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INFJ Careers That Make Money

    INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging) is one of the 16 personality types developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. It is the rarest personality-type in the world, the least common among males, and the third least common among females. INFJs make up about 2% of the overall population. Some famous INFJs include Prophet Nathan from the Bible, Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Carrie Fisher and Shirley Temple. At work, INFJs focus on the task of improving the human condition. They are committed, helpful and principled professionals who can be depended upon to envision, plan and conduct humanitarian causes.

    What are the INFJ careers that make money? Some career matches for INFJs that pay well include Human Resource Professional, Psychologist, Art/Food/Movie Critic, Criminologist, Dietician & Nutritionist, and Teacher. The ideal work setting for INFJs is harmonious, industrious and geared toward a humanitarian mission.

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    People with this personality type often choose a career in helping professions such as healthcare, education and counseling. They are natural thinkers and appreciate careers that enable them to utilize their intellect on issues that interest them. Moreover, INFJs are typically perceptive in observing the strengths of others, and excellent at encouraging teammates to share their talents. In leadership positions, they motivate other people by sharing positive visions. It’s also worth noting that INFJs are more likely than average to become stay-at-home parents. Are you an expat wondering, what INFJ-Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging-careers make money? Or what careers you should avoid with this personality type? Read on for more details.

    INFJ Careers That Make Money

    Any expat with this personality type may want to try any of the following money making career paths:

    Human Resources Professional

    Average salary: $79,295 (US) or £56,149 (UK) per year

    INFJs are natural advocates. As human resources professionals they can advocate on behalf of workers and facilitate a healthy work setting. HR professionals work in almost every industry from public to private organizations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% growth in human resources jobs from 2016 to 2026.

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    HR specialists serve as a link between a company’s executive management and hired staff. They coordinate, oversee and perform administrative duties like hiring, advising, counseling and training employees. The diplomacy and tact of INFJs in their communication is a valuable asset of HR professionals. People with this personality type are usually very compassionate and make a strong effort to respond to the needs of others. They also aim to uphold what is fair to everyone. Therefore, they are perfect for the steward-like role that HR specialists perform.


    Average salary: $76,364 (US) or £32,847 (UK) per annum. Psychology is a suitable profession for INFJs, because it allows them to utilize their natural psychoanalytical traits in helping others. Empathy is an indispensable tool for being an expert psychologist, which most INFJs possess. They are naturally skilled at observing and analyzing the behavior of humans.

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    The insight and instincts INFJs develop about humanity lets them understand what makes someone tick and how to assist them. Psychologists face above average stress levels in their profession, but great flexibility in their work schedule. To work as a psychologist, one must earn the relevant degree and also obtain certification or licensure.

    Art/Food/Movie Critic

    Average salary: $62,170 (US). Earning a living as a critic may be a dream of many. Almost everyone shares their opinion freely about art, food or movies. So, the idea of getting paid for doing so may seem absurd for some. Critics have the skills to review finished works and offer a thoughtful analysis. Qualified film critics are true fans of the art form and usually have a bachelor’s degree in either cinematography or journalism.

    Many INFJs love to share their thoughts and impressions about things. They have the ability to pick up many insightful and captivating observations about a movie’s meaning and message. As a result, they’re likely to excel at interpreting the story behind art-forms that might not be noticeable to other viewers.

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    Average salary: $42,946 (US) or £25,000 (UK) annually. Working as a criminologist is attractive for many INFJs, because it lets them fight crime intellectually via research and psychological analyses. As part of social sciences, the criminology field involves collecting statistics and discerning patterns in crime with the aim of combating it.

    A criminologist seeks to find ways of averting criminal activity and decreasing recidivism. He or she gets to interview criminals to gain a better understanding of their motives and way of thinking. Criminologists work with law enforcement officers and community officials to develop better policies and ensure fair and humane treatment of all. INFJs might find this profession appealing because it enables them to potentially find ways to decrease crime and improve society.

