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Average Salary in Barcelona

    Whether you plan on moving to Barcelona in pursuit of employment or to start a business, you may have questions about the average salary and cost of living. Even though Spain has been through hard economic times over the past few years, Barcelona continues to be economically attractive. It attracts lots of ex-pats and local investors. Keep reading to answer the question ‘What is a good salary to live in Barcelona?’

    The average salary in Barcelona is 5,700 EUR per month. The salaries range from 1140 EUR to 24,200 EUR. The average monthly salary includes the cost of transport, housing, and benefits. The biggest determiner of salary in Spain is experience. Your wage is higher if you have more experience. Employees with two to five years’ experience earn about 32% more than those with no experience.

    Do you intend to move to Spain? You may be curious about the salary and cost of living. A common question is ‘What is a good salary to live in Barcelona?’ Generally, your salary depends on where you live. Barcelona is one of the cities with the best salaries. The cost of living is fair and there are plenty of employment opportunities.

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    The minimum salary in Barcelona is 1140 EUR and the maximum is 24,200 EUR monthly. The median salary is 6250 EUR per month. This means that half the population earns 6250 EUR monthly and the other half earns less. 25% of the population earns below 3330 EUR and 75% earn below 16,400 EUR. 25% of the population earn more than 16,400 EUR.

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    Your education level determines how much you can earn. With a certificate or diploma, you can up to 17% more than workers who only got to the high school level. With a Bachelor’s Degree, you can earn up to 24% higher than those with a diploma or certificate. Professionals with a Master’s Degree earn 29% more than those with only a Bachelor’s Degree. PhD holders earn the most. Their salary is 23% higher than for Master’s Degree holders.

    Even though gender does not always determine how much salary you get in Spain, men earn 5% more than women. Employees earn a salary increase of up to 8% every 17 months.

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    Some of the most popular job titles in Barcelona include; bookkeeper, accounting manager, accountant, financial manager, financial analyst, and office manager. The average hourly wage in Barcelona is 333 EUR. The jobs are generally classified into hourly jobs and salaried jobs. With salaried jobs, employees earn a fixed income regardless of how many hours they work. Hourly jobs pay employees a specific amount per hour. Even though the minimum wage isn’t very attractive, Barcelona’s average salary is among the highest in Spain.


    • Sales manager EUR 51,285 ($63,710)
    • Project manager EUR 47,142 ($59.041)
    • Software developer EUR 44,070 ($52,745)
    • Director EUR 126,125 ($154. 47)
    • Engineer EUR 44,388 ($52,154)
    • Lead developer EUR 37, 857 ($47,099)
    • Business manager EUR 88,225 ($101.925)
    • IT project manager EUR 55,428 ($66, 458
    • Commercial pilot EUR 120, 000 ($129,759)
    • ICT director EUR 55,000 (59,473)
    • Orthodontist EUR 65,000 ($70,278)
    • Surgeon EUR 80,000 ($86,496)
    • Engineering project director EUR 60,000 ($64,672)
    • Accountant EUR 47,640 ($51,524
    • Financial analyst EUR 71,880 ($77,738)
    • Bookkeeper EUR 36,600 ($39,582)
    • Office manager EUR 48,600 ($52,563)
    • Studio technical director EUR 145,000 ($160,807)
    • Communication and events assistant EUR 18,000 ($19,962)
    • Procurement engineer offshore EUR 70,000 (84,521)


    The cost of living in Barcelona is fair. With the average salary, you can afford a decent lifestyle. Housing is the biggest contributor to the cost of living. The cost of rent or buying a home depends on your neighbourhood. Over the past two years, the housing business has been doing really well. There are plenty of options to suit different needs.

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    Renting a flat costs an average of 700 EUR per month. The cost of renting in Barcelona is higher than the national average.

    Tourist-friendly areas such as Sant Marti and Sarria-Sant Gervasi are some of the most expensive. They are close to many supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment options.

    The cost of public transportation is fair. The public transport sector is organized into a single fare system, the ‘Autoritat del Transport Metropolita.‘ Even though Barcelona is a big city, its public transportation system makes it easy to move around. The average cost of a single ticket is €2.20. Common types of public transportation include the bus, the Metro, taxis, and the tram system.

    The cost of a liter of gasoline is €1.36. Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) costs an average of €3.00. The cost of a taxi for a kilometer (Normal Tariff) is €1.17

    The average cost of a meal is seven to 20 EUR. There are lots of restaurants and most of them offer complete meals at fair prices. However, the cost of eating out is higher than in most similar cities.

    Barcelona is popular for its nightlife and drinking culture. There are lots of bars and the cost of a drink is fair. The average cost of a glass of wine is €3. The average cost of a litre of milk is €0.87. 500g of fresh white bread cost about €1.09. A kilogram of white rice costs about €1.10.


    The average salary in Spain is €46,671. The average take-home salary is €33, 790. Some of the most common job titles are IT project manager, software developer, manager, engineer, and human resource manager. The average salary of an IT project manager is €57,812. A human resource manager earns an average of €61, 156. An engineer earns an average of €35,012 and a software developer earns about €38,566.

    The minimum wage in Spain (Salario Minimo Interprofesional) is €900 per month. It applies to all workers regardless of their employment contract. The Spanish government revises the minimum wage every year depending on the emerging needs. They consider factors such as employment levels and national productivity.

    Most Spanish workers are paid 14 times yearly. The minimum salary is €12, 600. In 2018, it was €736 per month and in 2017, it was €707.60. Over 5.5 million people in the country earn the minimum wage.

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    The most popular industries in Spain include tourism, energy, automobiles, agriculture, and manufacturing. The capitalist mixed economy of Spain is the 14th biggest in the world. It is the fourth largest in the Eurozone.

    Based on the EU standards, youth unemployment in Spain is high. One of the biggest challenges of Spain is that it has a large informal economy. Its education system is poorer than most in the region.

    The Gross Domestic Product of Spain is $1.36 trillion. Even after facing a financial crisis in 2007-2008, the economy managed to recover fast. It has grown significantly over the past few years. However, Spain is highly indebted. The public debt is equivalent to 99% of the GDP.

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    Barcelona is a great place to work even though the average salary isn’t the most impressive. Its convenient geographical location is one of its biggest strengths. It is well-connected to the top European markets and a few hours away from major European capitals. Other major reasons to consider working in Spain include:


    Barcelona is easy to access. It is the only city with a port, an international airport, and a Congress Center under five kilometers away from the city center. Its metro and bus systems are reliable. The accessibility makes it great for investors.


    The quality of education in Barcelona is high. Two of its institutions. Are among the top five business schools in Europe. The rate of literacy is high and getting higher education increases your chances of getting pay at work.


    The economy of Spain is diverse. There are over 8600 foreign companies. The most popular industries include energy, tourism, and agriculture. You can find employment in the industry of your choice. There are lots of local and foreign investors. With its high population, Barcelona has something for everyone. 18.5% of the population is made up of foreigners. It is intercultural and appropriate for everyone.

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    Barcelona is a creative city. It has made significant strides in fashion, art, sports, and architecture. It has gained international popularity for the quality of life. Some of the things that make it a great place to work include the pleasant climate, natural landscape, and diversity.


    In Barcelona, the infrastructure is high quality. The public transport system is great and most roads are impressive. The airport and port are great as well. It ranks highly in livable infrastructure.

    Barcelona has a good international reputation. It is famous for being competitive, safe, and advanced. It is a great place for work and entrepreneurship. Barcelona has a significant role to play as a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the fifth European Startup hub.