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Average Salary in Georgia

    Heavily dependent on imports, trade-in Georgia is focused on agriculture and mining. The country has a considerable hydro-power capability that meets the bulk of the population’s energy needs. All three sectors have been instrumental within the country’s economic recovery after 1990, leading to a strong GDP. The economic health and rising GDP in Georgia are supported by yields in both the commercial and service sectors, especially the tourism industry. Several foreign businesses and charities currently operate in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, providing jobs for locals. A number of these international corporations conjointly employ people from foreign nations. The OSCE, International Red Cross and United Nations operate out of the former Soviet State.

    What is the average salary in Georgia? The average salary in Georgia is $27,521.75 (81,602 GEL) yearly $2,293.42 (6,800 GEL) monthly or $13.15 (39 GEL) hourly. When it comes to the Georgian cities, workers earn an annual average of $30,097.47 in Tbilisi or $27,963.24 in Batumi.

    Despite the presence of international companies, expatriate job opportunities are limited. Teaching English is among the few direct employment opportunities available to foreign nationals in Georgia. If an expatriate is not teaching, getting a job in Tbilisi or any of the other Georgian cities is usually hard. Therefore, it’s worth contacting the international firms that operate in the nation directly to find out whether they have job openings. They are not likely to advertise vacancies for foreigners, opting instead to employ locals.

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    Do you want to relocate to Georgia? You are probably asking, what is the average salary in Georgia? What’s Georgia’s average household income? What is the minimum wage? What’s the cost of living?

    In this article, I hope to answer all those questions and more.

    Average Salary in Georgia

    Expats looking for work in Georgia can seek employment in both international corporations and Georgian companies. The economy is offering local firms with security to expand, and many are keen on adding an international element to their workforce. Most locals speak Georgian and Russian, with the younger generations often being proficient in English. Hence, foreigners who are fluent in European languages, like German and French, may be a boon to a growing organization.

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    Native English speakers are able to earn a good living as English teachers in Georgia. Salaries vary, and reflect one’s location and experience. Here, are some of the popular professions in Georgia for foreigners and their average salaries per year:

    • Teacher-$19,846.88 (58,846 GEL)
    • Sales Representative-$16,235.08 (48,137 GEL)
    • Graphic Designer-$17,533.22 (51,986 GEL)
    • Chemical Engineer-$33,985.16 (100,766 GEL)
    • Business Development Manager-$32,025.29 (94,955 GEL)
    • Waiter/Waitress-$15,933.90 (47,244 GEL)
    • Civil Engineer-$23,900.84 (70,866 GEL)
    • Hotel Manager-$36,842.49 (109,238 GEL)
    • Software Engineer-$32.683.30 (96,906 GEL)
    • Web Developer-$22,775.38 (67,529 GEL)
    • Project Manager-$30,467.45 (90,336 GEL)
    • Dentist-$70,476.22 (208,962 GEL)
    • Receptionist-$14,028.67 (41,595 GEL)
    • Sales Manager-$39,852.28 (118,162 GEL)
    • Doctor-$74,766.95 (221,684 GEL)
    • Physician-$72,887.01 (216,110 GEL)
    • Pharmacist-$29,284.32 (86,828 GEL)
    • Administrative Assistant-$13,666.10 (40,520 GEL)
    • General Manager$47,395.28 (140,527 GEL)
    • Nurse-$21,865.77 (64,832 GEL)
    • Mechanical Engineer-$26,405.06 (78,291 GEL)
    • Lecturer-$28,864.42 (85,583 GEL)
    • Architect-$24,374.03(72,269 GEL)
    • Human Resources Manager-$37,239.46 (110,415 GEL)
    • Accountant-$17,570.66 (52,097 GEL)

    The Republic of Georgia has a flat tax rate of 20% on personal income. In terms of working hours, the labor code specifies that working time per week should not exceed 40 hours. Some specific sectors have a maximum working duration of 48 hours a week. Furthermore, employers must ensure rest periods of a minimum of 12 hours between working sessions.

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    Georgian employees have a right to 24 days of paid holidays and 15 days of unpaid holidays every year. Moreover, the country has 15 official days off for national holidays, religious holidays and New Year celebrations.

    The labour code also mandates employers to send a written notice to employees at least one month earlier before contract termination. The employer must also pay a minimum of one month’s salary before termination.

    Georgia’s unemployment rate is 12.7%. The labour market in the country is young, with 56% of the unemployed population belonging to the 20-40 age groups.

    Additionally, work permits are not necessary in Georgia and citizens from certain countries can live in the nation without a visa during the whole first year. That helps to attract professionals from other countries.

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    Georgia Average Household Income

    The annual household income per capita in Georgia attained $1,355.351 in December 2018. That was an increase of $35.539 from the previous value of $1,319.812 in December 2017. The data is updated annually, available from December 2001 to 2018, with an average value of $341.976. An all-time high was seen in December 2014 at $1,673.536, and a record low was witnessed in December 2002 at $341.976.

    Minimum Wage in Georgia

    As of 2019, Georgia has no minimum wage. That creates conditions where salaries are based wholly on an agreement between employers and employees.

    Average Salary in Tbilisi

    Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia with a population of about 1.2 million. The city’s mountainous location attracts numerous tourists from across the globe. Tbilisi is near the Black Sea and receives several transiting visitors who are journeying to the coastal towns like Batumi. Georgia’s capital offers the best of both worlds for foreign nationals. It’s very modern and cosmopolitan while still boasting beautiful nature.

