. The M65 is the main road, and it runs across the city and can easily be accessed by route M6 and M66. This road makes it easy to navigate the area. Burnley also has two railway stations which are within walking distance from the town. These are Burnley Central and the Manchester Road.

    Schools and Universities

    Burnley is a centre of educational excellence. Recently, the city has developed technical colleges such as Burnley College. £350 million was invested in this place to ensure that every secondary school student studies in new and modern buildings. The city has an education infrastructure catalyst that increases achievement in the borough and acquires skills that will enhance the manufacturing sector in the city.

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    This town has quite a mixture of both good and bad neighbourhoods. In this case, good neighbourhoods are those with beautiful houses and a low crime rate while bad ones have a lot of crime and inadequate housing. One of the places you should avoid in this town is the Duke Bar. This place has reported issues with prostitution and drugs.

    Some great neighbourhoods are Worsthorne, Cliviger, and Harle Syke. You should note that the rest of the good neighbourhoods are close to bad ones. For example, Moseley Road is generally middle class in nature. However, if you cross the railway, you will enter Hufling Lane. This is one of the worst places in the town.

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    Burnley has one of the highest rates of burglary according to the recent records. It is said that there are over 800 break-ins every year which means that in every 1000 people, nine of them report criminal cases in the town. However, despite the high rates of burglary, the cases have been noticeably decreasing.

    Residents of this city are big fans of Burnley FC, the famous professional football club. Whenever the team is playing, you can expect the city to be noticeably alive. Most people will gather in clubs and pubs for the matches. Also, if you are enthusiastic about the theatre, you will fit in perfectly in Burnley.

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    Is Burnley a Good Place to Work?

    When it comes to work, the city offers quite a good deal for potential employees. The pay rates here may not be as high as you would wish, but most of the companies pay enough to afford you a comfortable standard of living. One of the biggest employers in the city is the Lancashire County Council. Lancashire teaching hospitals have the most staff. Other sectors such as Military Air Solutions also have large numbers of employees. The average wage of a worker in the city is £19,368. Private sectors pay between £10,000- £18,000 per year.

    When it comes to unemployment levels, Burnley has the second worst unemployment rates with about 20% of the people claiming benefits. This percentage is above the 13.5% national average.

    All in all, this city is quite a considerable town to relocate to if you are planning on moving to the UK. The working environment here is peaceful, not to mention that there is not much traffic that could hinder or interfere with your working plans. The town is easily accessible and has favourable working hours and pay rates that will make your working routine enjoyable.

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    Is Burnley a Good Place to Buy a House?

    When you think of buying a house in a particular town, the first thing you think about is accessibility. Will you be able to move around your home town without having to worry about being caught up in traffic all the time? The other thing you consider is the neighbourhood. Are you safe? Will your family live safely if you get a house in that particular town? Are you able to move freely without worry that you might get robbed or stubbed in the darkness? Well, the neighbourhood in this city is entirely mixed up with all that you expect to find in a modern town. There will be few crimes here and there but not frequently enough to interfere with your business or happiness in the city.

    The cost of the house is the other factor you have you have to put into consideration. Prices will differ depending on the location, design, materials used for construction, and the size of the house. If you are looking forward to buying a single bedroom, the cost will be around £200,000- £250,000.

    On the other hand, if you have a family and want a bigger house for them, then a three bedroom house which goes for around £400,000- £500,000. A 5 bedroom house will go for about £800,000. You can save some of your money by buying a flat, but that would mean sacrificing some of your privacy and space. The rents are not as high as those of other UK cities. A one bedroom in Burnley will go for about £397 pcm, a three bedroom will go for about £497 pcm, and a five bedroom house for rent will cost around £974 pcm.

    Is Burnley a Good Place to Retire?

    Nothing feels good like going for retirement knowing that all you have to do is sit back and relax while enjoying their benefits of years of work. When this time comes, you need to find a place that will suit your lifestyle and age. Burnley is one of the best residential towns for retirees. It provides some healthy activities to keep you engaged and flexible.

    One particular benefit of choosing this city is the calmness of their environment and the friendly neighbourhoods. There are also cheap but well-furnished houses for those that wish to retire in the city.

    Is Burnley a Good Place to Visit?

    Burnley has a historical culture that is very interesting. It holds some of the most beautiful locations that you can visit and historical landmarks that are quite astonishing. Below are some of the places that you might need to add to your list of sites you need to visit once you get in Burnley.

    • The Pendle Heritage Center– This place is open daily and has a garden tearoom, a parlour shop, and a tourist information centre. Generally, it aims at showing the history and heritage of Pendle.
    • The Woodend Mining Museum– This is a great spot to visit with your family. It contains the last vertical pit shaft to be sunk in the sea. This place was a pit from 1912 to 1959, and it currently serves as the home of mining equipment that was used from the Victorian era to the recent past.
    • The Gawthorpe Hall– This is a Jacobean house which was constructed between 1600 and 1605. It used to be the residence of the Shuttleworth family and was historically a very iconic place. On a visit to the house, you can see the original panelling in the Drawing Room as well as the Victorian rooms.
    • The Towneley Hall of Gallery and Museum– These places contain some of the historical paintings and sculptures that include a cultural background of the town.

    All in all, if you are planning on moving to the UK, Burnley is worth to consider.