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Does It Snow In Argentina?

    Does it snow in Argentina? This is a question that many people ask, as they are curious about the weather in this South American country. The answer is yes, it does snow in some parts of Argentina. The temperatures range is, from mild winters to subtropical climates. So, while it does snow in some parts of Argentina, most people do not need to worry about dealing with warm clothes, high altitudes, and arid climate conditions.

    Temperate Climate Of Argentina

    Argentina is a South American country with a wide range of climate conditions. The northern areas of the country are hot and humid, while the southern regions are cold and dry. The capital city of Buenos Aires has a temperate climate, with cold winters and warm summers throughout the year.

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    Snowfall is common in the Andes Mountains, which run through the western part of the country. The mountain slopes also receive substantial amounts of rainfall, which helps to keep the humidity of the region. In contrast, the eastern plains of Argentina received a dry season, with less rainfall per year.

    However, this semi-arid region is home to some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, such as the Gran Chico and Patagonia region. Despite its varied temperature, Argentina is a beautiful country with rain, wind, and sleet weather.

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    Winter Storm In Argentina

    Argentina is no stranger to winter storms. Every year, strong cold fronts sweep across the country, bringing heavy snowfall, winds, and high temperatures. These storms can last for days, leaving entire villages cut off from the outside world. Although a winter storm is a fact of life in Argentina, they can still be dangerous.

    In recent years, according to the National Weather Service, several people have died from exposure to the cold, and countless others have been injured while skiing or snowboarding. As a result, it is important to be prepared before a winter storm hits. Here are some tips: 

    • Stock up on non-perishable food and water. 
    • Make sure your home is well insulated. 
    • Keep a first-aid kit handy. 
    • Know the emergency numbers for your location. 
    • Have an early plan for what to do if you lose power or heat. 

    By following these simple steps, you can make sure that you were covered to the winter storm safely.

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    When Does It Snow In Argentina?

    Snow is a type of precipitation that falls from the sky as white flakes or pellets. It is most commonly associated with winter, but it can also occur in other seasons. Snow typically forms when cold air meets warm moist air. When these two air masses link, the water vapor in the air condenses and forms ice crystals. These ice crystals then fell to the ground and accumulate into snowflakes.

    In Argentina, snow typically falls in the winter months of June, July, and August in some areas only. However, it can also occur in other seasons, depending on the region. For example, in the Andes mountains, snow can fell any time of year. In general, though, Argentina experiences the most snowfalls in July. So if you’re hoping to build a snowman, take pictures or go sledding, that’s the best time to visit!

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    Average Annual Snowfall In Argentina

    In Argentina, the average annual snowfall is 30-45 inches. The snowfall is heaviest in the Andes Mountains, measurable snowfall which we receive is an average of 60 inches of snow each year. The lowest levels of snowfall are found in the city of Buenos Aires, which only receives about 10 inches of snow annually. Snow falls in Argentina generally occur between June and September.

    However, it is not uncommon for snow to fall outside these months. In fact, some of the heaviest snowfalls in Argentina occurred in May and October. Despite the large amount of snow that falls in Argentina each year, the country does not have any ski resorts. As a result, there are very few places where people can go skiing or sledding.

    Winter in Argentina generally occurs between the months of June and August. The Andes Mountains are the main source of measurable snowfall in Argentina. These mountains are located in the western part of the country and extend into Chile.

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    Seasons In Argentina

    Argentina is a country located in the Southern Hemisphere, so its seasons are the opposite of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. Seasons in Argentina are different from in the USA. The summer temperatures make the seasons seem to last longer.


    December, January, and February are the summer months in Argentina when rain falls and humidity is the norm. The average high temperature is 28 °C, which is a bit chilly.


    September, October, and November are spring months. Because Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed from what we’re used to in the north. So while we’re bundling up in coats and scarves in January, Argentinians enjoy the mild days of summer.


    Autumn runs from March to May. The shoulder seasons of autumn and spring see mean temperatures, making them ideal times to visit Argentina. The landscape is also lusher during these times, as flowers start to bloom in spring and leaves change color in autumn. The average temperature decreased to 15.5 °C.


    Argentina’s winters are some of the most spectacular in the world. From June to August, the country experiences freezing cold temperatures, the highest snowfall, and frequent frost.

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    Does Argentina Get Tropical Storm?

    Hurricane season in the South Atlantic from June 1st to November 30th. During this time, Argentina can be affected by storms that develop off the coast of Africa and then move westward across the Atlantic coast. These storms can bring high winds and heavy rains to parts of the country. In some cases, they can even cause flooding and damage to property. 

    Overall, Argentina is susceptible to tropical storms during the high peaks of hurricane season. However, these storms are not as common or severe as they are in other parts of the Southern region.


    So, does it snow in Argentina? It depends on what is your location in the country and what time of year it is. Generally speaking, the southern part of Argentina experiences more cold oceanic storms and cold weather than the north. If you’re planning a trip to mountainous regions of this beautiful country, be sure to check the forecasts for sea level and coastal areas ahead of time to see if your destination site will be experiencing significant snowfall occurred while you’re there!

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