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Is Greensboro North Carolina a Good Place to Live?

    Are you plan on moving to Greensboro? You may have lots of questions about the quality of life, the best places to live, and whether it is a good place to work and live. The article is about some of the top attractions, best and worst neighborhoods, and whether it is a good place to work.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina, a good place to live? The answer depends on what is important to you. Greensboro is big enough that you can’t find all the important amenities in a single day and small enough that you can reach your friends and family members easily. There are plenty of schools, work opportunities, and pleasant neighborhoods.

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    Are you moving to North Carolina for work, school, or retirement? There are plenty of options for you. The cost of living is low and there are plenty of arts and entertainment centers. There is a wide range of neighborhoods so it is easy to find one that suits your needs and expectations. Living in this city, you will experience a strong sense of community.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina a Good Place to Live? Prons & Cons.

    Greensboro seems a great place to live, as it is filled with opportunities to meet people and there are plenty of cultural attractions. They include; the Greensboro Historical Museum, the Greensboro Science Center, and the Greensboro Coliseum event complex. The nightlife is vibrant and there are plenty of restaurants.

    Most of Greensboro residents depend on their cars to get around. Public transport is not reliable as there are over 150 neighborhoods. Buses provide some public transportation but there is no subway system. Another popular way of transportation is biking. There are lots of greenways and trails that make cycling and jogging easy. If you like to travel by air, the Piedmont Triad International Airport is a great choice. Amtrak also serves the city.

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    Greensboro has plenty of schools. Whether you are pursuing your degree or elementary studies for your kids, you will always have options. There are 47 public schools including high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. The city has 37 private schools and six institutions of higher learning. They include the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Carolina Graduate School of Divinity.

    The crime rates in Greensboro are higher than the national average but most neighborhoods are safe even at night.

    Unfortunately, there are a few unpleasant neighborhoods that do not live up to Greensboro’s good reputation. They include; Rosewood, Callum Area, Englewood Forest, and Lowdermilk Area. Most of them have low home value, high rates of unemployment, and high estimated crime.

    The best place to live especially if you have a family is the northwest area. The neighborhood around Lawndale Drive and in the school district of Northeastern Guilford High School. The neighborhood at the south of the Four Seasons Mall and west of Randleman Road is great too. Its population is diverse. It includes both young professionals and retirees. Most of the neighborhoods in the city offer a strong community feel.

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    Even though Greensboro has a fast-growing population, the cost of living is still lower than the United States average. The cost of insurance, mortgage, groceries, and gas is slightly lower than what others in USA pay. The cost of housing is lower than that of other major metro areas.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina a Good Place to Work?

    The population in Greensboro is diverse. It includes millennials, students, young professionals, and retirees. The broader metro area mainly consists of families. It is, therefore, a good place to start a business. Over 36% of residents are over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher. It is, therefore, easy to find skilled labor force if you start a business.

    Even though the rate of unemployment is higher than the national average, it continues to improve steadily over the years.

    The biggest industries include; education, transportation, finance and insurance, health care and social assistance, and technology. The biggest employers are Guilford County Schools and Moses H. Cone Medical Center. Other big companies include Lenovo, F Corporation, Mack Trucks Inc., and FedEx.

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    The average salary in the city is $45,924. The most popular job titles include; operations manager, project manager, human resource manager, and administrative assistant. The average salary of an operations manager is $61,913 while that of a project manager is $64,076. A human resource manager earns an average of $ 63,143 and an administrative assistant earns an average of $35,070.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina a Good Place to Buy a House?

    Living in North Carolina is great because the cost of housing is fair. If you choose to live in Greensboro, you will have access to a variety of neighborhoods.

    Charles Aycock is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. The average population is age 30 and 30% have bachelor or post-graduate degrees. The median income is $33,000. This neighborhood is great because it gives you access to the amenities in downtown Greensboro. The architectural styles are diverse, and there are plenty of activities for families.

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    Lindley Park is another great neighborhood for families and young professionals. The median income is $34,000 and the average home sale price is $146,000. The community has always had diverse architecture so you can find any style of home. There are plenty of churches, restaurants, and businesses in the neighborhood. It is close to Lindley Park and there are lots of green spaces. The streets are tree-lined and the population is very friendly.

    Downtown Greensboro is a great place to buy a home if you want to be close to the city’s amenities. The average median income is $33,000 and the median home sale price is $108,000. It is an urban and upbeat neighborhood with a vibrant nightlife. There are lots of annual festivals and the cost of housing is fair. Downtown Greensboro is close to a lot of bars, restaurants, museums, and shops.

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    Some of the less pleasant neighborhoods include; Spring Valley, Hope Valley, Rosewood, and Sharing Trace.

    The average cost of buying one bedroom properties is $75,000. Three-bedroom properties cost $130,000 and five-bedroom properties cost an average of $350,000.

    The average cost of renting a one-bedroom property is $800. The cost of renting three bedroom properties is $1300. Five bedroom properties cost an average of $2800.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina, a Good Place to Retire?

    Greensboro, North Carolina is a great place to retire. There are plenty of entertainment and recreation options. If you like shopping, you have lots of options. The city has lots of retail shops including galleries and boutiques. Friendly Center, Harris Teeter Supermarket, and Four Seasons Town Centre are some of the most popular shopping options.

    There are 170 public parks and gardens so you and your family will always have opportunities to relax. There are lots of homes and neighborhoods to suit different tastes. It is home to North Carolina’s third largest metro area.

    Sunset Hills is one of the best neighborhoods for retirement. 54% of the population has a bachelor and post-graduate degrees. The median income is $34,000 and the median cost of buying a home is $ 146,000. This community has a variety of homes so you can find whatever you are looking for. It is close to public school and a lot of the city’s amenities. Sunset Hills is well-connected by the city’s interstates so getting around is easy.

    Some of the worst neighborhoods for retirement include Rosewood and Sharing Trace.

    Greensboro has plenty of festivals and events. You will always have something fun to do at all times of the year.

    The average cost of buying a one-bedroom home for retirement is $80,000. Three bedroom properties for sale cost an average of $130,000 and the cost of five bedroom properties is $380,000.

    The cost of renting one-bedroom properties in Sunset Hills is $950. Three-bedroom homes cost an average of $1450 and five bedroom properties cost an average of $2700.

    Is Greensboro, North Carolina, a Good Place to Visit?

    Greensboro is a great town to visit. There are lots of fun activities for both individuals and families to enjoy. Greensboro Science Center is one of the top attractions in the city. It gives you the chance to enjoy an aquarium, zoo, 3D theatre, and science museum in one.

    There are plenty of parks and gardens including the Bog Garden at Benjamin Park and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

    There are lots of art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. Some of eth city’s sights and landmarks include; Blandwood, Greensboro Coliseum Complex, and J. Douglas Galyon Depot.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is The Cost of Living in Greensboro, North Carolina?

    The cost of living in Greensboro is lower than the national average. Housing is the biggest contributor to this factor. The median cost of a home is $135,600. It is lower than the average of North Carolina so you can get by without much credit.

    Is Greensboro a Good Place to Invest in Property

    Greensboro can be a great place to invest in property depending on the neighborhood you choose. Appreciation of good investment is measured from one neighborhood to another. The city has plenty of job opportunities, a reliable transportation network, and it is home to lots of big companies. This makes it a great place to invest in both commercial and residential property.

    Is Greensboro a Good Place to Raise a Family

    There are lots of family-friendly neighborhoods in Greensboro. The city is close to lots of schools, health facilities, shopping centers, and family-friendly entertainment. It is, therefore, a good place to raise a family.