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    The average salary in Tbilisi ranges between $4,073.86 (12,079 GEL) and $133,276.22 (395,164 GEL) per year. In addition, monthly salaries range between $339.63 (1,007 GEL) and $11,106.24 (32,930 GEL) per month. Furthermore, the hourly wage is $14.50 (43 GEL) in Tbilisi.

    Below is a list of some of the popular job roles in Tbilisi and their corresponding average wages per annum:

    • Software Engineer-$32,951.77 (97,702 GEL)
    • Account Manager-$14,724.11 (46,657 GEL)
    • Administrative Assistant-$15,366.61 (45,562 GEL)
    • Attorney-$42,073.86 (124,749 GEL)
    • Accountant-$19,561.89 (58,008 GEL)
    • Architect-$26,394.94 (78,261 GEL)
    • Business Development Manager–$32,025.29 (94,955 GEL)
    • Cashier-$15,553.12 (46,115 GEL)
    • Chief Executive Officer-$84,956.49 (251,896 GEL)
    • Chemical Engineer-$27,633.73 (81,934 GEL)
    • Civil Engineer-$25,874.20 (76,717 GEL)
    • Data Analyst-$22,346.71 (66,258 GEL)
    • Electrical Engineer-$28,650.93 (84,950 GEL)
    • Financial Analyst-$34,941.99(103,603 GEL)
    • Human Resources Manager-$40,724.79 (120,749 GEL)
    • Mechanical Engineer-$27,466.44 (81,438 GEL)
    • Nurse-$21,865.77 (64,832 GEL)
    • Physician-$73,207.76 (217,061 GEL)
    • Project Manager-$31,692.07 (93,967 GEL)
    • Web Developer-$25,103.54 (74,432 GEL)
    • Teacher-$20,993.59 (62,246 GEL)
    • Waiter/Waitress-$(51,865 GEL)
    • Receptionist-$17,492.41 (51,865 GEL)
    • IT Manager-$34,120.74 (101,168 GEL)

    Cost Of Living in Georgia in US Dollars

    Not only is Georgia the ideal destination for lovers of nature, culture and history, it is also very affordable to live here.

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    Renting an apartment in this country is very cheap, although it depends on the location and time of year. The monthly rental price for a one-bedroom apartment is $296.97 in the city centre or $181.05 outside the centre. Likewise, the rent per month for an apartment with three bedrooms is $583.06 inside the city or $341.02 in the outskirts.

    It is worth noting that expats can purchase both residential and commercial property in the country, but can’t own agricultural land. The price per square feet to purchase an apartment in Georgia is $84.49 in the city centre or $44.41 outside the centre. Foreigners looking to acquire a home loan can turn to any of the credit firms or mortgage lenders in Georgia. The mortgage interest rate is roughly 12.75% per year for a 20-year fixed-rate credit plan.

    Household utilities, which include water, electricity, air conditioning, and waste removal cost $52.28/month for 915 sq. foot apartment.

    Georgia’s healthcare system is generally not up to par with western standards. But, the medical facilities in Tbilisi and other large cities are comparable to most public healthcare facilities in developed nations worldwide. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek emergency medical help in a large city. Additionally, it’s a good idea to purchase health insurance in one’s country. Note that, basic travel insurance doesn’t cover working time in Georgia; it only covers tourists. Hence, it’s essential to buy Expat Insurance. The rates vary depending on a person’s age and overall health status; some packages cost as little as $0.8 per day.

    The main public transportation modes in Georgia are small buses called “Mashrutka”. The buses are the cheapest forms of transport and are relatively comfortable. They take people around the cities, villages and other parts of the country. The Marshrutka do not have a fixed schedule but can be found all over the place. A short distance drive within a Georgian city or village usually costs $0.17-$0.67. A long-distance drive from one city to another typically costs $1.69-$10.12. Any ride within the country’s capital city is roughly $0.27.

    In addition to the Marshrutka, the locals also travel via city buses in Tbilisi and Batumi. A ticket costs $0.17 and can be purchased on the bus itself. Travellers can also use the train, which costs $6.07 for a 5-hour ride from the capital city to Batumi. Moreover, Georgian taxis are accessible from anywhere and are usually inexpensive, but some drivers like to take advantage of foreigners.

    When it comes to food, the cheapest way to eat in Georgia is by purchasing food from local supermarkets. However, eating out once every week in a nice restaurant will not hurt most budgets, as the prices are super cheap. Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of some food items in Georgia:

    • · A meal in an inexpensive restaurant-$5.06
    • · A three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant-$20.04
    • · Cappuccino-$1.41
    • · 1 gallon of milk-$4.03
    • · 12 oz. small water bottle-$0.23
    • · 1 lb. of white rice-$0.45
    • · 12 eggs-$1.20
    • · A loaf of fresh white bread-$0.28
    • · 1 lb. of chicken breasts-$1.48
    • · 1 lb. of beef round-$2.56
    • · 1 lb. of apples-$0.37
    • · Mid-range bottle of wine-$4.3
    • · 12 oz. small bottle of imported beer-$1.15
    • · 0.5-liter bottle of domestic beer-$0.8

    All in all, Georgia offers a very affordable cost of living for travellers and workers alike. The accommodation, food and transport are all cheap, making it one of the best countries to live in.