    Dietician and Nutritionist

    Average salary: $61,858 (US) or £27,542 (UK). Being a dietician or nutritionist offers INFJs a chance to advise and coach people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A dietician specializes in devising eating plants that facilitate desired goals, e.g., weight loss, controlling an illness or simply enhancing overall health. He or she shows people how to eat a balanced diet even when they have very tight budgets.

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    Nutritionists and dieticians mostly work in hospital settings as part of the supporting staff. People with the INFJ-personality enjoy work that enables them to help humanity personally and meaningfully, and this profession offers just that. Furthermore, being a dietician or nutritionist comes with a flexible work schedule. That is very appealing to INFJs who don’t want a job that prevents them from spending time with family.


    Average salary: $57,347 (US) or £29,386 (UK). While teachers in some fields do not get paid that well, high school teachers usually have lucrative salaries. Being an excellent teacher requires top-notch communication skills and the ability to inspire and engage students. Additionally, teachers also serve as counselors and mentors to students, which is something INFJs excel at.

    INFJs have a capacity to relate to and identify what other people are experiencing. That is a valuable characteristic for school teachers, who might sometimes need to contend with difficult to reach learners.

    Acquiring tenure would be excellent, since INFJs value having job security. Moreover, teaching offers a range of tasks to perform and a structured environment, which are aspects INFJs consider essential.

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    Best Careers for INFJs to Consider

    • An Occupation That Is Meaningful

    A meaningful job may sound confusing to other personality types, who view work as a way to earn an income. For INFJs, work means making a difference in other people’s lives. Careers in the healthcare and counseling sector suit them well, because they get to help people and earn money too.

    With that said, some roles in the IT industry may be suitable for INFJs. IT professionals usually sit in front of computers the whole day manipulating codes. But, the work may be fulfilling for INFJs if what they build helps people and enhances systems.

    • A Profession With Freedom to Express Individual Insight and Creativity

    INFJs have the ability to see different points of view. They can notice underlying issues and offer valuable insights to other people. That is why they make great therapists, psychologists or counselors.

    However, they need to be in an organization that lets them change things and express their insight. If INFJs want to help somebody and realize they have no power to do so, they may feel frustrated. They trust on their insights and want to have control over how they assist other people.

    Additionally, INFJs enjoy roles that use inspiration and creativity, e.g., being a writer, designer or artist. But, if they are constantly micromanaged and not offered the freedom to express their creativity, they’ll lose interest in the occupation.

    • A Job That Doesn’t Demand an Immediate Response

    Problem-solving can be divided into two categories: short-term and long-term. INFJs enjoy solving long-term problems when they get to the core of the issue and solve it once and for all.

    They can feel stressed out easily if they have to handle emergencies or solve problems that need them to be spontaneous. The minds of INFJs tend to drift off into thoughts. Hence, jobs like firefighter, driver, customer service or paramedic are unsuitable for them, despite being humanitarian occupations.

    • An Occupation with Potential for Growth

    INFJs don’t have to work in fields with humanitarian causes, but they need to feel some growth in their work. They must feel that they’re making a progress, and their job must make use of their abilities. INFJs desire a job that’s challenging and lets them solve important issues. Therefore, administrative roles that follow a strict routine will make them restless and tired. Furthermore, they prefer to avoid working in environments that aren’t open to change or improvement.

    Regimental and compliance professions like military officer, police officer or auditor are not fitting to INFJs too. Although INFJs comply with strict rules and regulations, it doesn’t mean that they like to enforce such regulations on other people. They usually obey rules for the sake of upholding social peace.

    • A Job that Makes Money

    That might seem like a no-brainer for other personality types. Yes, fulfilling individual visions is crucial for INFJs, but they must constantly remind themselves not to pursue a vision blindly. Most people with this personality-type are realistic enough to know that money is essential to a certain degree. However, it’s usually difficult to find a balance between a meaningful job and an occupation with a decent salary.

    It’s recommended to seek a combination of work to avoid financial stress. Most INFJs have one job that brings in the money and another to fulfill their soul. Many are very suitable for self-employment, working from home, or setting up their own business.